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Full List of Fake Data Entry Companies 

There are a ton of websites that advertise legitimate data entry jobs that may be found online.

However, the reality is that 95% of them are fake. It’s much harder to get a legitimate data entry job.

Students and homemakers are the most frequent victims of those phony data input businesses.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has caused many people to lose their jobs.

As a result, many people are searching online for positions that allow them to work from home, with data entry at the top of the list.

This post will examine a variety of fraudulent data entry jobs.

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What Are Data Entry Job Scams?

Scammers’ fake job postings for data entry positions are known as data entry job scams.

As more businesses worldwide outsource data entry work, job seekers looking for remote and work-from-home opportunities may come across various data entry job advertisements.

Unfortunately, most data entry jobs are entry-level roles with little educational requirements and experience.

This makes it simple for con artists to pass off job listings for data entry as legitimate ones.

As a result, your money or personal information can get stolen if you’re not careful.

Types of Data Entry Scams

To scam job searchers, online scammers employ a variety of strategies.

You can prevent scammers by being aware of common online job scam tactics and crucial warning indicators.

The following are many forms of data entering scams:

1. Offering Money

Scammers frequently pose as offering money to potential employees to obtain their personal information and banking details.

Sending fake cheques that look legitimate is another typical method.

Once the victim receives and deposits the check, the con artists frequently demand that the victim wire money to a different individual for business-related expenses.

Unfortunately, people lose money when checks bounce.

2. Requesting Money

It’s most certainly a fraud if, at any stage during the employment and onboarding process, the business, management, or staff members charge a fee for the application, training, administration, test performance, or any other reason.

Scammers frequently demand money via cheques, direct deposits, and bank transfers.

Legitimate businesses never require payment from their staff for fees or additional charges.

3. Making Job Offers to Gain Personal and Financial Information

Many scammers aim to steal, conduct identity theft, or engage in identity fraud.

For example, scammers frequently fabricate false job advertising and provide false employment offers to job seekers.

Many con artists employ this technique to make requests for personal and financial information, including your social security number, driver’s license number, and bank account information, seem less suspicious.

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Fake Data Entry Company List

The list of fake data entry companies is provided below.

  • Oxy Tech Company
  • Techedge United
  • Orbit Web System Pvt. Ltd.
  • Core Enterprises
  • Pearl Service
  • CSF Employment Service Pvt. Ltd.
  • Urban Technology
  • Way2Consultancy Service
  • VJ Consultancy Service
  • Indeed Pvt. Ltd
  • Cryptolite Network
  • Pixel web system
  • CSR
  • DTD Solution
  • Metrics InfoTech
  • Techtom Technology
  • Equinox
  • Resume Filling Freelancer
  • HS Enterprises
  • MAX Enterprises
  • Infra Data Technology
  • Datadesk Outsourcing Services
  • Wisdom-wide technology 
  • My typing job 

Tips on Identifying and Avoiding Data Entry Job Scams

You can avoid online fake data entry companies by being aware of the prior warning flags. Always believe your gut if you’re having second thoughts.

The following are some pointers for spotting and avoiding data input scams and other remote job fraud:

1. Research The Company

You can tell if a job posting or offer is authentic by researching the company before applying for or accepting it.

The business’s website and other platforms can be searched. It’s probably a fraud if you can’t confirm a phone number, address, active staff, or website URL.

2. Consider The Communication Methods

Remote interviews are typical for recruiting managers, but ones conducted by email, online chat, or text are unmistakably fraudulent.

Additionally, you should exercise caution with interviews conducted solely over the phone.

3. Research the Position and Check the Job Description

Always do your research and check the job description twice.

A thorough overview of the role’s responsibilities in the form of bullet points should be included in the job description. ]

A job description may be a fraud if it is brief, ambiguous, and sounds like a get-rich-quick scheme.

Genuine job advertisements feature the name and contact details of the employer.

4. Ask Questions

You may learn as much about the role and organization as you need to feel confident about accepting a job by asking questions to potential employers.

5. Ask for a Signed Contract

Ask for a signed legal employment contract to make sure the organization is hiring you lawfully.

Scammers frequently demand money from victims at various points during employment or onboarding.

Then, they’ll claim that the upfront cost is necessary for starting or training.

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Now you know the complete list of fake data entry companies and what they entice people with.

We believe you now also know how to avoid online job scams by being aware of the prior warning flags. Always believe your gut if you’re having second thoughts.