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12 Best Free secretary apps to aid Effectiveness

  Since secretaries have so much to do and the workload never ends, I thought I’d start by sharing some secretary apps, productivity tips, tools, and techniques for these Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants.

 Secretaries have a lot of tasks to deal with on any given day and strong technical skills are a must.  From everyday basics like Microsoft Office to assistants like productivity and organization apps, you’ll need to be up-to-date with current secretary apps, software and technology trends in order to be effective in your position. 

What app and software do secretaries use?

  With the advent of the Internet of Things, many innovations come that help companies save time and money.  One of the coolest things is the rise of the “Internet Secretary” or virtual assistant.  Instead of paying a hefty salary, offering bonuses, and deriving more benefits for an in-house employee, you can now reduce costs by hiring remote employees and investing in virtual assistant programs to streamline your operations.


  If you are interested in the idea of ​​utilizing some secretary apps, but don’t know exactly where to look, this article is for you.  Here is a quick review of the best virtual assistant software that will help you automate tasks.  What you decide to invest in will depend on your needs, but this article will give you a varied review of the best instruments on the market.  Here it goes.

  12 Best Free secretary apps to aid Effectiveness

1.    Productivity

  Stay organized every hour of the day with the assistant running on your smart device, keeping you ready for almost any day that passes by.  Siri might just be a phrase, but you need a reliable app when it comes to your busy schedule and daily to-do list.  Here are six of the most controversial personal assistant apps out there.

2.    Wunderlist

  Wunderlist is the ultimate checklist app – where you can set reminders, share lists for team collaboration, and set due dates.  Folders and hashtags allow for easy organization of all your tasks, and commenting capabilities mean fewer questions and more work.  Never let your long to-do list confuse you again.

3.    Google Now

  Even before your day starts, learn the weather forecast, traffic conditions on your commute, new Spotify playlists you’ll love, calories you need to burn off a late-night snack, breaking news and the groceries you need to order.  Google Now collects data from your favorite apps and places it into cards that can be ranked based on relevance and importance.  Track your entire life on one screen, and let Google do the organizing.

4.    Speaktoit

  Literally, as a virtual assistant, Speaktoit will do tasks, answer questions, send you notifications and more using its API language that makes communicating with him efficient and fun.  Speaktoit remembers your favorites, understands your voice and can be customized to respond in a specific way.  It’s Siri over steroids, and it will change the way you go about your day.

5.    Quip

  A list app that boosts collaboration, Quip combines creation and communication to accomplish the most challenging tasks.  Create checklists and chats that your entire team can access, eliminating received emails and multiple documents.  Edit documents within the app and chat about specific parts of the document to ensure everyone is on the same page.  Miscommunication will be just a thing of the past with Quip.

6.    24me

  24me unifies your online life by combining calendar, lists, banks, social networks, and more.  It puts everything in one place organized so that you always know what, when, where and how much life is in store for you each day.  Send emails, buy gifts, pay bills, and more from one app, so you can spend time doing what you enjoy.

  No matter which app you choose to manage your busy personal and professional life, be sure to spend some time too.  Nothing makes a completed to-do list less effective than starting a new one.  Reward yourself with some time and take some time to smell the roses.

7.    Dragon Mobile Assistant

  While the least powerful app is Dragon Go!  For iOS, Dragon Mobile Assistant is fully available on Android only.  But, if this is the operating system of your choice, then this is an option worth considering. Keeps you safe by switching to hands-free (and eyes free) while driving.  It keeps you updated by reading your messages and notifications.  It also keeps you in touch by finding your contacts nearby.  Plus, if you’re willing to pay a little, you can get more help on PC or Mac with the Dragon Home software.

8.    EasilyDo

  EasilyDo provides communications-focused personal assistant services.  So, if you are steeped in junk mail or famous for deleting a message that you really should have saved, this message can come to your rescue.  With just a few clicks, you can customize email notifications, backup important messages, organize your contacts (finally!), Delete junk and expired emails automatically, and group attachments and receipts into one fast-access location.

9.    Indigo

  If you are looking for help on all of your devices, Indigo is a lesser-known option that will allow you to steer clear of the standard options.  But it still has the same main features as other similar apps and has a fun simple interface.

  You can run it with a simple click of the home button.  Oh, and when it opens, you’re instantly greeted and reminded of your upcoming appointments so you are always on time.  And if you are a heavy user, Indigo can give you quick access to personal frequently asked questions and frequently asked tasks in a special favorites section.

10. Uber

 Uber is the driving force of the travel app world.  Once registered, you install the app on your phone and link your credit or debit card, and you can also link a corporate Uber account.  Whenever you need a ride, you can simply open your app, see how many cars are near you, request one, and watch it pull up.  You can also book in advance and check rates.  One of my favorite features is that everything is charged on your card;  Don’t panic about cash when you reach your destination.

11. Evernote

 When it comes to keeping meeting notes organized, Evernote is a godsend.  The app allows you to keep everything you need (web pages, article clippings, photos, personal notes) in one place.  Never rush to get info about a client or campaign before meeting again.  The great thing about Evernote is that you can access everything that you have saved by logging into the app on mobile or desktop, wherever you are.

12. Zoom

 Zoom in is essential if you are holding video conference meetings.  Provides video conferencing, screen sharing from desktop or mobile, and also includes recording features.  Zoom also offers a collaborative whiteboard and the ability to send group messages and photos during conferences.  Since you can join meetings on a mobile phone, this is great for anyone who works in an office where people are always on the go.


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