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How to Apply for a Schlumberger Internship in 2024

Getting an internship at Schlumberger can be an exciting and rewarding opportunity, but also a daunting process to apply.

Schlumberger is the world’s leading oilfield services company, operating in over 85 countries.

With over 100,000 employees from 140 nationalities, Schlumberger offers internships in a variety of disciplines from engineering to business to research.

As a large multinational company, Schlumberger receives thousands of internship applications every year.

Standing out from the crowd and putting your best foot forward is key to landing an intern role.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the entire Schlumberger internship application process step-by-step, from researching opportunities to nailing the interview.

How to Apply for a Schlumberger Internship

Follow these tips and maximize your chances of securing a position at Schlumberger company:

1. Research Schlumberger Internship Opportunities

The first step is finding open intern positions that fit your background, skills, and interests.

Schlumberger has recurring internship programs, plus new opportunities that pop up year-round.

Here are some ways to find current openings:

  • Visit Schlumberger’s careers website frequently. Filter by internships under the “Student & Graduates” section.
  •  Search for internship postings on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Handshake, and other job boards.
  •  Network with Schlumberger employees to ask about unposted roles. Attend university info sessions or reach out directly over LinkedIn.
  • Check with your university’s career center, as they may have exclusive listings.
  •  Follow Schlumberger’s social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for internship ads.
  • Sign up for email alerts for new job postings on Schlumberger’s career site.
  • Check opportunities in your specific location of interest, as some intern roles are country or site-specific.

Once you’ve identified relevant openings, carefully read through the descriptions, qualifications, and application instructions.

Highlight any preferences, requirements, or deadlines. Make sure the role is a good fit based on your major, experience, location, and schedule availability.

Apply for the Schlumberger internship as early as possible, as competitive positions fill up quickly.

2. Prepare a Strong Schlumberger Internship Resume

Schlumberger receives many qualified applicants for limited intern spots. A well-crafted, targeted resume is critical for rising above other candidates.

Follow these tips when designing your resume for a Schlumberger application:

  •  Format your resume cleanly and clearly. Use simple fonts and ample white space. 
  •  Lead with a strong career objective or summary tailored to the specific role.
  • Spotlight relevant coursework, technical skills, and industry knowledge. Match keywords from the job description.
  • Include measurable achievements, not just duties. Quantify results when possible.
  •  Highlight relevant projects, research, or field experience at the top.
  • Make sure to list any software, programming, or technical proficiency.
  • Adjust the resume for each position to emphasize related competencies.
  • Keep it concise at one page. Use bullet points rather than paragraphs.
  •  Proofread extensively for any errors that undermine credibility.
  • Have professors, advisors, or industry contacts review the resume and provide feedback.
  •  Export the finished resume as a PDF with proper file naming conventions.

With a refined resume tailored to the internship, you’ll demonstrate your qualifications and fit for the role above generic applicants.

3. Write a Compelling Schlumberger Internship Cover Letter

The cover letter is your opportunity to highlight why you are an excellent candidate for this specific internship at Schlumberger.

Avoid vague, generic language – instead be personal, passionate, and persuasive.

Here are tips for a winning Schlumberger intern cover letter:

  • Address the letter directly to the hiring manager or recruiter by name and title. Avoid “To whom it may concern”.
  • Research Schlumberger and the internship area so you can speak knowledgeably about your interests.
  • Express your enthusiasm for the role and Schlumberger’s work in the first paragraph. Draw them in.
  • Highlight 2-3 relevant experiences or skills you offer in the body paragraphs. Refer to the job description.
  • Explain why you are applying to this internship and how it fits into your career goals. Be specific.
  •  Close by reiterating your fit and interest. Include your contact information and offer to provide more background.
  • Address any qualifications you lack and pitch yourself regardless. Frame weaknesses as strengths.
  • Keep the letter concise at 3-4 paragraphs. Use active language and varied sentence structure.
  •  Double-check for any spelling or grammar mistakes before submitting.

With a compelling cover letter, you can grab the recruiter’s attention quickly. Follow up with a phone call or email if you don’t hear back after 1-2 weeks.

4. Prepare for the Schlumberger Internship Interview

If your application resonates, you’ll be invited to interview for the internship – either virtually or in person.

