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Job Interview Clothing – Best smart casual interview outfits

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Job Interview Clothing: Elegance is knowing how to dress for every moment, which includes being prepared for a job interview. Would you like to know how to look professional and amazing when looking for a job? In this article, we’d tell you how to choose your clothes and shoes for the job interview according to the level of formality.

According to research from Oregon State University, the first twenty seconds of a job interview are enough to predict the outcome of the assessment. So, if you wear the right outfit and footwear, you can have the recruiter’s first impression in your favor.

The best clothes and shoes for a formal job interview

Surely you have heard the phrase “dress for the job you want” and, even if you doubt it, let it become your golden rule. Your attire for the interview depends on the position you aspire to, if you want an executive or managerial position, you should wear a sober and elegant outfit.

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we recommend that you invest in a well-tailored suit, it can be with pants or pencil skirt, as you prefer. Choose tops or blouses of light fabrics and light tones that complement the tone of your suit to give light to your face.

Colors for formal attire

The Expansión newspaper mentions that navy blue and black are the colors most recommended by recruiters. This is because they communicate safety, responsibility, teamwork, and leadership skills.

It is followed by Oxford gray, which speaks of a person with logical and analytical thinking, and brown and beige, which refer to a calm and calm person. We suggest you combine the latter with black and white to give balance to your outfit.

In addition to the color, you must take care of three points: your bag, your accessories, and your shoes. We recommend a leather tote bag or a structured one to carry all your documents. Use only the essential accessories, a pair of earrings and a delicate necklace will suffice.

What footwear to wear to your job interview

Sneakers will always be the women’s dress shoe par excellence, but you can wear another type of closed footwear that does not exceed 7cm in height and preferably has a sharp toe. Go for neutral colors, like nude and black.

It is very important that you feel safe and comfortable in the shoes you choose, so you will be focused on the interview. For this reason, we recommend that you do not wear shoes that day, or use a heel height with which you are not familiar.

Pro Tip: Before choosing your clothes for the work appointment, research the company or agency you applied to, so you can have an idea of ​​the image they expect to find and how to adapt it to your style.

How to dress for a casual interview

The dress code for a casual job interview is less strict. If you applied to an agency, startup, or creative company, you have more freedom to choose your outfit, as showing your personality will be a point in your favor.

The star garment for these combinations will be the blazer, with it and a good pair of sneakers you can always look presentable. You can wear them with dress pants or jeans – without tears -, dress blouses, a skirt or a casual dress.

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Colors to express your creativity

Unlike the formal ones, in which neutral tones reign, in casual interviews you can use bright colors, of course, with measure. Dare to wear reds, oranges, pinks or yellows to give the feeling of energy, optimism, and proactivity.

You can wear a set in neutral tones and complete it with a garment or shoes for women in red, yellow or blue. For example, a gray pencil skirt, white blouse and a classic blue blazer, or black dress pants with some elegant red heels or sneakers.

It can also show off a pattern or texture on your clothes; it carries the least visually heavy ones, such as lines, polka dots, and a variety of squares. Complement them with shoes, bags, and accessories according to the tone of the print you use.

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Increase your confidence in the interview with some fashionable shoes
Sneakers are still your best friends in this scenario, especially those in the most striking colors or even the animal print ones in neutral tones. You can also wear sandals or ankle boots with heels if the season allows it.

In addition to these options, you can opt for women’s flat shoes in order to give a relaxed touch to your outfit, if it feels very formal. Ballerinas, white sneakers or leather loafers will save the day.

The shoes you should NOT wear to a job interview

Even if the recruiter is meeting you in a cafe to evaluate you, you must maintain a certain degree of sophistication in your outfit. On one hand, avoid flip-flops or flat sandals and multi-colored sports sneakers, on the flip side, excessively high sandals and sneakers or with many ornaments should also be avoided.

Naturally, your footwear should look pristine and in good condition. I may not mention it, but the person interviewing you will surely see the stains or scratches on your shoes for the interview; so check the pair you will wear to the appointment as far in advance as possible.

Online job interview? Follow these style tips

Now that we can do everything remotely, virtual job interviews are becoming more and more common. How should you prepare for one? we conducted research and can’t up with two tips that will help you have an impeccable online image.

Firstly, dress as if it were an in-person interview; It is not necessary to follow strict etiquette, since you are at home, but take care of the lower part of your outfit as much as the upper part. Wear a pair of cute and comfortable ladies’ shoes to complete your outfit.

Secondly, take care of the lighting and decoration of the place in your house where you will do the interview, as that will become part of your presentation. A wall near a window will make a good background, allowing the interviewer to focus only on you.
You can check out our remote Interview tips here.

Pro Tip: there may be setbacks during the evaluation, if there are, make them easy because your reaction also scores points with the recruiter. We wish you every success in your next interview!

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