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10 Best Zoom Interview Tips for Job Seekers

Zoom interview tips for job seekers -Zoom is video conferencing software which is becoming more and more popular for business meetings and remote / videoconferencing business interviews in particular.  It’s completely free for the job seeker, and a business owner has to deal with most of the setup, but there are still some important things you need to know (and mistakes to avoid!)

  In education and industry, Zoom is the most popular platform on the Internet now and is a video conferencing software with which you can remotely call for a video or audio meeting with one or more people.  Zoom has a smartphone app for Apple or Android devices, and also a downloadable app for desktop or laptop computers.

  The platform has become a much-needed tool for business meetings as well as for remote / video job interviews.  The interesting thing about Zoom is that it is completely free for job seekers.  However, there are some things you may need to know to get the most out of this app.  In this article, we will share some effective Zoom interview tips for job seekers that will build your confidence and help you convince the hiring manager.

How do you stand out in a virtual interview?

  If you are among the many people who are camera shy, it is time to take steps to fix this.  Your next job can depend on that, not because we expect you will change careers and start filming or broadcasting anytime soon.  That’s because the video chat platforms – FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, and so on – are set to change the way employers communicate with job candidates.  For Zoom interview tips, read on to learn how to put your best self first.

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  More employers may choose to interview using video conferencing software.  This is because it tends to be more suitable for remote jobs or initial screening interviews.  Since this type of interview is slightly different from a traditional interview, it is important that you consider some factors of this coordination.

Zoom Interview Tips for Job Seekers

1.    Get used to the app

  You have been mailed or called that your interview will be on Zoom.  What then?  How do you plan for that?  The first thing that you should do if you have never done a Zoom interview before is to download the app and get familiar with it.  Learn how to set up a meeting, and how to get to a meeting that is scheduled (you must be provided with a link to a Zoom interview by the hiring manager or interviewer).

2.    Use a professional profile name

  Make sure your Zoom Profile Name (if you have or already have a Zoom account) is professional.  The simplest thing is to use your full name as your profile name.  The reason we bring this up, is because some people have old Zoom accounts that they created in the past and sometimes they have weird and funny names that they create that can appear to be unprofessional.

3.    Be careful about body language

  Body language often makes a difference.  To make sure you are doing your best, stay away from tapping your hands or feet, creaking your jaw, or doing anything that might distract the interviewer or make you look nervous.  In addition to what you say, the way you say it is also very important.

  Make you maintain eye contact, to get this right, practice looking at your webcam while speaking, rather than staring at your video at the corner of your screen.  This will make the conversation seem more real and the interviewer will feel that he / she will get to know you better.

4.    Get rid of distractions

  Obviously, you don’t want a child crawling on your lap or a dog barking during an interview, but small distractions like a text message or even a child dropping their bike outside your window can turn you away.  In the face-to-face meeting, distractions are shared, so both the interviewer and the candidate separate from the conversation at the same time.

 But in a Zoom interview, hiring manager won’t know there are knocking on your door or email notification on your screen.  You might miss an important detail, question, or opportunity to showcase your knowledge.  Turn those notifications off and set them in a quiet, distraction-free zone.

5.    Put on headphones

  Technology is not perfect.  There is a possibility that there is a lag, which causes an echo if you are not wearing headphones.  Headphones also improve sound quality and help block distracting noises.

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6.    Don’t interject

  In a face-to-face interview, the intervention is less disruptive.  As young children, we learned how to perfect our interruptions timing, after all.  But in a video interview, it’s best to let the hiring manager or recruiter finalize their thoughts before setting off.  A slight delay can throw off the rhythm and make your objection – even when you intended to be gentle and polite – seem rude interrupting.

7.    Look at the camera while speaking

 During a personal interview, maintaining eye contact with the interviewer is a sign of trust and respect.  The video chat makes this a little different, because if you look him in the eyes on your screen, it might not look like it at the end of it.  Instead, look at the camera as you speak.  This creates the illusion that you are looking at them instead of yourself or the screen.

8.    Choose a professional background

When setting up your computer, choose a tidy, clutter-free area.  Make sure the background is sparse, not busy, and only has professional looking elements in the background.  A setting in front of a blank wall or some elegant decoration shows that you are organized and pays attention to detail.


9.    Find a brightly lit room

  The interviewer should be able to see your body language and facial expressions during the Zoom interview.  Choose a room with good lighting, so they can see you easily.  Setting the interview space facing a window that lets in lots of natural light is a great way to make yourself more visible.  A setting with a window behind you can cast shadows on your face and make you look like a silhouette.

10. Choose a quiet place

  Choose an area that is quiet and free of distractions.  This way, your interviewer can direct his or her full attention to what you have to say.  A room where you can close the door is an ideal space for interviewing.  Reduce other noise by closing windows and turning off music or TV.