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12 Things To Bring To An Interview

Things To Bring To An Interview: Below listed is a short, printable list of what to bring to an interview. But before we list them down think about this, You landed the interview. That means you’ve already beaten 95% of all the other applicants. There’s only 5% to go.
But we’ll know they’re the toughest, so don’t lose the job because of something silly like a momentary lapse.

The good news is, It’s easy to be ready. If you come prepared, chances are the interviewers will be pleasantly surprised. Meanwhile, you’ll feel cool and in control.
If you explicitly follow this list of what to bring to a job interview listed below, I assure you of acing it.
This article will tell you:
• What to bring to an interview in a checklist form to save you from a costly botch.
• What not to bring to shield you from embarrassment.

What Things to Bring to an Interview

Copy-paste-print the below checklist of what to take to an interview. Cross off each item as you pack.

  • Travel Directions
  • Folder/Briefcase
  • Resume—5 Copies
  • References Sheet—5 Copies
  • Accomplishments Sheet—1 Copy
  • Questions for Them—Memorized
  • Portfolio
  • Pen and Notepad
  • Business Cards
  • Presentability (Deodorant, floss, well-dressed, breath mints)
  • Phone (Silenced)
  • Photo ID

Travel Directions

Are you going to be walking or Driving? Don’t get lost. Plan your route and time, If you’re late for an interview with 5mins, some recruiters may forgive you, but is it a risk worth taking?
You’ve to show up early and revise your notes in the car or lobby. For a Skype interview, log in, confirm your connections and be ready half an hour early.


Don’t walk in like Mr bean, spewing pages and tripping over pens. Instead, look like the one they want to hire. Come in organized with all your needed papers in a folder.
There’s also business cards and other doodads. You’ll need somewhere to keep it all.

Resume (5 Copies)

As a rule of thumb five copies of your resume are what you should bring to an interview except stated otherwise by the recruiter. If there are many interviewers, they’ll each appreciate your thoughtfulness and that may score you a point or two.
Recruiters are busy people, they might forget to print your resume and If the other candidates don’t bring copies, guess who the manager will mostly remember?
 Business Cards

Aren’t business cards a little old school and shouldn’t be on a list of what to bring to an interview? Not at all. Yes your contact information is on your resume, but it’s smart to hedge your bets. If recruiters asked for one, they’ll see you came prepared.
Don’t forget to include your online portfolio address on there, your phone number and your professional email address too.


For creative professionals like artists and photographers, it’s advisable to bring a physical portfolio to an interview. But I bet you didn’t know non-artists can also bring portfolios? Stuff yours with ranking reports, performance reviews, positive emails, materials you assisted in creating, and pics of trophies or awards can serve as a portfolio for non-artists.

References Sheet—5 Copies

You might ask “what do references belong on a list of what to bring to a job interview?” Well, we at nbjobs.com expects you to impress the interviewers, and if you do and you’re asked for your references, Will you stutter and promise to send an email?
From experience, we know that making recruiters wait always gives a more prepared applicant a chance to slip into the gap. So, be ready. Be the more prepared applicant and they’ll marvel at your resourcefulness and you’ll seal the deal faster.

Pens and Notepad

What about in jotting during an interview? It’s actually expected. It’ll show you care and help you actively listen and also in aligning your responses.
Also, if the interviewers drop some beneficial info, you’ll be ready. You won’t have to ask for pen and paper, and that would give you a competent and confident outlook.
Finally, from what you noted down you can reference things they said in a follow-up email if necessary. Always Bring a backup pen in case the first one malfunctions, and ask the recruiter for permission to take notes before you start. 

Accomplishments Sheet—5 Copies

What is an accomplishments sheet? The accomplishment sheet is a list of impressive achievements you’ve amassed over the period of your working career. If you have won awards, Cut costs, Raised revenue or Led teams, then you’ve contents for your accomplishment sheet.
Before the interview, check the job listing. Make sure every achievement on your sheet fits the requirements of the proposed job.

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Questions for Them

It’s also very proactive to jot down vital questions to ask the interviewer. “Do you have any questions for us?” is a pretty common question during interviews. Always answer “yes.”
Please do not print your questions. Memorize them. You can ask about the company’s culture, expectations for the role, or salary and benefits.

Presentability Mini-List

You might be really talented, but you’d still need a good first impression. Adding these tips to bring to an interview will take a lot of nerves off.

  • Well-Dressed
  • Breath Mints
  • Floss
  • Deodorant or Antiperspirant
    Do a quick teeth-mirror check before you go in. That way you won’t get distracted later by, “Oh no—is there meat crumb in my teeth?”

Phone (Silenced)

Do you know who every recruiter doesn’t want to hire? That candidate who doesn’t get the rules of etiquette.
There’s no disputing you need your phone. as It’s your directions, documents folder, and more. But one ring at the wrong time could push you back into the unemployment line. So always silence it.

Photo ID

You may ask “What does photo ID belong on a list of things to bring to an interview? You probably won’t need it, but you might if you’re hired on the spot and you don’t want to sound ill-prepared.
In some odd cases, you may need it to get in through security or just for proof of identity. 

By now, I’d like to think you’ve gathered everything on this job interview list. But what about those things you can’t hold physically in your hands?

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You need to practice getting all your items out and using them until you can do it without showing nerves.
Know all the duties of the proposed role. Put yourself in the place of the interviewers and imagine what they’ll ask, then practice answering those questions. Not sure what they’ll ask you? A simple google search or our guide on how best to answer interview questions would give you all the necessary tools.