Thorough preparation will help you ace this crucial step. Here are some ways to get ready:

  • Research common internship interview questions and practice responses. Prepare smart questions to ask the interviewer as well. 
  • Brush up on technical skills or knowledge required for the role through courses, online learning, or review.
  • Study Schlumberger’s website and latest annual report so you understand their business, values, and strategy. Know key facts.
  •  Review your own resume and background. Be ready to speak fluently about your past experiences and qualifications.
  • Prepare examples and stories to showcase your skills, passion, and cultural fit. Quantify past achievements.
  • Dress professionally. Arrive early. Bring extra copies of your resume.
  • If virtual, test the technology beforehand. Reduce background noise and distractions.
  • Make eye contact, speak confidently, and project enthusiasm. Ask for a business card to follow up.
  • Research typical Schlumberger intern pay rates and be prepared to negotiate if an offer is extended.
  • Send a prompt thank you note reiterating your interest after the interview.

With practice and preparation, you can really dazzle during the interview process and set yourself apart.

How to Succeed as a Schlumberger Intern

The hard work doesn’t stop once you secure the internship offer. Lay the foundations for a return offer by excelling as an intern.

Here are some tips:

  • Observe the company culture and values early on. Look for ways to demonstrate you align.
  • Build connections across the organization. Get to know your team. Network outside your department.
  • Ask questions and get involved. Seek out challenges beyond your day-to-day tasks.
  • Find a mentor who can give advice and advocate for you. Meet with them regularly.
  • Clarify expectations and deadlines upfront. Communicate early if issues arise.
  • LUpskill on technical platforms used at Schlumberger through online courses.
  • Attend meetings, training sessions, and networking events. Get exposure.
  •  Develop a positive reputation. Go above and beyond on projects and help colleagues.
  •  Document your achievements, feedback, and key learnings throughout in a journal.
  •  Towards the end, have a discussion about full-time possibilities and express your continued interest.

When you invest your effort into your internship experience, you can position yourself for a coveted return offer to launch your career with Schlumberger.


Landing an internship at an elite multinational like Schlumberger takes effort, but pays enormous dividends for your future.

Whether you are looking for hands-on engineering tasks, coveted field experience, global business exposure, or lucrative prospects after graduation, Schlumberger is hard to beat.

Follow this comprehensive guide through researching roles, perfecting your application, acing the interview, and excelling on the internship.

With persistence and preparation, you can win an amazing opportunity at this industry-leading company.

Applying what you’ve learned here will maximize your chances for success. Best of luck with your 2024 Schlumberger internship search!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Schlumberger Interns Get Paid?

Schlumberger intern pay averages $30-40 per hour for undergrads and $45-60 for graduate students but varies by role, experience, and location.

Housing, relocation, and visa costs may also be covered. Negotiate your salary if the offer is lower than expected.

What Fields Do Schlumberger Internships Cover?

Core options are engineering (petroleum, software, mechanical, electrical, chemical), geoscience, data science, finance and global business.

Niche roles like manufacturing, supply chain, digital technology, marketing, and HR are also sometimes available.

Does Schlumberger Hire International Interns?

Yes, Schlumberger is a global company that hires interns from all over the world. Some locations have more limited roles.

Be sure you have proper work authorization and check visa requirements.

What’s the Best Way to Get My Resume Noticed by Schlumberger?

Leverage campus recruiting events, career fairs, employee referrals, LinkedIn networking, mentorship programs, and applying early.

Make sure your resume is tailored with relevant coursework, projects, skills, and achievements.

Is GPA Important for Schlumberger Internship Eligibility?

Schlumberger does screen by GPA, usually 3.0+ minimum for intern candidates. Higher GPAs and rigorous coursework are preferred.

Strong experience, skills, and interview performance can offset lower grades.

How Soon After Applying Should I Expect to Hear Back From Schlumberger?

1-3 weeks is typical for the initial application review. If your background meets the requirements, expect a phone screen quickly after applying.

The full process can take 1-3 months from application to offer. Follow up if it’s been over 3 weeks.

Does Schlumberger Provide Relocation Assistance for Interns?

Yes, standard Schlumberger internships provide support including stipends, temporary housing, flights, and moving costs.

Verify the details in your offer letter. International relocation is case-by-case.