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Ford Motor Apprenticeship Program

  You can eventually enter the Ford Motor Company Apprenticeship Program if you are already working at a Ford manufacturing plant, apply for professional training through a jointly sponsored program from Ford and the United Auto Workers Union.  If you are not a Ford employee, search for the apprenticeship program registered by individual Ford factories with the U.S. Department of Labor.  For a third indirect approach, explore Community Colleges for Apprenticeship Training.  Ensure that the college provides employment services and includes Ford Motor Company factories among partner employers.

  The Ford Summer Training Program provides students with a hands-on job experience by working full time during the summer vacation (from early May to the end of August).  Students participate in educational networks and activities throughout their training period to gain exposure to senior management and to learn more about Ford, our values ​​and career opportunities.

  Most summer interns will have just completed their junior year of undergraduate program or one academic year of master’s program and expect to graduate the following year.  In general, candidates are chosen to gain an academic standing, as well as exceptional leadership, communication and self-motivation skills.

  Ford’s apprenticeship scheme may contain the widest range of roles offered by any car brand.  The company receives over 500 new trainees in the Ford dealer network every year.  She also has a number of roles that work directly with Ford UK, whether in engineering or IT.  As a result, Ford’s apprenticeship program may have the largest number of roles available of any car brand.

  Ford may take up to 4 years to complete an apprenticeship, depending on the role.  The technical roles combine hands-on workshop training and the launching of the block in college for further training and study.  However, a non-technical role will be completed with the local agent where you will be employed as a coach.

  In the Ford apprenticeship scheme, you will also receive training in the latest Ford cars and systems.  As a vehicle technician, you will learn how to service, repair and maintain your current Ford product range.  During the program, you will also attend one of Ford’s training centers located throughout the UK.

 Ford Motor Apprenticeship Program opportunities available

·         Advanced apprenticeships

  Ford Advanced Engineering Professional Training is a dynamic learning program for individuals with a passion for engineering.  Designed to combine on-the-job training and stopping skills development to support the manufacture of the latest Ford products.

  Examples of deals at our engineering sites in Southeast Essex include:

  • Electromechanical
  • Tool Maker
  • Vehicle Model Mechanics
  • Car trim

·         I T Apprenticeship

  Ford Tech grade freshmen work for one of the world’s most exciting manufacturers.  At the same time as they learn an impressive array of new skills they are studying to obtain a set of qualifications that lead to an IT degree.  Best of all, unlike some of their peers, they will not pay their tuition fees, and they will get a salary at the same time they get their degree.

  Conditions for admission to Ford Motor Apprenticeship Program 

1.    Advanced apprenticeships

  For advanced trainees, Ford searches for applicants who have, or are expected to obtain, at least 3 good grades of GCSE (or equivalent) including English in grade C or above, mathematics in grade B or above, physics, or dual science  In grade C or above.

  Successful advanced trainees from Dunton / Dagenham, South East Essex will continue to complete a four-year program leading to:

  • National vocational qualification at level 2
  • National vocational qualification at level 3
  • BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering
  • BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering
  • Functional skills in mathematics, English, and information technology

2.    IT Apprenticeship

  For IT degree trainees, Ford engines search for applicants with a minimum of 5 GCSEs in Class B or higher including Mathematics, English and Dual Sciences and who have or are expected to achieve at least 3 A Levels of BCC scores or higher.  Equivalent (minimum of UCAS 104 points) one to include a technology / science subject.  (BBC grades or 112 UCAS points are preferred)

  Successful IT degree trainees will complete a four-year program leading to a full university degree.

  The interns with a degree in Information Technology will be part of an exciting and dynamic program, in partnership with the University of Greenwich that provides the trainees with both the business knowledge and technical skills necessary to lead a successful and rewarding IT profession.  Our program will consist of carefully chosen placements in key global teams across Ford Information Technology that match your qualifications.  Initially this will be within the software development organization with an advance to;

  • Business facing future IT / strategy and project planning teams
  • Operations teams charged with operating our most critical systems day in and day out
  • Our Ford Ford banking branch, where you can experience full use of IT from start to finish

  Work at a Ford Motor Company

  Ford Motor needs people to design our cars, buy the components that it makes, build vehicles, market and sell them.  We need people to provide us with the best technology to do all of this successfully as well as people who can foster the development of our workforce.

  Trainees keen to develop their knowledge and profession will find Ford perfectly fit.  One of the main advantages of joining a leading global organization like Ford is the potential for career development.

  Ford Motor Company believes in recognizing and caring for the trainees, and giving them the support and opportunities they need to grow professionally.

  At what stage of their careers they join us, they will find a variety of learning programs available, ranging from national professional qualifications, to professional and leased plans.  All of them are there to help them build on their current skills and support their future development.

  The Ford Motor Company management team works with our employees to develop clear goals and is able to provide valuable feedback on performance.  To help advance their career within Ford, learners will be encouraged to work with their manager on their development plans.