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Best way to Find Companies That Are Hiring Now

Whether it’s your first job search after college, high school or just looking to change companies for the progress of your career, it’s vital to know how to look for a job.

The best way to find companies that have open positions is solely dependent on what type of job or role you’re looking for, although there are several means to get the newest job openings available online as well as those of local companies hiring at the moment.

Although, finding a new job might most times is rigorous, there are varying effective and efficient methods to find one.

Be Ready to Apply For Jobs

Before you start the journey of job search, I implore you to get ready for the rigorous process both mentally and otherwise by doing the following.

  • Mentally prepare yourself for the process.
  • Create or update your resume.
  • Draft a basic cover letter for later customization to suite applied for job roles.
  • Ensure to gather all necessary information you need to complete job applications at hand.

You don’t want to miss out on great opportunities because you’re ill prepared to submit an application at a minutes notice. I have heard of too many people who spent so much time deciding whether they should apply or not and more time on writing and re-writing job application materials so much so that by the time they submitted their application in it was too late and the job was filled.

Effective and Efficient ways to find job openings

Networking events

This is one of those overlooked means by many people and that’s why we’re starting here, it’s important to market yourself through networking but most importantly whenever you can, it’s advisable you attend specific networking events in your industry. Events such as expositions, conferences and even continuous education forums are a few of the many great places to meet others who can help in your job search. But ensure to prepare appropriately for such events by having copies of your professional business card and resume handy in case of bumping into job representatives.

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Job fairs are also great at meeting potential employers as their special event aimed at getting companies and potential employees together to network and share information. These events are frequented by organizations looking to recruit large numbers of employees and also fresh graduates for training programs. You would find organizations of all sizes, recruiters, and possibly even colleges and universities at these events.

You could also contact the alumni network of your college to see what events they have for their graduates, even if these networking events are not specific to your industry, you might get a referral from someone you met at the event.

Use job search platforms

If you want to apply for a large number of jobs quickly and efficiently, then use job search platforms to power your search. These job search platforms not only let you find job postings fast because they are searching many sources of job listings at once, they are also a good way to find jobs that are immediately available.

Another advantage is that your searches can be filtered by allowing you to search jobs using keywords, desired salary range, location, and much more. Also, some of these platforms give you the opportunity to upload your resume and cover letter that you can adapt to each application for easier accessibility, and a custom job search alert when new jobs that meet your requirements are posted.

Leverage social media

Another great place to search for jobs are social media platforms, there are many such social media platforms you can use to search for jobs and interact with your potential employer like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even blogs. You can do a basic search for your target company pages on different social media platforms and follow them no matter where they are in the world. By keeping abreast with a company’s social media pages, you can gain valuable insights into their tone, culture, interests and working style. You can also comment on their posts and start building a relationship with them. You may even come across their job openings through these channels even before they are listed on job boards or company websites, so you’ll be able to find listings ahead of other candidates.

It’s paramount to make your own profiles suitable as you’d be using it for professional purposes also.
Your profile should:

  • Have your real name.
  • Have an appropriate picture of you.
  • Only publish appropriate content and posts.
  • Markets you and your lifestyle appropriately and professionally.
  • Convey a good image of you, even if it’s been used for personal rather than professional purposes.

If you are using this approach for your job search, ensure you go back through the content you’ve posted over the years to make sure that everything you have on your profile is suitable for a potential employer to see.

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Set Up Job Search Alerts

Most job boards, blogs, websites, search engines and company websites have the option for you to get alerts sent to you on new job postings that match your interests as soon as they are listed.

For example, offers email job alerts that deliver job listing and news to readers as soon as they’re posted.  users usually can set up job alerts to receive notifications about new job listings that include specific keywords like company name or job title that is listed on the platform.

Contact companies directly

Job searches online are much more straightforward these days that most companies have websites that you can target directly. So if you have a target company you are interested in working for You will be able to apply directly for available positions listed through their website. If you find a position that interests you and you apply, your application will go directly into the company’s application tracking system for consideration. You’ll find job postings in the “Careers” section of the site, which is mostly listed under “About Us” or “About the Company” on the front page of the company website.

But if your target company doesn’t have any relevant jobs posted on their website, you can reach out to them via email or phone to enquire if they are looking to employ someone with your qualifications and experience. If the company is not actively recruiting for your desired role, you may not hear back from them immediately, as they may keep you on file in case a position becomes available in the nearest future.

Recruitment processes usually cost a ton of money, so most times if a potential employer hears from a suitable candidate directly before posting a job, they might favor employing you rather than spending the time and money searching for other candidates. Also, if a company is planning an expansion or experiencing rapid growth, they may be particularly open to hearing from qualified people, even if they have not advertised a position. This mostly applies to start-up companies that have not yet fully considered their staffing needs.

 Ask if a Company is Hiring

As stated above you can reach out to your target company either via mail or call and if your timing is right and you catch them at the right hiring moment, you can get yourself considered for the job. Candidates doesn’t often reach out to ask about employment opportunities so when you do, not only does it show that you have a specific interest in the company, but it also saves the employer the time and expense of advertising and recruiting.
Contacting an employer before he or she has begun advertising for a position will also help you beat out the competition.

Ask your network for referrals

If you are looking for a job, it’s advisable to tell all your contacts to help them help you find mutual career contacts or may be able to refer you to an opportunity. Networking is an effective way of finding a new job as employers prefer receiving a referral from a trusted member of their staff than going through the rigors of finding one themselves.

Many jobs are filled internally from referrals before they are even advertised, so it’s important to talk to people to get as many referrals from within your network as you can.

If you’re out of work tell everyone you know you are seeking employment. You don’t know who may be able to help unless you ask.

Inquire at recruitment agencies

lastly, signing up with recruitment agencies might be worth it, if you want to find jobs more effectively. Most communities have several staffing agencies that you can register with. Although, some are industry-specific, others deal with many different industries. You would be needed to provide a resume as well as copies of your certifications and qualifications, and you may need to sit for tests such as typing speed or knowledge of specific industries.
An agency has a reputation to uphold, so if you impress them, you would have a positive experience that could lead to increasingly better opportunities.

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Now I’m certain beyond reasonable doubt that you now know of the most effective and efficient ways of finding job openings and how to go about them. I wish you good luck in your journey and I hope you get that job.

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