How to Contact Instacart Customer Service

How to Contact Instacart Customer Service: The Three Methods You Can Use

When everything functions as it should, Instacart seems terrific. However, it’s not always simple to find out how to contact Instacart for assistance when something goes wrong.

There are several ways to get in touch with Instacart, but some are more effective in particular circumstances.

Continue reading to find out how to get in touch with Instacart in the best way possible.

Read on as we throw more light on this.

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How To Contact Instacart Customer Service Yourself

Do you want to avoid the trouble of contacting customer service? Instead, go to the Instacart FAQ page.

Checking the list of frequently asked questions will enable you to locate the information you need without contacting customer support personnel.

For example, the answers to the following queries can be found on Instacart’s FAQ page:

  • What is Instacart?
  • Who is doing the shopping and delivery?
  • How do I return a product I am not satisfied with?
  • What are the delivery hours?
  • How far in advance can I place my order/what is the delivery window?
  • What products will TOPS be offering for delivery with Instacart?
  • Where does Instacart deliver?
  • How do I place an Instacart order?
  • Will I receive my Young at Heart discount when I order through Instacart?

And others.

Here are the various contact ways in case you still need to get in touch with Instacart customer service:

  • Over the phone
  • Via live chat
  • By email
  • Via social Media

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How To Contact Instacart Customer Service Over the Phone

Calling the Instacart customer support line at 1-888-246-7822 will connect you with a representative.

In addition, for seniors who require assistance setting up an account or placing an order, Instacart now has a unique phone number.

Call 1-888-246-7822 to reach an Instacart customer support agent if you’d like to speak with someone over the phone.

A connection with an Instacart support agent can take up to 13 to 16 minutes; however, you might have to wait even longer during peak times.

Additionally, Instacart offers a senior assistance line that can be reached at 1-844-981-3433 if you are 60 or older.

You can get assistance from the senior support staff at Instacart with account creation and order placement.

Only available in the United States and Canada, Instacart senior assistance is accessible daily from 8 am to 11 pm EST.

The Instacart customer service number could occasionally be inoperable. Use their alternative customer assistance channels, like live chat or social media, which we’ll discuss next, if the Instacart customer service number is down.

Contact Instacart Customer Service via Live Chat

Through its Instacart Care online chat service, Instacart now provides round-the-clock customer service.

To talk with Instacart Care, go to this support page.

Since you can no longer phone Instacart, the only way to speak live with support staff is through Instacart Care.

Both the mobile app and a desktop browser can be used to access the Instacart Care chat feature.

When dealing with a more complex issue that none of the other in-app assistance choices can address, it’s a decent option.

How To Contact Instacart Customer Service by Email

It is also possible to contact Instacart customer service via email, but it will probably take longer than doing so.

Before someone responds to your letter amid a sea of others, days or even weeks may pass.

Calling customer service is more practical because you can get the required responses immediately.

If you decide to email the company in any case, here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to Instacart’s Contact page
  • Provide your email address
  • Describe your request in detail
  • Click on Submit

Contact Instacart on Social Media

You can get in touch with Instacart via Facebook or Twitter. Generally, you’ll receive a prompt answer, but they can refer you to Instacart Care or email. It might be quicker to begin by speaking with Instacart Care.

Social media may be your best bet if the program won’t let you log in or if you can’t find the chat feature.

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Instacart is committed to giving you a first-rate shopping experience.

You now understand the various ways you can get in touch with the business if you have any inquiries and the solutions to some typical Instacart support problems.

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