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Interview Question: What Are Your Short And Long Term Goals?

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While having an interview, it is very possible to encounter questions as regards goals such as; “what are your short and long term goals?” This question comes up to see how much of a visionary you are.

In this article, we shall digest this question, what it entails and what it demands as an answer and why. Ensure to read to the very end of it.

What are short and long term goals?

First of all, goals are tasks you plan on achieving within a timeframe that is determined by you. How much time you decide to frame for your tasks and plans will determine if the goals are short or long termed.

When an interviewer says short term goals, they mean what are the goals, tasks, plans you have laid down to achieve within the shortest period of time possible such as 1-6 months.

When an employer or interviewer equally asks about your long term goals, they are referring to the goals, tasks, plans you have mapped out to work on within a tangible timeframe of lets say 6-12 months or even years.

Why would an interview ask the question “what are your short and long term goals?

In as much as this question is vision revealing from the interviewee(job applicant)’s side, it is also a strategy by the employer to run a quick personality check on goal setting skills of an applicant.

This is why you must learn to answer interview questions with the right answer structures and strategies. Once you have missed out from what the interviewer wants to hear, chances are that you won’t be selected especially when the job role is a competitive one.

This question when answered by you tells the employer what you intend to do with your career life and hence enable the employer decide if you will fit into their visions.

How to set short and long term goals

You can set goals for yourself to make things easy for yourself. But, you must learn to set them according to priority and with respect to time available and the factors needed for the actualization of the goals.

Below are some quick steps you can take to set short or long term goals;

  • Write down your goals, tasks in order of priority.
  • Allocate the possible time you think you can work them out each.
  • Pick the ones that can be done in the shortest of time(they are the short term goals)
  • Map out strategies and factors that are needed for the actualization of the goals.
  • Start taking action on the set goals from top to bottom of your list.

How to answer “What Are Your Short And Long Term Goals?”

Start out by stating out clearly to the interviewer(s) what your goals are with respect to the job role’s needs. You don’t go for an interview at the bank for the position of a clerk and tell the manager about your goals to go shopping in two weeks time.

Share your goals in an ascending order such that the short term goals comes first then followed by the long term goals and when speaking , be careful to use words that sends the message in your answer.

You must avoid confusing the interviewer. Ensure to hit the nail on the head when giving answers that will emanate from the answer to the question of “what are your short and long term?” goals

After landing the job, ensure that you don’t deviate from the truths you shared as goals at the interview session. Deviating means you have character deficiency and hence might lose the offer after the usual probation period for checkmating new employees.

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