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How To Get An NGO Job

How to get an NGO job – Some NGOs offer attractive salaries and benefits to their employees.  Working with an NGO can be very satisfying people where you can help people in need and make positive changes in your immediate community. However, before deciding whether to work in an NGO or not, it is important to realize that some NGOs are volunteering jobs.  Volunteering jobs are jobs where you are not paid for the work even though the activities you carry out in the name of the organization will be sponsored by them.

This article features a detailed guide on how to get an NGO job.   So if you are still interested in working for an NGO, this is definitely for you.

How to get an NGO job in Nigeria

  Do you need jobs in NGOs in Nigeria?  Well, before you say “No!”  , Thinking that you will not get paid for the job you do.  Well, let me spoil your bubble.  NGO jobs are well-paid jobs.  There are several types of NGOs.  Some are international, others are local NGOs.

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  Development work is an attractive choice for people around the world.  The sector has grown significantly over the past two decades as organizations have become larger, more sophisticated, and increasingly professional.  Working for an NGO provides an opportunity to make a difference, support others in need, and bring about positive change in societies around the world.

  How to actually secure a job with an NGO is a question many people are considering breaking into the industry.  Do I need a certificate?  Do I need to speak different languages?  Also, Do I need to volunteer first?  What experience do I need?  The truth is that there is no single way to enter this sector with people from a variety of backgrounds, employment history, and experience in finding employment in nonprofits.

Tips on how to get an NGO job

You have to have a cultural understanding

  Most NGOs focus on an area with a completely different lifestyle from what you’re used to.  To be able to make the work you do effective in these countries, you must have understood their way of living and adapt your projects to that way of living.  There is no point in creating a project in India where people need to slaughter cows, because this is totally incompatible with their culture.  Therefore, you should be able to consider and accept the way they live as well.  This can be an emotional challenge – make sure you’re ready and prepared

Work experience

  Yes, sure, you would expect this.  It’s not a lot of work experience in this sector in reality, but about working as a trainer or volunteer and seeing a part of an NGO, getting an idea of ​​what it really means to work in an NGO and therefore knowing that this is really what you want.  Many NGOs also want to make sure that you already know a lot about the work you do and how best to find out from the actual work on the site.

Identify which field you want to work

How to get an NGO job can be a very competitive process.  First of all, you have to bear in mind that even NGOs operate in one way or another like any other organization.  They have departments that each requires different skills and tasks, so they need various profiles to fill a wide range of jobs.  The first step is to determine the type of work you want to do and the type of NGO you want to work with.

Join as a volunteer

  Volunteering is a sure way to boost your CV and a great way to communicate.  And if you don’t know, working as a volunteer for an NGO is perhaps one of the best ways to get a job working with an NGO.

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  As a volunteer, you can learn about roles in a charity that may not be widely advertised.  You’ll gain insight into running the charity, which you may not get as a regular volunteer.  Sincerely participate in the activities of the organization, show your skills and may be appointed depending on your performance as a volunteer.

Ask for the job

  Applying for a job with an NGO begins first with writing and submitting your CV and letter of application.  Some organizations will make provisions for you to place your application at a specific physical location (often in their operations centers), or through the post office.  Other organizations will require you to fill out a form that can be accessed from their website, or send an email.  Whatever method the organization prefers to collect applications from various candidates is its decision.

  For your part, it is a good idea to know what an NGO really expects from the selection candidate.  This will help you make a better presentation, thus increasing your chances of being chosen and invited to an interview.  Your cover letter is a tool that deserves good attention, so you must learn how to create a great cover letter.

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  To find the best creatively written professional cover letter templates and sample layouts that you can simply recreate to make your custom app stand out with your next job application, click here.  No matter how personalize your cover letter, there are things that you should never leave in your application.  A good cover letter is your first impression to the hiring manager or hiring committee.  Your contents in the letter should make him keen to invite you for an interview,

Start networking

  More than any other sector, creating your network in the NGO sector is extremely important.  It’s also fairly easy, as NGOs tend to be in constant contact with other organizations working on the same cause, so it’s fairly easy to interact with other people from other organizations and build your own personal network.  Obviously, a good network may also save you from being once again among the thousands of applicants, and provide you with the ability to send your CV directly to the responsible man or woman.  Moreover, it can open up amazing collaboration possibilities that might make your project a real change.