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Janitor Salary, Job Description, and More (See What You’ll Make and Why)

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One of the most underappreciated jobs is probably that of a janitor.

Even though they may run in the background, we would undoubtedly notice if they disappeared.

Janitors uphold cleanliness and security in the structures where we reside, work, learn, shop, and receive medical care.

They clean these structures’ interiors and frequently their exteriors. Some people also perform little electrical and plumbing repairs.

Custodian, cleaner, custodial support technician, cleaning technician, and environmental services technician are just a few of the many occupational titles given to janitors.

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Janitor Duties and Responsibilities

Cleaning, organizing, and disinfecting the workplace are the responsibilities of a janitor.

Typically, they are accountable for the following duties:

  • – Clean all interior surfaces of buildings, including the walls, windows, carpets, and rugs.
  • – Clean frequently used objects like desks, doorknobs, office supplies, and phones.
  • Upkeep inventory, putting orders for fresh products as necessary
  • Maintain outside spaces and small plants and cut the grass.
  • Clear the sidewalks of snow and garbage.
  • Upkeep of HVAC systems and air filter replacement
  • Clear the recycling and garbage cans.
  • Maintain supply rooms’ inventory
  • Make quick fixes to tools, machinery, and equipment.
  • Mop, sweep, and clean floors.
  • Maintaining and cleaning restrooms
  • Cleaning and sanitizing mirrors and windows
  • Informing managers of dangerous situations
  • Operate machinery such as floor scrubbers
  • Cleanup of fixtures and furniture

What Does a Janitor Do?

Janitors often work for commercial properties, including office parks, shopping centers, hospitals, and other facilities, as well as cleaning businesses, to complete cleaning jobs that regular workers cannot.

They typically collaborate with a group of other maintenance professionals early in the morning or after business hours to complete maintenance tasks all over the building.

Their duties include cleaning tools like auto floor scrubbers and re-stocking cleaning supplies as needed.

They also clean public restrooms. They could also be required to handle external building maintenance like power washing walls, mowing lawns, and washing windows.

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Janitor Salary

The amount paid to janitors varies according to their degree of education and experience, the size of the business, and the location.

Some janitors belong to labor unions that bargain for their compensation.

  • Median Annual Salary: $31,500 ($15.14/hour)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $61,500 ($29.57/hour)

Janitor Education and Training Requirements

A high school certificate or GED is typically the minimum required for employment as a Janitor, but some hiring managers may prefer this.

A Janitor also needs further training if they have to operate with delicate equipment or perform repairs.

Many janitors will train on the job while spending a few months learning from a more seasoned janitor.

Janitor Experience Requirements

Janitors’ level of experience varies by job, company, and sector.

Although some hiring supervisors might prefer someone with a few months of experience, entry-level janitors often don’t need any prior experience.

Janitors who work with biohazards may require several years of related experience, whereas Janitors who additionally maintain or repair equipment must have at least one year of experience.

A janitor managing a group could require managerial abilities.

Janitor Work Environment

When most businesses are closed, janitors often work the evenings or overnight.

They might be employed in factories, offices, schools, hospitals, or other commercial or industrial buildings.

Although they may collaborate with other janitors in large buildings, janitors often operate alone.

Janitors usually work a 40-hour workweek, although they might put in more time if they have to clean more than one building or if their facility is open around the clock.

Janitor Skills & Competencies

Those looking for work in janitorial services can stand out and do well by having some of the following abilities and qualities:

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

A janitor needs to communicate clearly and have strong interpersonal skills.

This will make it easier for them to get along with coworkers, managers, and the residents of the workplace.

Physical Strength

Given the amount of lifting and standing that is a common component of this profession, he or she should also be physically strong and have good endurance.

Mechanical Aptitude

One can perform repairs if they have mechanical skills.

Time Management

To ensure that jobs and maintenance responsibilities are done on time, janitors must be able to effectively manage their time and schedule.

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Finally, a janitor can rise by completing more coursework or training that will improve his or her qualifications for a position at a higher level.

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