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How to Cancel Vimeo Subscription on App

Vimeo offers free and paid plans, but some users may want to downgrade their plan or cancel their subscription, which you can do from within the Vimeo app. 

Although Vimeo doesn’t provide clear instructions on how to do this, you can cancel your paid plan from the Subscriptions section of the app, meaning you don’t have to go on the website to cancel your Vimeo plan.

This article will show you how to cancel your Vimeo paid plan using the Vimeo app on your mobile device or tablet.

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How to Cancel Vimeo Subscription on App

Below outlined are the steps to cancel your Vimeo subscription on app.

Step 1. Log in to Your Account

Open your app and navigate your account using either method: if you’re using an iPhone or iPad, tap Menu at the bottom of your screen and then tap View Profile. 

On an Android device, tap Menu in the top-right corner and View Profile. 

Once you’re in, you’ll be able to see all paid plans attached to your account. Tap on any plan to navigate directly there.

Step 2. Click ‘Your Account’

You’ll need to head back to your account page to cancel a paid plan. First, click on ‘Your Account’ to bring up your dashboard.

On that screen, you’ll want to scroll down until you see an option for Billing. It looks like a credit card and has the word Billing next to it.

Step 3. Click Cancel Subscription

One final step you must take to cancel your subscription entirely: click on Cancel Subscription under your billing information. 

It will redirect you to a page where you can review your request and confirm if you’d like to proceed. 

If everything looks good, click I want to cancel my subscription. You’ll then receive a message confirming that you’ve successfully canceled your membership. 

Congrats! You’re officially no longer subscribed. 

Remember that all your uploaded videos will remain for others’ viewing pleasure as long as they are public, but if you delete them after canceling, others won’t be able to watch them.

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What Is the Difference Between Vimeo Plus and Vimeo Pro?

When deciding between different paid plans, it’s easy to get confused over what you’re paying for. 

For example, if you decide to pay for Vimeo Plus, which costs $7 per month annually/ $12 month to month and gives you ad-free streaming and HD downloads, does that mean your videos will never show up in search results? 

The short answer is no. If your video is publicly visible, which most are unless you have them set otherwise, anyone can find it by searching for its title or creator name even if they aren’t logged into their account. 

While people with direct links will only see private videos, public videos are meant to be shared with everyone and anyone worldwide via search results.

Vimeo Pro is more expensive than Vimeo plus the $20 per month annually/ no month-to-month option but comes with some additional features. 

With Vimeo Pro, all your videos will stay hidden until someone clicks on the Videos tab at the top of the page and chooses Videos on this page. 

In other words, even if you upload a video that’s available for public viewing and embed it onto another site or blog post, viewers won’t see anything until they click through to the Vimeo website. 

However, one major downside of subscribing to either plan is that canceling after more than two months automatically locks you into an annual subscription unless you make sure to cancel before.

How Much Does a Vimeo Subscription Cost?

The basic plan is free, Capped at 5GB of Storage, with Premium $75 per month annually/ no month-to-month option (7TB of all-time storage) and Pro $20 per month annually/ no month-to-month option (1TB a Year/ 20GB a week) offering more features for those who need them. 

There are also non-subscription options for viewing videos on a pay-per-view basis.

What Does Vimeo Premium Offer?

You may already know about Vimeo’s free video platform, constantly expanding its capabilities and options. 

What you might not know, however, is that there are a ton of advantages associated with paying for their premium service. 

Here are just a few of them: 

Video Analytics

Help you track what people watch on your videos and when they watch; ability to upload HD videos; high-quality downloads (up to 1080p); VIP customer support; custom watermarks; unique titles and thumbnails. 

Access All Videos Worldwide

No matter where you live or if your account is in a different country than a video creator’s, you have access to all content on Vimeo by paying for their premium service.

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Unlike most streaming sites, Vimeo’s paid service does not auto-renew.

Instead, open up your app to cancel your plan and continue watching free content. Once there, tap Videos, then swipe over to Subscriptions.

Next, tap on your paid plan and scroll down until you see a red Cancel Subscription button. 

Tap it, and you should receive a confirmation that your subscription has been canceled!