Chymall Registration, Login, and Withdrawal Portal 2021

Chymall Registration, Login, and Withdrawal Portal 2021

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Have you ever wondered how Chymall registration is done or even how you can withdraw through in 2021?

In this article, we will be showing you all you need to know about Chymall registration and withdrawal. Also, we will be answering lots of question(s) that relate to Chymall in Nigeria

What is Chymall About

Chymall is an eCommerce platform that works on the new retail system of business that enables customers to earn money by partnering with the company and in turn buy and sell on the platform. Chymall was founded by Zhang Yaun in 2008 as Sairuimall. Then, sairuimall was based in China and had a high presence in the country. In May 2020, Chymall (a Malaysian based eCommerce company) bought sairuimall over. Since then, the name has changed from sairuimall to Chymall. The company deals on quantum products like a pendant, ring, phone sticker, Belly Button, Moxibustion, Water Purifier, Face mask, Foot Massager, fuel saver card, eyeglass, beauty spray, etc. Although, Chymall is a standard eCommerce platform that sells almost everything, but the partnership is only allowed for the quantum products they sell.

How does Chymall Work?

Chymall is a platform where you buy products for a cheaper rate and resell for a higher rate and get your profit paid to you every ten days. There are six packages in the business of which five are functional. These packages are known as VIPs and they range from VIP1-VIP6 but VIP1 is not fully functional. Below is a table that provides little explanations.

VIP 170
VIP 214050907
VIP 328010018014
VIP 484030054042
VIP 51680600108084
VIP 6336012002160168

I will use the VIP 3 package to explain the table above and the explanation covers for every other package except VIP 1.

The VIP 3 package costs $280. The money is divided into 2. The first part is the non-refundable registration fee of $100. This is the money that is used to obtain the license for the partnership. The second part is $180 which is your trading capital. This is the money you use to buy and sell. You buy products worth $180 and resell for $200. The company then charges 3% as the commission for the transaction leaving you with $194. This translates to $14 every 10 days for the VIP 3 package. At any point, you can withdraw your trading capital. At the end of the 10 days, the same money is used to repeat the cycle, which means that you do not need to be funding your account every time except when you want to upgrade (maybe from VIP3 to VIP 4).  There are basically 2 ways of trading your account;

1) Manual trade: Here, at the end of every 10 days, you retrade by yourself.

2) Auto Trade: At the end of the 10 days, the system will initiate another transaction on your behalf. Every auto trade has a cycle of either 50 days or 100 days, which means that at the end of the 50 or 100 days, you retrade yourself. But within these days in the cycle, you are eligible to withdraw every 10 days.

How does Chymall Make Money?

This is a question many people ask frequently about CHYMALL. Of course, no one will ever want to venture into a business they do not understand to avoid the incident of the business folding and you losing your money.  Basically, there are few major ways CHYMALL makes money;

1) Direct sales: Chymall makes money through direct sales. Any products you buy and resell on the platform, remember that you buy them through CHYMALL. Thus, they make profit by selling their products to you.

2) Trading charge: Chymall charges 3% commission for every product they sell for you. For example, on the VIP 3 package, they collect 3% from your total sales of $200 which is $6. Thousand of such transactions are carried out every day and as such much money is been made from the trading charges. Also, the higher the package, the more charges they collect.

3) Registration fee: The registration fee is divided between partners and the company. Thus chymall makes money through registration.

4) Boutique sales: The referral bonus Chymall pays for referring anybody is divided into two. The first one is known as CHY points which you can withdraw anytime. The second on is known as boutique points which is non withdrawable. Rather, you use it to buy products from chymall. This is another way CHYMALL makes money.

5) Product listing: As an ecommerce platform, you can also list your products for sale there. CHYMALL sells it for you and take their charge. CHYMALL also have their products which they can as well sell and make profits on their platform.

Countries With Chymall Presence

Chymall is a fast-growing eCommerce platform with a presence in various countries of the world. It has a presence in the following countries; Nigeria,  Ivory Coast,  India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Cameroon, Ghana, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, Benin, Uganda, United States, Togo, Italy, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Iran,  Zaire, Eritrea, United Kingdom, Cambodia, Burundi, Botswana, Namibia, Canada, Swaziland, Rwanda, France, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Russian, Greece, DR Congo, Malaysia, Tanzania, Sweden, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Belgium, Zambia, Austria, Ukraine, Sudan, Norway, Senegal, Niger, Algeria, Korea, Liberia, Mali, Gabon, Kuwait, Indonesia, China, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Japan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, etc.

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Referral Benefits

CHYMALL is not a 100% networking business. It is a business you can do without referrals, though there are referral benefits attached to each referral you do. The referral benefits varies from package to package depending on the bonus you prospects subscribe for, you will earn at the instant of registration and also trading bonus every 10 days (which is the time frame for a complete trading cycle). The table below explains the benefits.

VIP 281
VIP 3162
VIP 4486
VIP 59612
VIP 619224

How to Make Withdrawal From Chymall

Withdrawing from chymall can be as easy as possible and as cumbersome as possible. Here are few ways you can make your withdrawal.

1) P2P Transfer: You can withdraw via P2P transfer.  Chymall money comes in Points. P2P transfer means transferring your points to your service centre who in turn pays your cash. For Nigerian customers, the standard exchange rate is 380 per point.

2) Bank: You can also withdraw through the bank. CHYMALL partners with only a few bank making P2P transfer the safest and surest means of withdrawal.

3) Bitcoin wallet: You can also withraw through your bitcoin wallet.

How to Register for Chymall

Due to the nature of operation of CHYMALL, you cannot register yourself directly  by yourself. The person who referred you does the registration for you.

Thus for more information, you can chat me up on whatsapp via +2347064635053 or you can call me directly via +2348160047711

Is Chymall Real?


Yes. Chymall is real. It was formally known as sairuimall. Sairuimall has been in existence since 2008.

How does Chymall make money?


Chymall makes money through registration fee, service charge, product listing and sales profit

How to make your first withdrawal on CHYMall


You can withdraw money via the following channels, Bitcoin, bank transfer and p2p transfer

Is Chymall registered in Ghana?


Yes. Chymall is registered in Ghana. The African head office for chymall is situated in Ghana

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