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Top Jobs for Immigrants in Canada without Work Permit

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Canada is a very pleasant country with its arms wide open to embrace legal migrants either for occupational or educational purposes. With the growing projected retirement rates among people born between 1946 and 1965, there is a projected workforce shortage which the government is fighting to mitigate.

All forecast shows that by 2024, one in every five Canadians would be 65 or older. This goes to show that the retiring generation makes up a huge part of Canada’s population. This is great news as it creates a pathway for younger Canadians and immigrants to access lots of job opportunities.

This guide is written to cater to the top 10 job opportunities in Canada for immigrants. If you’ve migrated to Canada or planning to, this guide will expose to you detailed information about available opportunities.

Canada’s booming Job Industries

In September 2020, Health care, Social Work/Assistance and Technology added about 30,000 jobs crowning it the highest industry gainers in the Canadian job market. The is because a healthy and quality life for its citizens is a priority of the country. Also in the 4th Industrial revolution race, Canada does not plan to lag behind.

Eligibility to work in Canada

Skilled workers are selected majorly based on the criteria:

  • Proof of adequate finance to provide for yourself and your dependents after your arrival in Canada.
  • Having a post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree.
  • Having a skilled work experience at least 1 year of full-time
  • Meeting the minimum language requirements of English and/or French language.

These basic requirements usually aid Immigrants in settling fast and getting along well in Canada. With that out of the way, we now discuss the top 10 high demand skilled professionals in Canada.


Globally, The services of Nurses are in high demand, even worse since the global pandemic and as a country that places a premium on health care delivery Canada’s demand for nurses has skyrocketed. Also looking at the fact that 1/5th of it’s population is aging, more professionals and assistants in the Nursing field are required to cater to the senior citizens while not neglecting the younger population.

To be licensed as a practicing nurse in Canada, you will require a degree or diploma as registered nursing. You will also be required to undertake some professional courses and management studies. As soon you’re gainfully employed, you’d be required to register with the regulatory body in your province of employment. The average hourly wage is $36 CAD


Dentistry professionals are also highly sought after in Canada. To gain eligibility as a practicing Dentist, you’d require a university degree from an accredited dental program. You’d also need to be licensed by the provincial or territorial regulatory body covering your location of the practice.

The average salary of a dentist is about $77,000CAD.


As mentioned earlier, medical professionals across all boards are needed in Canada to help keep the growing population healthy. More pharmacists would be lending a hand to help make more healthcare workers available across all provinces. In Canada, only Pharmacists are eligible to prescribe specific medications and renew prescriptions. The median hourly wage is at $47CAD.

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Audiologists and speech-language therapists help people with hearing issues or communication disorders on their path to recovery and expressing themselves.
Some of their job roles includes conducting a diagnosis, rehabilitation programs for patients and engaging in speech disorders or hearing loss related research.
To qualify as an Audiologist you’d be required to have a master’s degree in audiology or speech-language pathology. You will also be required to register with the Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists and with other necessary regulatory bodies, depending on your province of practice. The average hourly salary for audiologists is at $45CAD.

Software Engineers, Programmers, Designers

The 4th Industrial Revolution race has created a huge job opportunity window for those keen in technical careers. Canada’s growth in the technology industry has skyrocketed the demand for more software engineers, programmers and designers.
To be eligible for these tech jobs, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is required. Although self-taught, experience, skill and creativity is the distinctive factor here.

Average hourly wage is $44CAD


Specialized Engineering careers, over the years have consistently rank high on the list of “Eligible Federal Skilled Worker Occupations”. Some of the high in demand engineering professions include Civil Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Petroleum Engineers, Mining and Geological Engineers, and Surveyors.
To be eligible to practice as an Engineer in Canada, at least a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline is required. A master’s degree or Ph.D. may be required depending on your position.

The average hourly wage is $40CAD

Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics

Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics are positions that are also high in demand throughout Canada. There isn’t adequate skilled and qualified technicians to make up for the increasing number of retirements plaguing the industry.
The requirements to work as a Professional Technician in Canada differs from province to province. Typically, Apprenticeship or vocational training is the basic requirement.

Hourly wage range between $19CAD to $50CAD.

Data Scientists, Statisticians

Our daily device usage heaps into exponentially huge amounts of data. The demand for professionals who can interpret these datasets and make sense of it is also growing also.
Data Scientists, Statisticians and Actuaries are taught to use mathematical techniques to build models that solve problems and forecast consumer or user behaviour and outcomes.
To be eligible for these roles you will need a graduate degree in math, statistics and other related degrees in combination with the knowledge of data science tools.

The average wage for statisticians is $45CAD.

Pilots and Flying Instructors

Pilots in this case, are not only restricted to commercial and military flights. They are also be involved in air transport, crop spraying, aerial surveying and lots more. Flight engineers are responsible for conducting pre-flight inspections, systems and equipment maintenance.

Flying instructors on the flip side are responsible for the training of new pilots or prepare them for license examinations.
As a Pilot or flight instructor you’re required to complete at-least secondary school and be certified by a reputable flying or aviation school.
Flight engineers will also requires the Flight Engineer License from Canadian authorities.

The average hourly salary for pilots, flying instructors and flight engineers ranges from $45CAD to $60CAD.

Business Development Executives

The style of doing business is globally changing with a wave of digital transformation sweeping across board. Organizations and businesses are in search for marketing, public relations manager and business development executives who are tech and digitally savvy.

A university degree or college diploma in communications, public relations, marketing or journalism is the minimum requirement.

The average annual salary for marketing and public relations managers is $83,000CAD.

Truly, this list is endless as Canada is in need of skilled immigrants to fill various high in-demand roles that’d be left vacant by the soon aging generation. Other top jobs for immigrants in Canada include Truck drivers, Veterinarians, Technicians, Occupational Therapists, Medical Laboratory Assistants etc.

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