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Top Interview Questions for a Secretary

The job interview for a secretary is one of the most common in the market, but the competition for this profession is also very intense.

In a job interview of these kinds, the worker’s experience and decision-making capacity are rewarded. The duties accompanying this position have different corresponding needs and the candidate has to be suitable for each of them, so the candidate must show aspirations, justifying why he/she is the best fit for the job.

The candidate in the secretary interview may even have to simulate some practical cases to see how he/she would act if they’re encountered while carrying out official duties, this evaluation typically tests his/her educational qualifications, experience, and skills.

That is why it is important for candidates to control and manage their expression, body language and be consistent with what they say and the way in which their gestures complement their voice because during the evaluation all these would be put into consideration by the interviewer.

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Secretary Interview Frequently Asked Questions and Possible Answers

But how do you prepare for a secretary interview?

It is important at this point to differentiate between two parts, on one hand, what is related to the basic questions for the secretary interview, this would include training, experience, and language management. But, on the other hand, we must also prepare for questions directly related to the ability to solve problems, work motivation, and any other practical and routine day-to-day issues.

Additionally, some of these questions should be addressed more keenly, because in some cases instead of being face-to-face you can be interviewed via Skype, especially in the early stages of the process. Below are some questions asked in a secretary interview.

Note: the answers given are to help you frame your personalized answers, do not give generic answers and ensure that your answers are tailored specifically to that job role you’re been interviewed for.

Tell us about your experience?

I have worked in several companies in different sectors: administrative, industrial and technological. In each of them, my stay has been long-term and I have worked with high-level clients, increasing business possibilities and involving each department.

Do you handle office automation programs correctly?

Yes, I control the usual programs and the Microsoft package. I frequently attend courses to ensure that each tool is updated to improve the results of each job. I also control other software tools related to design and their applications in each project.

How do you handle working with your superiors?

From the experience I have, I have always known how to create a productive and profitable communication channel both for my activities and for those that have to do with my superiors. In fact, in some cases, I have worked directly with them to effectively manage each job and resolve the issues raised successfully.

What is your best virtue and your worst weakness?

My best virtue is organization and synchronization with all work tasks. I am able to handle several issues on the daily agenda at the same time and until now I have been decisive in each of the business processes.

Do you speak any foreign language at an advanced level?

Yes, my advanced foreign language is Spanish. while I continue to improve it day after day, I have also begun to deepen my basic Chinese studies to reach the same level.

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How is your relationship with customers?

In general, terms, working with clients throughout my experience has been very positive, and above all decisive, both for them and for the company. I have managed to detect errors in time, generate a productive communication channel in which the client feels comfortable and that the established objectives are met so that the relationship always has future viability and subsequent conversions.

Answers in a secretary job interview

In general, the questionnaire for the secretary interview is not complex in itself, however, attention must be paid to the tone of the interview and the words used to answer each question, always be confident but polite and you might just leave a long-lasting impression on the interviewer, thereby increasing your chances of landing the job.

In the question about the experience, it is important to be decisive, to put some other example that shows your ability to solve problems and how you deal with them.