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Easy way to a find hiring manager email

Nowadays it’s no news that so many hiring managers rely on online applications to streamline their hiring process, and we’ll know how difficult it can be to adequately express one’s interest and make sure that one’s application stands out.

Building a connection with the hiring manager is a magnificent way to grab their attention and make an exceptional first impression.

In this guide, we’d explain how and why you should spend time looking for a hiring manager’s email address and provide some tips for contacting a hiring manager.

Why should you look for a hiring manager’s email?

By searching out a hiring manager’s email contact, you can build a great personal connection after applying online, thereby increasing your chances of getting called in for an interview.

This is because when you make contact after identifying the person responsible for hiring, you’ve made your application stand out just by displaying your interests, ambitions, and eligibility.

How to find a hiring manager’s email

When searching for a hiring manager’s email address, follow these steps:

Check the company’s website

Sometimes locating a hiring manager’s contact information can be as simple as exploring the team profiles page on their company’s website. Even on occasions where their email aren’t listed, you might get your hands on the first and last name of the hiring manager. Possessing this information makes it seamless to find the hiring manager’s email using other methods.

Search social media

Mostly, people list the URL for their personal websites and/or contact information on their multiple social media profiles, so it’s advisable to use their full names to perform a search on both the professional and mainstream platforms. While there, you could link with them and even send a direct message requesting for their email address.

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If you decide to take this route, just ensure the message is compelling and concise. People are improbable to share their personal information (mostly contact information) with total strangers on social media without getting some crucial context and information first.

You could also carry out a basic search on Google to locate the hiring manager’s email on their website, the company site or any other website that they are associated with. To guarantee the success of this method, you need to make your search as pinpoint as possible by using keywords and symbols.

You could utilize the below-templated examples to aid with your search:

  • [First and last name] email
  • [First and last name] [location]
  • [First and last name]@[company URL]
  • [First and last name] [company name] email

Find a coworker

Even if you were unsuccessful with finding the email of the hiring manager, you might successfully uncover the contact information for one of their colleagues. You can most times examine the structure of this colleague’s email to uncover the hiring manager’s email.

For example, if someone else in a company is named Veronica Shedrack and her company email address is [email protected], you could presume that the hiring manager’s email is structured in a similar fashion. You could try remodeling that email by simply replacing vshedrack with the hiring manager’s first initial and last name.

Proceed by sending your cover letter, resume, and a skillfully constructed message and wait to see if it gets sent back. If you don’t get a “failure to deliver” message, feel free to assume that the email made it to the right inbox.

Call the organization

When struggling to find a hiring manager’s email contact through other means, you can always try the option of calling the organization’s direct line and then asking the receptionist for assistance. You can say something like: “Hi, I’m [names] applying for the position and I would like to contact the hiring manager, [hiring manager’s name], to accentuate my qualifications and interest for the role. Can you assist me with the best email to reach them at?”


When applying to larger organizations that require an extension or for instances when the receptionist might not be aware of this type of information, you can try reaching the exact department you’re aspiring to join. The assistant or receptionist for that department most likely has ample information about the opening and the hiring manager.

Tips for contacting hiring managers

Here are few basic tips to help guide your correspondence with a hiring manager:

  • Create a clear subject line. To make sure the purpose of the message is understood by the hiring manager before opening it, you need to skillfully craft an exact subject line. Try inserting your name and job title for the position you’re applying for.
  • Draft a brief message. Try to be considerate of the hiring manager’s time and to ensure that they read your email, you need to keep your message concise and easy to skim through.
  • Highlight your qualifications. Chances are they already have your resume, but ensure to remind them why you are the best fit by highlighting some of your experience and unique competitive advantages.
  • Include important documents. You can aid the hiring manager in reviewing your application and refreshing their memory by attaching essential materials, like your resume, cover letter, and a link to your portfolio. Ensure to inform them that such documents are attached and which you included.
  • Ask thoughtful questions. Asking relevant questions is a good way to highlight your interest in the position and your awareness of the duties it entails. If you have questions about the application process or the job role, you can insert them at the end of your email.
  • Keep it professional. This is most likely the hiring manager’s first contact with you, so making an exceptional first impression is crucial. Ensure your message is professional and polite by addressing them appropriately and thanking them for taking the time.
  • Review the message before sending it. Before clicking send, ensure to proofread your message. You want to ensure that your message makes a great impression and grabs the hiring manager’s attention, so look closely for any awkward wording, typographical and grammatical errors, or points that should be clarified.