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10 Cheapest MBA in Australia for International Students

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Aside from its beautiful landscapes, Australia also boasts a wide range of top universities that are regarded as some of the best in the world.

Its practical job market and cost-effective tuition fees are why more students choose to study there.

In addition to its numerous universities, Australia also has a wide range of affordable MBA colleges.

Also, the average cost of an MBA in the country is around 45,000 AUD. Several colleges in the country are ideal for low-income students.

Although the cost of an MBA in Australia varies depending on the institution, there are scholarship programs that can help lower the student’s expenses.

The article covers the 10 cheapest MBAs in Australia for international students.

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Cheapest MBA in Australia

The following are the 10 cheapest MBAs in Australia for international students;

1. Kaplan Business School

One of the country’s top public universities is Kaplan Business School, which offers master’s, certificate, and diploma programs.

It is also home to over 80 nationalities looking to pursue higher education in Australia.

Also, to be admitted into the programs, students must have an Advanced Diploma or two years of relevant work experience.

The institute also accepts an English language proficiency score of 6.0 for the PG and 5.5 for the Diploma courses.

2. Charles Darwin Institute

Charles Darwin University is considered the best University in Australia for providing postgraduate employment outcomes.

It is also ranked as one of the country’s top universities for undergraduate employment.

Its full-time employment rate is 94%, and its median salary is around 68,000 AUD.

Tuition: 32,760 AUD

3. University of Southern Queensland

One of the country’s top universities for internationalization is the University of Southern Queensland.

It is also regarded as one of Australia’s best universities for graduate employment and salaries. It also has one of the country’s cheapest and best MBA programs.

Tuition: 47,040 AUD

4. Victoria University

Established in 1916, Victoria University is a public institution in Melbourne, Australia. It’s one of the 39 state universities in the Australian region.

The University has about 40,000 students, and 14,000 international students are also part of its student body.

This University has one of the cheapest MBA in Australia for international students.

MBA Tuition: 48,000 AUD

5. Holmes Institute

The Holmes Institute operates from multiple locations worldwide, including Sydney, Hong Kong, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

The institute’s vocational programs are designed to provide individuals with a broad knowledge of accounting and business. It also offers a master’s degree in business administration.

MBA Tuition: 56,400 AUD

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6. University of the Sunshine Coast

This University is a public university with six campuses and three research facilities.

It is regarded as one of Australia’s fastest-growing universities due to its increasing number of international students. It also has over 3,089 international students and 540 faculty members.

MBA Tuition: 41,100 AUD

7. Edith Cowan University

By 2021, Edith Cowan University had maintained its position as one of the top universities in the world.

Also, in the Good Universities Guide’s 2021 edition, it received a 5-star rating for its teaching quality.

MBA Tuition: 33,650 AUD

8. Central Queensland University

Located in Queensland, Australia, Central Queensland University is a dual-sector university.

It has 24 campuses that accommodate over 300 postgraduate and undergraduate programs. It also has an affordable MBA for international students.

MBA Tuition: 33,360 AUD

9. James Cook University

This is an excellent institution with one of the cheapest MBA in Australia for international students.

MBA Tuition: 34,960 AUD

10. Federation University

One of Australia’s oldest public universities, Federation University, has over 11,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students in addition to over 300 researchers for its programs in higher education.

It also provides various vocational and education training programs. It has a thriving and affordable MBA in Australia.

MBA Tuition: 29,200 AUD

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We want to congratulate you on finding the cheapest MBA in the country. We also hope that you will make the most of this opportunity.

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