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How to get a Job without Experience

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  If you are just completing college, one of the ways to get a job without experience is to talk to your thesis advisor/supervisor and ask about potential employment resources – don’t be shy!  Many colleges, including universities, training schools, and community colleges, will offer this to graduates.  Although they may not guarantee that you will find a job, it may help you to obtain their professional reference in various fields of work.  This not only proves that you have the education required for certain positions but also helps make your foot at home, which is often one of the most difficult aspects of finding a job.

get a job without experience

Can I get a job without experience?

  Yes, in fact, not all jobs require extensive workplace experience or years of post-secondary education (and associated student loan debt).  Some entry-level jobs pay well, and many offer on-the-job training or paid industrial training as well.

  Whether you are looking for a junior position outside of college directly around a new industry, getting a new job without relevant industrial experience can be a challenge.  Often times, employers will hire candidates with relevant work experience for those they don’t have, and this may make you wonder, “How do I get experience if no one hires me?”

  There is a difference between qualifications and experience.  Qualifications are the formal education requirements necessary to perform a job, such as a college degree, professional license, or certificate.  Experience, on the other hand, is your transferable skill set, such as effective communication and leadership skills.  To get a job in a new industry you will need the required educational qualifications, but experience is something that you can transfer from your previous positions.

How to get a job without experience

Look for a link

  This takes a lot of effort and should be dedicated to each app, but I promise you, it will delight you that you took the time.  If you are applying for a gig, although you may not have specific experience in a particular field, you are likely interested in the role and company for some reason, right?  Do a little research on the company, and find a way to connect your life and educational experiences with something great you’ve done.

Find an experience you did not know you have

  Before deciding that you are inexperienced, make absolutely sure that is correct.  Think about your previous jobs and try to draw links between the experience you need and your experience.  Remember: It doesn’t have to be exactly the same; the related keyword to consider.  If you have organized a meeting or answering phones, this is the admin experience.  If you set up a Facebook page or create a flyer, this is marketing.  Think outside the box!

Emphasize your motivation and desire

  You will not apply for the job if you do not want to.  Like, you really want it, right?  Make sure that is clear.  She doesn’t seem desperate, but she looks emotional.  Do a background search and get a ready, honest, and thoughtful response to “Why do you want to work here?”  Question.

Talk about your transferable experiences

  Every job seeker should analyze their past activities and highlight convertible experiences.  This can be done regardless of what your business history looks like, although it is especially important for those looking to transition or start a new career.  If you lack the industry experience you want, you will likely have some transferable work experience that fits your job description.

Take advantage of practical learning opportunities.

  Another way to gain experience is to pursue practical learning opportunities.  These allow you to expand your previous knowledge of basic book learning and give you a realistic experience in the industry you are trying to break into.  Even carrying out one small project can be helpful in learning more about a specific area and can give you interesting talking points to discuss during the interview.

  If you play an industry-specific role such as vocational training or training, you will also have the advantage of gaining internal communications within a company that you may want to follow up on later.  These experiences can sometimes turn into job offers, but don’t assume this will be the result.

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Start unpaid internships

  While you definitely want a paid job, it’s not always possible in certain areas without first-hand experience.  If you want to work in the human rights field, it can be very competitive and difficult to find employment with benefits without previous work experience.  In this case, consider starting with unpaid training.  Without a doubt, this is always a form of exploitation and unpaid training must be canceled … But: We haven’t arrived yet.  Internships give you paid or no opportunities to communicate and help you locate your strengths.


If you are just completing college, one of the ways to get a job without experience is to talk to your thesis advisor / supervisor and ask about potential employment resources

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