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Tips for choosing a college career

Tips for choosing a college career – Choosing a university degree is a decision that, although it is decisive, must be taken with patience and care. Today we present seven tips so that you can move towards a professional career that matches your tastes and your aspirations.

Know your skills

Knowing yourself is very important to be able to make an accurate decision. Many of our opinions, tastes, capacities, and abilities are already moderately formed when we are 17 or 18 years old. It is a matter of knowing how to see and interpret them. For example, ask yourself what kinds of activities are made easier for you while others take a little more effort and time, or in what subjects you did well in school.

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Sometimes it doesn’t have to be skills you picked up in school, that is, it’s not just about whether you’re good at math, Spanish, or chemistry. You can also see what kind of abilities you have to relate or communicate with others. For example, if it is easy for you to explain a topic to others, help people or communicate ideas. These are skills that you are not taught in a particular class, but many of us develop over time when we interact with friends, family, or strangers.

Balance what you like and what you’re good at

Most of the time, what we like and what is provided to us coincide, but other times it is not like that and we enter into conflict. If your case is yes, you are lucky and can skip this advice, but if not, you have to take stock. For example, you love the idea of ​​being a TV host, but you have stage fright, or you want to be a doctor, but you see blood and pass out. You must ask yourself if the taste and passion for developing a profession is so great that you are willing to work to improve those shortcomings that you have, or if you should definitely choose a career that is more in line with your abilities.

Get to know the race

The easiest way to know a career is by its curriculum or curriculum. Sometimes we have an idea of ​​what a professional career is all about, but when we stop to look at the subjects we are going to take, it turns out that it was not what we thought. For example, a person enters to study music thinking that he will never have to do mathematics again, but he realizes that in reality music has a great mathematical component.

It is about investigating what are the subjects that you are going to have to see and if you are willing to take them to be a professional in the area you choose. You should also bear in mind that the curriculum of the same career may change depending on the university.

Imagine yourself working at work. Do you like what you see?

A professional career lasts between 4 and 5 years, however, your professional life will last a lifetime. That is why you should choose a career that allows you to perform in something that you enjoy doing.

Very often they tell us that we have to study something that gives us money or prestige, but it is useless to do it if you do not imagine yourself having the routine of one of those professionals, counting on the concerns, the rhythm, and the risks that it involves.

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It is worth asking yourself questions such as do I enjoy a job in an office or do I prefer to work with people? Do I want to have office hours or do I prefer more dynamic hours? Do I want to have many responsibilities in my charge or not?

Listen to various experiences

Try to ask a lot of questions when you have the opportunity to meet a professional in the career (s) you plan to study. Listening to people who are already working in the professional field can give you an idea of ​​the options you have and what the reality of that profession is like. A good professional will always let you know the advantages and disadvantages of his career or his job.

This advice is a bit counterintuitive after we’ve told you to listen to various experiences, but there is a difference. Here we want to tell you not to be influenced by people who do not know about the subject or who simply speak from what they have heard. You have to distinguish which opinions you should take into account and which ones you shouldn’t. Nor should you choose a career that your friends are going to study for. At the end of the day, it is YOUR way and you must build it yourself according to your abilities, tastes and thoughts.

Analyze your financial aspect and consider scholarships

It is no secret to anyone that studying is an investment and that the decision to do so is sometimes not so easy. Analyze which universities offer you the best value for money and, if you need it, you can apply for an educational loan. There are many options, in fact, at Uniclaretiana we have already written an article on this topic, in case you want to know more, you can click here. Another option is to research what scholarships are offered by universities or the state.

Having a good average in the State tests is usually a benefit to access them.

We hope these tips help you in some way when making this decision. If you want to know our academic offer, do not hesitate to request information, for us it is very important that you feel our company throughout this process.