22 Best Spotify playlists for work
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22 Best Spotify playlists for work

Best spotify playlists that powers you up for work – If you are looking for new music to listen to at work, we have got you covered.  To help you get through the workday, here is selections of our favorite best spotify playlists that powers you up for work, covering a wide variety of genres and moods.  Whether you are entering data and looking for great songs, or writing an article and looking for more instrumental music, we have the playlist for you.

  Whether you need to focus, kick off, or calm down, the right playlist at the right time has the power to transform your day from boring to drugged (and offset that occasional caffeine deficiency).  In addition, high-quality songs also have the power to reduce stress, help you connect with the moment, and give you full feeling.

  Everyone works differently – some people can’t get anything done unless the atmosphere is calm, while others prefer the white noise of a coffee shop or a busy office.  Lots of us are music folk – whether it’s to drown out unwanted noise or just give us something little to envision during a long afternoon.

What is the best music to listen to while working?

  Music has an amazing effect on mood, with the power to wake you and motivate you – or to cheer you up when you feel down.  Regardless of the type of business your social enterprise operates in, there are times when you just need to break down, shut down the world around you, force it through your “to-do” list, and sometimes you need the right playlist to keep. 

  As it turns out, there are tons of studies exploring the influence of certain types of music as they relate to your productivity levels.  To help you find just the right mix, we’ve catered and curated seven Spotify playlists designed with specific studies in mind.

  How can I find playlists on Spotify?

  • Follow the Discover Weekly playlist.  It updates every Monday so be sure to save it every week.
  • Build a playlist based on the single song you want.  Use MagicPlaylist to help you.
  • Use the “Playlist Manager” to sort your tracks and create themed lists for different times and moods of the day.

  Are you unproductive at work unless you have music playing in the cube?  If you shake your head yes, you are one of two out of three people who listen to music in the workplace.  Thirty-six percent of workers play music to help them spend the workday, and 20 percent of workers consider music a good distraction from their mundane work.  Sixteen percent of workers play music to drown their co-workers, and 10 percent judge a colleague based on the music they play.  34 percent of workers chose pop/chart music as their workday favorite, while 29 percent cited rock as their preferred choice.  None of these types stand out to you?  Here are the best Spotify playlists that will enhance your workday.


22 best spotify playlists that powers you up for work

  This collection of cool songs by famous artists will make even the longest Friday a breeze!

  1. Music For A Workday – Eight hours on business days related to an 8-hour playlist; this is updated weekly with popular songs.
  2.   Reddit’s Top 100 One Hit Wonders – Who doesn’t love the one-hit-wonder?  From Haddaway to Eiffel 65, these one hundred hit wonders compiled from Reddit will make your workday even more enjoyable.
  3. Wake Up Everybody – These new and classic spiritual rhythms composed of Earth, Wind, Fire and R. Kelly will get your workday off to a great start.
  4. 100 Most Motivational Songs Ever – Need a boost to get on with your day?  Here are 100 songs by artists like Josh Groban and Green Day that can help.
  5. Movie Soundtracks  – Have you ever sat in your booth and pretended to be the lead in your own movie?  This classic/musical soundtrack from Pirates of the Caribbean and Titanic is sure to be the greatest background music.
  6. Re-Energize  – Do you need that second wind?  Now you have it thanks to Kanye West, Skrillex, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
  7. While You Work – Don’t want to worry about switching playlists?  We’ve covered this 193-hour playlist featuring artists like Florence + The Machine, Passion Pit, and Artic Monkeys.
  8. Happy Songs For Sad Days  – Does being at work make you sad?  These songs from artists like Owl City, MGMT, and Lily Allen will definitely make you happy.
  9. Walk-In Like You Own The Place  – Confidence is the key, just like the name of this playlist, these songs from artists like Drake and Eminem will make you feel like you can do anything, including spending the workday.
  10. Creativity Boost – are you not getting the inspiration you need?  This playlist of Muse and Hozier might give you the boost you need.
  11. Air Punch! – Five hours of songs by rock stars like The Who, The Rolling Stones, and Van Halen – Do I need to say more?
  12. Calm Down – If you’re nervous at work, this mix of independent and alternate songs can help you relax and refocus your attention on whatever task you need to complete.
  13. Motivation Mix – This mix of lively and active paths will motivate you to navigate the most monotonous tasks at work.
  14. Your Favorite Coffeehouse – For those of you who work from home – or at a coffee shop – this is the perfect mix of soothing melodies that get you in the mood.
  15. Music For Concentration – A purely basic mix of simple electronic sounds, this playlist will help distract your mind and boost your creativity.
  16. Pop Chillout – If you’re a fan of pop, this delicious mix of chill songs is perfect for the office.
  17. Study Vibes – This set of low-level electronic pathways will allow your brain to relax and help you focus when you really need to take action.
  18. Classical New Releases: Spotify Picks – Classical music has always been promoted as a productivity boost.  Here’s a major playlist for fans of classical music looking for a new feature in familiar pieces.
  19. Young & Free – If you are looking for fun and happy music to add excitement to your day at work, then this mix of pop music and alternative soundtracks is perfect for you.
  20. Peaceful Guitar  – For guitar lovers, here’s a playlist of soothing audio tracks to put in the background.
  21. I’m An 80s Baby  – With many millennials being kids in the 80s, spend the workday with the best of your contract featuring songs from The Outfield, Phil Collins, and Culture Club.
  22. All Out 90s  – All millennials were alive in the ’90s, the decade with Elmo Big


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