How can Freelancers Simplify the Task of Writing and Make their Content Creative?
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How can Freelancers Simplify the Task of Writing and Make their Content Creative?

Writing content that is unique and creative at the same time can be a difficult task for many freelancers. When coming up with ideas, they can take help from the internet but after that, they’re usually on their own for the writing process (till now).

Luckily, with AI becoming increasingly smarter, it has been integrated into many tools that can help freelancers streamline the process of writing. These tools can be used to get help in writing creative material along with keeping it error-free. But you might be wondering, why use tools for all these things?

It is because they are highly effective at what they do. To find out more about them, keep reading as we’ll be discussing some of the tools that can help freelancers simplify the task of writing and making their content creative.

1.    Outline Generators for Outline Creation

The first thing that a freelancer has to do when they start the process of writing is they have to create an outline for their content. Creating an outline is perhaps the most important part of the writing process as it sets the ground on what you’re supposed to write about in a heading.

It can be a daunting task for many freelancers to come up with an outline that can encapsulate everything they have to write about with complete relevance to the title.

However, this process can be made easy by using an online outline generator. Tools like this can create a content outline for you. It is then up to you whether you want to use that generated outline as it is or modify it a bit to your preferences. Either way, it can be a great way to get ideas for a content outline.

2.    ChatGPT to Create Content

Once you’ve created an outline for your content. The next thing in the writing process is obviously to start writing. You can write the whole thing yourself, but if you’re out of ideas or are struggling to write something that is relevant to the heading and title. Then don’t worry as there’s a quick remedy available for it.

You can use an AI language model like ChatGPT to get ideas about what you’re supposed to write. Apart from simply getting ideas, you can ask ChatGPT to write for you. However, asking AI to write entire pieces of content is not recommended since it’s you who’s supposed to write it. Only taking ideas from it is fine, though.

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Remember that ChatGPT can only help you if you can tell it exactly what type of material you’re looking to write. Otherwise, it can generate irrelevant responses that won’t be of any use to you.

3.    Paraphrasing Tools to Improve Content Quality and Creativity

Now that you’ve written the content, you can check it for mistakes. Often times issues of readability and clarity can occur in the content during the process of writing and these can bring down its quality. Completing the draft doesn’t mean that your work is done as it is important to check it for these issues. They usually come up when you’re looking for them after writing.

Readability and clarity issues can occur in your content if the sentences are fragmented or if the information is repeated throughout it. To fix them, you can paraphrase the part of the content which has repeated information.

Paraphrasing is to use different techniques to change the wording and sentence structure of a piece of text while keeping the original meaning intact. It can be done manually by using a few techniques or by using an online paraphrasing tool. This can not only improve the quality of your content but can also make it more creative by using different words throughout the text.

4.    Grammar Checkers to Check for Grammatical Errors

Besides readability and clarity issues, grammatical mistakes can also occur in your content during the writing session. Grammatical errors can make the content look dull and amateurish. Therefore, it is important to make sure they’re not present in your text before finalizing the writing procedure.

To check if the text you’ve written has grammar mistakes, you can go through it from start to end carefully or use an online tool to perform a grammar check on it. These tools can effectively locate and fix any grammatical errors that might be occurring in your content.

You can now end the writing process and finalize the draft you made and refined by using different tools.


Freelancers often have to write content on different titles. To simplify and streamline this task, they can use a few online tools to their advantage. This article includes some of the tools that can help freelancers in the writing process and make their content more creative.