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6 Best Jobs For Recent College Grads

Are there jobs for recent college grads?  Have you just graduated from college or are you a recent graduate with a few years of experience under your belt but looking to enter a new field?  If so, there are a variety of jobs that focus on entry-level job opportunities to college students and graduates.

  College graduates face the unique challenge of getting a job that will make their education meaningful.  While it is not uncommon for full-time students to have little or no work experience to include in their CVs, it can make it more difficult to stand out from a crowd of more experienced candidates when applying for a job.  Fortunately, there are many jobs created with the sole purpose of matching entry-level career opportunities with recently qualified college graduates.

  The unemployment rate jumped from 3.7% when the 2020 season began its first year last fall to the current rate of 14.7% due to the coronavirus pandemic.  The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the economy shed a record number of jobs last month at 20.5M.

  What this means for those who are just beginning their careers is that if they want to avoid joining the growing ranks of unemployed college graduates, it will be important to look for jobs for recent college grads in areas that are likely to need new workers, such as supply chain management or management and information technology and health care.

What should a recent college graduate do?

Jobs For Recent College Grads:   Whether you are heading to college, or already working your way up to earning your degree, you probably already know that getting a college degree is beneficial.  On average, workers with a college education earn nearly twice as much as those with only a high school diploma.  But did you know that the salaries of university graduates vary greatly?  You may be interested in social work, or theology, but these fields probably won’t give you the opportunity to make big money, especially in the first few years after graduation.  It’s smart to look ahead at the jobs that have the best possible payoff after college, especially if you have school loans to start paying off.  Put yourself on the right track with one of these higher-paying jobs right after you graduate from college:

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Best Jobs For Recent College Grads

1.    Registered nurse

  The healthcare industry has many opportunities for various skill levels – and it employs a lot of recent graduates.  As the United States is projected to enter a nursing shortage driven by the needs of Boomers’ seniors, registered nursing is among the best industries likely to see growth through 2026. Hospital jobs are available for recent graduates who are open to working in 12 hour shifts, nights, and weekends.  There are also traditional nine to five nursing careers in family medical offices and schools, plus travel opportunities that may be great for young professionals.  Salaries start at $ 58,400.

2.    Administrative Assistant

  The administrative assistant starts out with a salary of around $ 35,400, although salary levels vary with the scope of responsibilities and level of experience.  This can be a great first step on the way to building your resume, exploring an area that piques your curiosity, or learning how companies actually operate.  The best management assistants are natural organizers and communicators who are strong, cool under pressure, and are quick to solve (or prevent) unexpected problems.  If you are interested in working as an assistant for your long-term career, being an executive assistant to a high-ranking CEO, film producer or attorney may earn you a seat at the president’s table and a high salary.

3.    Computer science engineer

  Computer science engineering may refer to computer hardware engineers or software engineers.  Each of these professions pays well but requires different specialized training and education.  Hardware engineers focus primarily on the design and development of the physical components and equipment that make up a computer system, while software engineers work on the applications that control the functions and outputs of these components.  Both forms of engineering involve assessing user needs, running tests, analyzing results, and creating adjustments and updates as necessary.  Hardware and software engineers generally collaborate with each other and with other computer programmers.  Average Salary: $ 66,700 to $ 112,600.


4.    Economist

  Economists may work with federal, state, or local governments, research firms, international organizations, or think tanks, using their skills in quantitative and qualitative analysis to study the production and distribution of resources, goods and services.  These dynamic professionals, who rely on information from industries, governments, and individuals, rely on historical trends to predict future economic events and market trends.  Some economists may specialize in a specific area, including product costs, energy, employment levels, exchange rates, inflation, or taxes.  An economist’s typical office environment workday includes gathering data, performing various analyzes, developing solutions or providing advice in response to findings.  Average Salary: $ 51,400 to $ 97,700

5.    Investment Banker

  The recent financial crisis has stripped some of the luster in investment banking.  Jobs are not as plentiful as before and there is a lot of competition.  But the fact remains that investment banking is the most lucrative area for fresh graduates.  Of course, they don’t just distribute the dough to the investment banks.  You should expect to spend many hours, especially during your first few years, and you have to be prepared for the stress at times.  Investment banking is not for the meek, or those who value their free time highly.  But for those looking to make big bucks, this could be the ideal career to pursue.

6.    Medical and Health Services Manager

  Healthcare management will be another area of ​​significant growth over the next decade.  BLS expects the junior role of Medicaid and Health Services director to swell by 18% through 2028, and the job provides a way for fresh graduates to make six figures right outside the gate.  The role includes planning, directing and coordinating the business activities of healthcare organizations.  Many types of healthcare facilities – such as hospitals, collective medical practices, and nursing homes – appoint medical and health service managers.