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How to add interests on LinkedIn [Step by Step]

How to add interests on LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a very powerful tool, which you should never use passively. Managing your applications the right way, updating your profile to be 100% complete, and connecting with other professionals is the underlying basis for the platform.

However, leaving your account untouched for days, you can’t expect prospective employers to come crowding your way. Instead, you should focus on making LinkedIn work for you.

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With more than 20 million listed open jobs on the platform, the probability is high that the dream job you have always wished for is there too.

The Interests area in the Additional Information section of your LinkedIn profile is where you connect with your reader on a more personal level, this you can do by adding your interests and hobbies to your LinkedIn profile.

Always remember this: People do business with people. That’s why whenever you step into a person’s office for the first time, the very first thing you do is look around searching for pictures, plaques, memorabilia, trophies, and other objects to give you an insight into their personality, likes, and dislikes. As soon as you spot a commonality, you have a conversation starter.
This is how connections are forged and relationships are built.
The same thing happens in your interest area on LinkedIn, as it gives a glance of who you’re and what you represent thereby allowing you to connect with your reader at a deeper, more personal level. it also shows that you have a life outside of work. Generally, people love to work with friendly people who live a fun-filled and interesting life.

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Therefore, choose interests that reflects shared characteristics with your target audience. There is no greater way to forge a connection than when you have a shared common interests. It is pertinent for you to understand that it’s wrong to lie about your interests, instead highlight things you have in common with your target audience and showcase them in the Interests area.
Your interests must be listed professionally. So, pay attention to that fine line that divides your professional interests and personal hobbies.

In addition, choose interests that would reflect how you want to be seen by your target audience. Prove you are the leader you say you are by choosing interests that reflect the qualities of a leader, like boat captain or a Little League coach. If you prefer to appear technically savvy, highlight how you enjoy the latest gadgets, building computers or even coding during your spare time.

While choosing your interests on LinkedIn, endeavor to keep your target audience in mind. If your target audience is comprised of vegetarians and members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), you should leave out your love of hunting. There are times when you must be smart with the kind of information you share and this is one of those times. If interest on your list has the potential to spark controversy or would need a discussion to explain, your best bet is to leave it off your profile. You don’t want to start upsetting your target audience and risk having them move on to the next profile because of a controversial interest.

Formerly, adding interests on LinkedIn wasn’t so user-friendly as you had to access the ‘Additional Information’ section after logging into your Profile and then manually updating it.

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However, LinkedIn has since updated its interest section. You can no longer manually update the interests on LinkedIn.

As surprising as it may seem, the Interests section of your LinkedIn Profile carries more weight than you’d like to think. It connects you to your recruiter or reader as stated earlier and might give them that little nudge to meet you and know you further on a deeper level. But the question is how do you add interests on LinkedIn in a strategic manner to help you land that dream job.

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Listed below are the steps to add interests on LinkedIn:

  1. Chose To Follow People or Companies when Opening your LinkedIn Account.
  2. You can do that by typing the name of the organization or other public that interest you in the search box.
  3. Go to the page of the organization that you wish to add to your interests.

Maybe you realized as you were reading through this article that one or more of your interest didn’t portray you in the light you’d like to your target audience and you want to remove it, you can follow these steps:

  • Firstly, log in using your details and gain access to view your profile on LinkedIn.
  • Then scroll down until you come across the “Interests” section and click on See All.
  • View your Interests by category.
  • To remove interests in the categories of Influencers, Companies, and Schools.
  • Removing/Deleting Groups From Your Interests.

Now I’m sure you know how to add and even remove interest on LinkedIn, but there’s one more you haven’t learned yet which is searching for your mutuals interest, here’s how you do that.

  • Search for the person in the search box.
  • Scroll down to the end, where you will see the interests of the person.
  • Click on See All
  • Follow the interests that you like by clicking on the ‘+Follow’ option.

In conclusion, you need to do a whole lot of work for your LinkedIn profile to attract your target audience. Unlike some people think LinkedIn isn’t a merely online resume. LinkedIn is much more than that, so ensure to do right by yourself by projecting yourself in the right manner. Good luck on your job search.