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13 Best Tech Podcasts that will leave you with bags of Ideas in 2022

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The best tech podcasts – Podcasts are known to turn the daily grind into a totally bearable experience.  Providing some much-needed escape from the lockdown and adding moments of joy to the regular chores, podcasts have steadily become a necessity for everyday life, ever since the series first appeared on the scene.

These are the best tech podcasts you need to make time to listen to them, featuring old favorites plus some new kids on the block.

  If you haven’t dived your toes into the vast world of podcasts, prepare for your new obsession.  With a format similar to modern radio, a podcast usually includes a host or hosts discussing all kinds of material, from news to cooking, interviewing special guests or each other, sharing stories, performing a podcast, or a great mix of all of the above.

The best tech podcasts can vary in length to suit your attention span – some of the shortest podcasts only take five minutes, while others last for hours.  And because it comes in a variety of styles and themes, you can set it to keep your mind busy while doing housework, preparing dinner, exercising or commuting.

Best Tech Podcasts

  If you are in a creative field or will call yourself a “creative”, you already know how useful it can be to flex your creative muscles, come up with new ideas, and get those ideas implemented on a regular basis.  You also know how important it is to get frequent mental stimulation, keep up with developments in the creative sector, and feel like part of a larger community.

  Individuals whose day-to-day jobs allow them to be creative, from writers or designers who work with clients or run their own businesses, to brand marketers who are constantly crafting innovative advertising campaigns and new tactics to reach their target audience.  When the COVID-19 pandemic hit earlier this year, many advertisers were forced to think on their feet and adjust their marketing message based on the state of the world.

  Many creative people are flexible and comfortable working from home and setting their own schedule.  However, for this reason, creative people can sometimes feel isolated from the rest of the world.

  This is where the best tech podcasts for creatives come in handy.  Listening to a good podcast can broaden your mind, provide you with new ideas, and give you an opportunity to learn from pioneering innovators in your field.  You can even incorporate podcasts into part of your creative process.


Best Tech Podcasts that will leave you with bags of Ideas in 2022

1.    Women In Tech

  Espree Devora interviews women who do the big things with technology on their podcast, Women In Tech.  From social networks, apps and new SaaS, Espree speaks with engineers, founders, designers and investors to reveal their journey and the future of technology as they see it.

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2.    Hello 7 Podcast

  Rachel Rodgers is the presenter of Hello 7 Podcast, a women’s podcast that aims to hit the number seven mark.  Rachel’s mission is to make everyone in her ecosystem a millionaire and her podcast is a source of that.  In her podcast, she interviews others who made the decision to go for a million and how they got there.

3.    Online Marketing Made Easy With Amy Porterfield

  Amy Porterfield is the creator of the Digital Course Academy, and the podcast host for Marketing Made Easy.  She regularly meets her students, who have passed through her academy and have a success story to tell.  Her interviews are inspiring in that we hear from real people who have used her course to succeed.  You must listen!

4.    Business Unusual

  Barbara Corcoran is one of my favorite entrepreneurs ever.  Its podcast is just as straightforward as it is on ABC’s hit Shark Tank.  Barbara’s seasoned street advice, tactics, and ideas are always there.  Anyone can call her show, leave a question, and Barbara answers in her podcast.  In every episode, Barbara takes up a problem you might encounter, so scroll through it and you’ll likely find the advice you’re looking for.

5.    The get paid podcast

  Claire Pelletreau is the host of The Get Paid Podcast, which focuses on creating and growing businesses online.  From how the invoice is set up, to expense management, to expert interviews with entrepreneurs reaching 7 numbers, Claire gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how other entrepreneurs run their businesses and how they get paid.

6.    So Money

  Farnoosh Trappi is a writer, speaker, and regular money reporter – you might have seen her on Today Show, Good Morning America, or The View, to name a few.  Al-Turabi talks about everything related to money and personal finance.  Her new guests include Queen Latifah, Barbara Corcoran and Busy Phillips.  Podcast don’t miss!

7.    The Go-To Gal

  The host, Jacqueline Mellon, instantly becomes your best friend when you listen to her episodes.  A mix of expert interviews with the women you should know, to training, and stories – this podcast is like a warm cup of tea to soothe you paired with a fun cupcake to make you smile.  Jacqueline’s warm personality will make you plunge into one episode after another.

8.    Just B With Bethenny Frankel

  Bethenny Frankel’s podcast is brand new, but has very impressive guests.  From Hillary Clinton to Gary Vaynerchuk, Paris Hilton, and Chelsea Handler – Frankel has had some candid conversations with some very convincing people.  Conversations ranging from investing to parenting, you can’t help but be mesmerized.

9.    Side Hustle Pro

  Nicaila Matthews Okome, creator of the Side Hustle Pro podcast, shines a light on the bold businesswomen who have turned their side business into a profitable business.  Delving deeply with its guests on how they did this, things to consider, challenges they faced and more, the Side Hustle Pro podcast is a must-have for anyone considering starting a business.

10. The Jasmine Star Show

  Jasmine Star, founder of social coordinator and host of The Jasmine Star Show, has a mix of in-depth interviews and her own podcast training sessions.  Talkative, fun and full of great tips and instructions – you’ll want to become a subscriber.

11. WorkParty

  The WorkParty Podcast is hosted by Jacqueline Johnson, Create + Cultivate.  Forbes 30 Under 30, and author of WorkParty ™, Johnson interviews other senior executives to elicit ideas, strategies, and opportunities for you to advance in your career.  In addition, it answers listeners’ questions and makes live recordings.

12. The Girl CEO Podcast

  Ron Brown, host of The Girl CEO podcast and founder of the Girl CEO Community, shows women who want to be honest about the hardships, challenges, and triumphs of entrepreneurship.  There is even an interview with her daughter and another with her mother!

13. Don’t Keep Your Day Job

  Cathy Heller, the presenter of Don’t Keep Your Day on Work, helps creative entrepreneurs earn a living while they light up.  The show features some of the coolest guests like Matthew McConaughey, Martha Peck, and Seth Godin.  The “Don’t Leave Your Day On The Work” podcast was created to help creative people create profitable businesses.

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