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Top 10 Coolest Dream Jobs In The World

Almost every human on earth has a dream job that they desire to have in order to live a fulfilled life. Some jobs are so much desired by millions of people out there and this makes them the coolest jobs that there is. In this article, we have compiled top 10 coolest dream jobs in the world.

What are Coolest Dream Jobs?

Coolest dream jobs are some specific jobs that has some high level uniqueness when it comes to the satisfaction and fulfillment it gives to those who have them as a means of livelihood. They are dubbed the coolest because they always improve you in different positive ways while paying you so well.

Importance of having a dream job

There are advantages for having your dream job become a reality and below are the importance of such a reality in the life of any employee out there.

  • A sense of fulfilment
  • Harnessing of acquired skills
  • Improved lifestyle
  • Good income
  • Career growth
  • Encourages inventions and innovations

A sense of fulfilment

There is always a sense of fulfilment that comes once you hit your dream job and this has a unique way of building up your morale as regards the job and hence, your input at work will be of high class on the excellence score card.

An employee that is working in a firm or company where he/she doesn’t regard as an establishment that has given him/her a dream job will always not go all in to grow that organization as supposed. There will always be a reservation not to do so because the job is not their proposed dream job.

Harnessing of acquired skills

When you are given a job opportunity that has been your dream job for years, your acquired skills will be spontaneously harnessed and groomed properly because they are meant for the job. This is a huge advantage for you as this brings out the best part of you as regards the job roles, duties and responsibilities.

If for example you are a skilled web developer but currently work at a shopping mall as a POS attendant, your web developing skills is not well harnessed and put to work properly but once you get a job offer from Facebook or twitter, your web developing skills will be truly harnessed and promoted for good use.

Improved lifestyle

Cool dream jobs have the potential to initiate an improved lifestyle for those that have them. When you have your dream job, your lifestyle is hugely imparted positively which is an improvement as far as human growth and development is concerned.

Employees who have their dream jobs tend to live a more balanced life than those who are just hanging around other jobs hoping to get their dream jobs someday. This is because those who have their dream jobs have a mind settled on growing and building a career in a particular system of human discipline such as Engineering, Medicine, Artwork, etc.

Good income

A dream job also pays well to those who desire them. That being said, it is advantageous to have your dream job. A good income rate equals a good, balanced living that leaves an employee growing from one level to another in their endeavour.

Career growth

Career growth is one thing every employee desires but there is no career growth more interesting than the one of a dream job. This is because, the growth being experienced is borne out of passion and zeal in that particular field of endeavour.

Encourages inventions and innovations

A lab scientist who gains an employment with a chemical engineering company that gives room for research will find it easy to be innovative with already existing ideas and theories surrounding chemical sciences.

When people are gainfully employed with their dream job, they tend to grow and become problem solvers starting right from their working space to their immediate area of residence.

Top 10 Coolest Dream Jobs In the World

  • Shopping Expert
  • Movie Reviewer/Critic
  • Travel Blogger
  • Water Slide Tester
  • Professional Traveler
  • Lawyer
  • Engineer
  • Pilot
  • Interior Designer
  • Model
  • Entrepreneur

Shopping Expert

The shopping expert is a professional as regards recommending the best product for buyers on different shopping platforms.

Movie Reviewer/Critic

As a movie reviewer or critic, you are vested with the responsibility of reviewing movies and as well criticizing errors spotted in movies of all sorts. This is a very great job that gets you noticed worldwide in movie production niche.

Travel Blogger

Travel Blogging as a job is a cool thing to venture into. As a travel blogger, you will get tons of opportunities that would link you to different brands and businesses. Such relationships lasts for years and are good for blogging business.

Water Slide Tester

A water slide tester job role is so cool in the sense that it gives you an opportunity to have much fun while testing the water slides yourself while you as well get paid well for the service of ensuring that the water slide is working fine and suitable for fun activities.

Professional Traveler

The professional traveler is one who handles different jobs that has to do with traveling from one part of the world to another. The professional traveler handles every content of the travel professionally.


The Lawyer is the solicitor for justice on behalf of the supreme court of any nation where he/she is resident by Law practice. The law profession is a prestigious one that is so much respected.


The engineer job profession has diverse niches such the mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical, computer and more. It is all about inventions and innovations within the science corridors.


The pilot job is one of the coolest dream jobs because it comes with you flying different kinds of airplanes from one part of the world to another. The aerospace job circle is one full of fun.

Interior Designer

The interior designer is one who is so creative when it comes to making interiors of any building look so beautiful and satisfactory to occupants of it. The interior designer is tagged a human that thinks outside the box.


A model has the privilege of showcasing different fashion designs made by fashion designers. This job is so cool as you will get the opportunity to hit limelight via the fashion walkways and as well enjoy different wears and paycheck by brands.


The entrepreneur is a business inclined person that thinks of business opportunities and venture into them, making something of value out of them. This is so much fun as you are your own boss.