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How to dress for a job interview: 10 tips

The time has come, you have finally been invited to come for the job interview of your dream job and you are hell-bent on getting the position. We have already discussed in another article how to answer the most commonly asked interview questions and I advice you to go check it out. In this article, we’d be outlining a few tips on how to dress for your job interview.

Research about the company culture and dress code: This is very crucial as it gives you an insight into the company’s dress culture and you can gain an edge when used correctly.

Also, if you are fortunate enough to know an individual currently working there, your best bet would be to enquire directly from them about how they dress in the company.

Tips on how to dress for a job interview

Wear clothes that you feel comfortable

Irrespective of the dress culture of the company you’re interviewing with, you’ve to be comfortable in your chosen attire because any discomfort can cause distractions which can lead to anxiousness in some cases and in others send the wrong signals to the interviewer.

It truly isn’t about disguising as something that you are not, but mostly about transmitting professionalism, you could integrate your style and that of the company in cases where they vary vastly to create a certain balance.

The colors of the garments should be neutral

Under no circumstance should you wear colors that look too flashy, mostly for men. The most suitable colors according to research are black, blue and grey for jackets and pants and for the shirts a white or blue would suffice.

Avoid some kinds of clothes

An invaluable tip on how to dress for a job interview is, to wear a shirt instead of a T-shirt for men. For women, the variety is greater but miniskirts and extremely tight clothing should be avoided. Our recommendation is to use long or French sleeves instead of suspenders.


As regards to shoes, before entering for the job interview, ensure that they’re completely clean. Our recommendation is to use closed shoes rather than sandals. As stated earlier comfortability is king and should be taken into consideration here. Also, even if it is summer and your wear a skirt or dress you should wear stockings.

Note: Our advice is based on formal and semi-formal interviews as the dress code doesn’t really have adverse effects during casual interviews.

Avoid wearing too much jewelry

An earring and two rings at most is preferred for all interviews. If you are a man with piercings, it is advisable to remove them during the course of the interview. It is also recommended to cover the tattoos.

Note: your dress code should be totally industry and company-tailored, for example, if you are been interviewed for the position of a skating teacher or personal trainer wearing a tracksuit or jogger wouldn’t matter, but wearing those to an interview for a bank manager position would matter greatly. So dress to suit the applied position.

Avoid excessiveness

As a woman, you shouldn’t go overboard with your makeup and also avoid painted nails with very bright colors. Also, It is preferable to avoid using perfumes altogether, but if you can’t, use those with a very faint fragrance that are less likely to choke the interviewer or cause discomfort for others.

Men must be properly shaved and well-groomed: No one is saying you should completely take your beards off, but we’re saying it should be shaved appropriately to give you a prime and proper look. you’d want to be look trimmed and proper, so add some recommended accessories like a watch and a belt.
Part of looking groomed is to ensure your clothes are perfectly ironed before going to the job interview.

Carry a portable bag

Finally, one of the most vital tips on how to dress for a job interview you shouldn’t miss is carrying a portfolio or a portable bag, in which your curriculum vitae must fit inside without folding. This covers both genders because they will have something to hold their resume with while waiting and therefore won’t put them in their pockets.

When contemplating on how to dress for a job interview, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the clothes should both compliments your personality and be in line with the company’s dress culture, regardless always be formal and pay attention to every detail. Lucky!