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How To Find Internships As A Student

You need to plan ahead of time how to find internships as a student because internships become more important as the graduate job market becomes more competitive.  An internship is now almost a necessity for any graduate.  Employers realize that the number of students studying in training is advanced and they are unlikely to employ, or perhaps even an interview, anyone who has not trained.  Indeed, recent studies reveal that students have a 7 in 10 chance of finding a job in the company they have trained with.

Value of International Internships

  The professional experience gained in internship can mean that the candidate is likely to deliver value from the first day.   For new graduates and individuals considering career change, training is a way to try out a new job without making a permanent commitment.  Internships allow you to test water in a variety of professional fields, gain “realistic” experience, and decide – or withdraw – from a specific profession.

  The financial benefits that the training can offer cannot be denied – it can provide an invaluable experience that builds a solid career foundation as you embark on your career journey.  This could mean better opportunities after you graduate, higher profit potential, and a network of links that could be beneficial for years to come.

  You might be surprised at how different work in the field compares to learning about it in the classroom.  Use your undergraduate training for a realistic experience in the career you are studying.  Think about your own experience, but also take the opportunity to get advice from existing employees.

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How can I find internships?

1.    Identify your broad professional interests

  Decide what you want to do, but don’t worry about being too sharp.  Gaining experience in a number of career fields is a good idea if you are not sure about the job you want to study after college.  Think about what you enjoy and how it could lead to a career.  Do you enjoy watching finance and investment offers?  Are you interested in social activity and making a difference in the world?  Internships can give you opportunities and an opportunity to sample new and exciting careers.

2.    School’s site

 If you are already a student, your school can be your best source for the latest internship information and a strong supporter of your success.  Go to your school’s website and type the word training in the search bar.  You should be directed to some professional center and with some luck, you will find training listings.  You can also go to the job center office in your school and talk to someone who can help you with your search.

3.    On the Internet

 If you are not a student or have exhausted your school as a resource, start searching on the Internet for internships.  Simple searches in any search engine should pull hundreds of training sites that can allow you to further adjust your search to get what you are looking for.  You might also consider searching on popular job sites like actually,,,,,, etc., by selecting internship as a search option or writing a trainee in the search bar.

4.    Network

  If the student you know has internships that interests you, seek advice about obtaining similar training on your own, either with the same organization or elsewhere.  Students who have internships now may have a better sense of the many training opportunities available, whether in their own institutions or in other institutions.  So make sure to take advantage of their collective knowledge, especially regarding the people you should contact.

  Talk to family, friends, faculty, college advisors, and career counselors at your college’s professional services office about the type of training you want, when and where you want it.  Contacting your college alumni and conducting media interviews can provide you with valuable information about career options and internships that you can pursue.  Make sure to send a thank-you note to share their time and expertise.


How to find internships is a question that only the willing can gladly answer after going through the above point. You need to have the never give up attitude to enable you to win in your quest for a good internship placement.