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How to prepare for your first job interview

Finally your phone rang, after all the many days of waiting after submitting your Resume they’ve summoned you for an interview, you hung up the phone and began jumping and screaming, but then nervousness began creeping in and doubts arose quickly. If this situation sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone. We’ll have felt that way at least once in our lives.

Like I said earlier, It happens to all of us when we are interested in a vacancy to which we apply so do not put pressure on yourself.

An interview call means that you could fit in with the published vacancy. To make it a successful job interview, listen carefully to our recommendations.

The first job interview in a company usually consists of several parts, depending on the company. These could be the parts in a first interview:

  • The summary of your career path/curriculum vitae
  • The job description
  • The interview questions
  • Psycho-technical test
  • Closing and dismissal information
  • Shall we start with the tips for your first interview?

#1. Practice summarizing your career path

The first question or the question that cannot be missed in any interview is “Tell me about yourself” or “Summarize your professional career”. So, it is important that you have the following clear points to answer correctly:

Short and to the point. Try to make it as short as possible at most 5 minutes is enough.

Differential value. Detail the aspects that are necessary within the position and that you know how to do/have knowledge about it.

Practice with someone. Rehearse as many times as you can and measure the time it takes you to explain everything.

Passion and energy. Share your experience either volunteer or internships with a lot of encouragement and positivism to show your interest.

#2. Be on time

Nobody likes to wait and much less someone who does not know anything, so try to arrive early for your interview to avoid negative points to your candidacy. In addition, if you organize yourself, you can be calm when you enter the interview without entering stressed or overwhelmed by the rush. Don’t keep the recruiter waiting because you are not his only option. Calculate the time it takes you to get there and add fifteen or twenty minutes in case you get lost, an accident occurs on your route, there is no parking available, etc.

#3. Choose the image according to the position

Each post has its own image. When you go to an interview, choose a dress according to the position you are applying for. In addition, we recommend that you search Google for photos of the company’s workers to investigate their dress code.

On the other hand, it is a good idea if you chew a mint or gum before entering the interview. This way you eliminate any odor that you may have.

#4. Go to the interview prepared

Print out your resume and bring a notebook or paper with a pencil to write down any information that they can provide you during the interview, whether it is related to the company or the position. You can even write down your doubts to ask them, the next steps in the recruitment process or if they ask you for something to send after the interview. At the end of the interview, you can check the box on your watch list with the notes taken.

#4. Prepare the answers to the possible difficult questions

Before each interview, it is good to take the time to read common and rare questions so that you are prepared and not caught off guard. Check out the article on how to answer the usual questions. In case you are being asked unusual questions and you don’t know how to answer, find a simple solution using logic.

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#5. Look for information about the company

Do you want to be interested in the job you are interviewing for? Look for the trajectory of the company, its values, the news they have had recently, interesting projects, an article that catches your attention, or any other information that you can mention in your interview with the company.

You can find information on companies both on the internet, on their website directly, or even on CompuTrabajo in the companies section. Another important action you can do is look for the profile of the person with whom you are going to have the interview, so you will be even more prepared.

#6. Smile

Do you know the effect a smile has? It is proven that 70% of people look more attractive when they smile. A smile creates a friendly and positive environment in which the interview can be more fluid. Also, having a good attitude makes you stand out from other candidates since no one will hire a person with a bad mood or who seems bitter.

#7. Make a list of your own questions

To show your interest in the vacancy and the company, you can have a list of questions ready to ask at the end of your interview if they were not clarified during the meeting. Some ideas for questions are to question what a day would be like in your job and what are the objectives or goals that you want to achieve with the job. Also, ask about the work environment of the company and ask the recruiter what is the most he likes about working in that company.

Finally, take an interest in the next steps in the selection process and ask when you could expect a response.

There is always a first time, so don’t stress or worry. Apply these tips and practice a lot so that your first job interview is a success.