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Best Tips on how to be a good employee in 2021

  A good employee is someone who management can trust to do a good job.  They work towards achieving company goals and come to work prepared every day.  Besides being a hard worker, a good employee also knows how to treat supervisors and colleagues with respect.  It helps foster a healthy company culture and encourages others to succeed.  Generally speaking, good employees are highly valued by both employers and their peers.

  You have spent most of your life working, but have you ever wondered if you are considered a “good employee” for an employer?  Lots of people might think that they are doing a good job, but they just don’t seem to be advancing as fast as they’d like or getting paid as much as they want.

What skills are employers looking for in 2021?

  Demonstrating good characteristics as an employee can help provide opportunities to advance your career.  You can also improve your chances of getting a job by demonstrating some positive traits.  Quality attributes include a mix of personal and work skills, which you can all strengthen with daily practice.  In this article, we look at some of the more common qualities preferred by employers.

  Developing typical traits of good employees can help you make a positive impression on the employer.  It can also help you develop and maintain positive relationships with your co-workers because they will recognize you as a trusted member of the team.

  Admittedly, companies want to hire and retain the best people in their field, but what does it really mean to be a “good employee” and why is it important to research them?  Most hiring or HR managers know how difficult it is to find good employees; Candidates lack certain skills or they will not fit the company culture.  Often business owners focus on technical skills alone and do not evaluate the qualities and characteristics that make up the ideal employee.  This can end up negatively affecting culture and productivity and may prolong training efforts.

  Regardless of the industry or the nature of the job, there are some key qualities every hiring manager must look out for if he wants his employees to succeed in the business world.


How to be a good employee in 2021

·         Learn teamwork

  No matter what kind of business or industry, no one can do the work alone.  Even freelance entrepreneurs who work remotely have to rely on others to collaborate and get work done.  Although it is one of the most misused buzzwords, teamwork is as important as it has ever been in the contemporary workplace, and as one of the six skills of a good employee.

  In fact, 75% of employers list teamwork as very important to their workplace.  And it’s not just the employers that see the importance of teamwork.  In another study, 86% of employers and employees stated that lack of cooperation and communication in the workplace is the main reason for workplace failure.

·         Learn to prioritize

  Just like a distraction, the workload itself can be a cause of a loss of focus.  We often face an enormous amount of work that needs to be done, and it all counts.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you’re drowning.  The trick to overcoming your workload is learning to prioritize.  You can do this by assessing all the work that you need to get done, and all you need is either a spreadsheet or you can go old school with pen and paper.  Categorize projects by deadline, and then arrange them.  You can sort it by difficulty, time it will take to accomplish, or anything else that will help you take control of things.  Although it may be a daunting task at first, if you make it a daily or weekly habit, it will simply become a routine.  You’ll learn to focus on what’s most important, which in turn ensures you don’t let the ball slip away on any priorities.

·         Be ambitious

  Ambitious employees are willing to go the extra mile either to achieve company goals or forge their way up the company ladder.  They will not shy away from giving their best because they have set high goals and expectations for themselves.  They also yearn to advance their careers.  Ambition stimulates openness, creative ideas, and an active attitude – all of which are good for your company.  However, your aspiring candidate should have a reasonable amount of emotional intelligence.  This is in order not to alienate most of his colleagues in the march towards his ambition.

·         Be confident

  As a manager or CEO of your startup, you will obviously be happier when you hand the project over to a confident person than someone who is hesitant and unsure of himself.  A confident employee is also more willing to take risks or face challenges that an uncertain counterpart might be ashamed of.  Great results come from people who believe in their abilities and talents.  If the candidate is someone who you may want to interact directly with a client (s), the latter will also be impressed with the person’s self-confidence and thus feel a desire to continue the working relationship with him / her and your company.

·         Be committed / passionate

  All employers love someone who is willing to do more than what is required of them (even things that do not fall within their duty), constantly exceeds expectations and happily accepts any task or project, no matter how difficult it is.  Plus, someone who is passionate about their job will not feel as though they are working.  Hence, he will naturally give his best because he loves what he does.  He also derives happiness from the time he spends with colleagues and bosses.  Although money is an incentive to work, the people who work for you should also appear to be enjoying what they do to get that money in their hands.


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