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10 Best Gift Cards for International Employees

Best Gift Cards for International Employees: Giving gift cards makes gift-giving easy for multinational employers.

Cards provide flexibility for employees to choose gifts tailored to their local tastes.

Digital delivery methods also make sending gift cards abroad fast and convenient.

Cards eliminate guesswork around finding locally appealing gifts in different cultures.

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They allow international team members to select items they’ll appreciate from familiar retailers or services. Gift cards also simplify delivery logistics.

With many types of gift cards available, companies can choose options fitting employee personalities and regions.

This article spotlights the 10 top gift card options to give associates around the world.

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Best Gift Cards for International Employees

Here are excellent gift card ideas for corporate gifts when working with global teammates:

1. Amazon Gift Cards

With a worldwide presence, Amazon gift cards give flexibility for employees to purchase millions of items. Cards come in email or plastic forms.

2. iTunes/App Store Gift Cards

iTunes and App Store cards allow access to music, movies, apps, and more. Available digitally or physically and redeemable in over 150 countries.

3. Google Play Gift Cards

Google Play cards enable choosing apps, music, games, books, and more on Android devices. Emailable or physical card denominations from $10-$100.

4. Netflix Gift Cards

Give the gift of entertainment with Netflix gift cards usable globally to subscribe to their streaming service. Email delivery is available.

5. Airbnb Gift Cards

Airbnb cards allow booking stays at properties worldwide. Digital or plastic gift cards from $25-$500. Good for US and international travelers.

6. Visa/Mastercard Gift Cards

Open-loop Visa and Mastercard gift cards work like prepaid credit cards for purchases anywhere those brands are accepted globally. Flexible, convenient option.

7. Starbucks Physical Gift Cards

With over 32,000 stores worldwide, Starbucks physical gift cards delight employees who love their coffee.

Cards must be purchased in specific countries but redeemable globally.

8. Retailer Gift Cards

Popular retailer gift cards like Nike, H&M, Sephora, IKEA, or Apple can appeal to staff with store locations in their countries. Some retailers sell multi-currency cards.

9. Gaming Gift Cards

Give the digital gift of games with cards for platforms like PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, Steam, and more.

A unique option for gamer employees who work across borders.

10. Streaming Media Gift Cards

Streaming gift cards for platforms like ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney+ make good gifts for global pop culture fans. Cards work anywhere the streaming services are available.

With a massive selection and convenience, gift cards are sure to spark smiles on your diverse international team.

Key Benefits of Giving Gift Cards to Global Employees

Gift cards offer many advantages for giving gifts abroad:

  • Allow recipients to choose items they’ll appreciate
  • Provide flexibility across regions and tastes
  • Easy to purchase and deliver electronically
  • Avoid hassles transporting physical gifts
  • Reduce shipping or customs costs/delays
  • Ideal for remote employees or teams
  • Give access to global brands recognizable everywhere
  • Eliminate returns or exchanges

For multinational companies, gift cards tick all the boxes for successful corporate gifting.

Tips for Giving Gift Cards to International Employees

Follow these tips to give gift cards globally:

  • Choose retailers operating where recipients live for familiarity and convenience
  • Opt for digital delivery which is instant, trackable, and reduces international shipping headaches
  • For physical cards, verify they can be redeemed in the employee’s country
  • Consider multi-currency cards like Visa or Mastercard for maximum flexibility
  • Research any gift card regulations in recipients’ countries
  • Confirm employees have easy access to technology needed to redeem digital cards
  • Time delivery so cards arrive when convenient for employees rather than during holidays when retailers get overwhelmed
  • Pair gift cards with a thoughtful personal note congratulating team members on achievements

With attention to detail, gift cards make excellent and appreciated presents for associates abroad.

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Emailable and physical gift cards make fantastic corporate gifts for international teammates.

They allow remote staff to choose items locally meaningful to them across a range of options – retail, travel, gaming, streaming, and more.

Gift cards sent digitally simplify delivery logistics. They enable companies with global footprints to express appreciation easily to deserving associates everywhere.

With this list of top international employee gift card recommendations and best practices, companies can spread joy to remote teams during the holidays or year-round.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Digital Gift Cards?

Top digital picks are Amazon, Airbnb, streaming services, gaming, iTunes, and Google Play for global use. Open-loop cards from Visa or Mastercard also work well.

How Do I Send Digital Gift Cards?

Most retailers allow selecting email delivery when purchasing online. Ensure you have the correct contact info for international recipients.

Can Employees Redeem Cards in Local Currency?

Yes, gift cards convert automatically to local currency when redeemed by employees in their countries.

Where Can I Buy International Gift Cards?

Major US retailers sell digital multi-currency cards. Some countries have specialty retailers for international gift cards.

Do I Need to Pay Customs Fees?

Digital gift cards avoid customs issues. For plastic cards, customs fees may apply above a certain value threshold based on country regulations.

How Much Should I Spend per Gift Card?

$25-$100 USD is a reasonable corporate gift card amount. Budget similarly in local currency. Larger amounts for long-tenured or high-performing employees.