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I feel Stupid at work! 5 Things you must know

 I feel stupid at work is a completely normal thing you’d say when you start comparing yourself to others and start to doubt your skills and value to the company.  But when these feelings start to make you anxious, lower your productivity, or lower your self-esteem, it is important that you find ways to get yourself back.

  Anxiety can make you feel like a failure for a number of reasons.  First of all, people with anxiety tend to have low self-esteem.  We don’t tend to think too hard about ourselves.  We don’t like ourselves very much, and therefore we tend to think that other people don’t like us either.  We suffer from cognitive distortions and self-stigma.  Our thinking is often out of control with reality.  Low self-esteem and distorted thinking can easily lead to social anxiety disorder.  This further erodes our self-esteem and increases our sense of failure, and that’s when we start to say ” I feel stupid at work”.

  Second, most people with chronic anxiety also have depression, and nothing makes you feel more like a failure than depression.  The overwhelming weight of constant sadness, hopelessness, and hopelessness from depression not only makes you feel like a failure, it can also make you wonder if there is any meaning (or point) to life itself.

  However, while doubting your own abilities is a lonely human – and you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it – that doesn’t mean you should allow it to become a pattern.

What do you do when your not doing well at work?

  It’s all about adjusting your mindset and focusing on your strengths, and not letting things that might not be too surprising hold you back.  Maybe you’re still hurting, and so is your pride.  The wound is still fresh.  You feel completely incompetent now.  A little angry at the world and angry at yourself – Although very few people admit this, there are many accidents at work that often call into question our competence.

  A lot of the things that make smart people feel stupid tend to be self-made.  Remember, if you really feel like you are behind everyone else, you can always (always) improve yourself.  So even if everything was in your head – and it probably is – you’d still be on top.

  When this feeling of inferiority creeps in, remind yourself that no one is perfect.  As much as we all want to get out of every professional encounter looking like a superstar, it won’t always happen.  And what’s more?  Even the best of us feels stupid sometimes.  The most important thing to do is turn frustration and feeling hopeless into a positive.  Remind yourself of these:

I feel Stupid at work! 5 Things you must occupy your mind with

1.    You are your biggest critic

  The fact that you are reading this article is a clear indication that you are extremely difficult on yourself.  After all, it resonated with you enough that you clicked.  And while it’s admirable that you have such high standards for yourself, you will not drive yourself crazy unless you focus only on what you could have done better.

  To help you be a little easier on yourself, I’ll suggest something that I do regularly: Set aside some time on your calendar at the end of each week to review all of the positive comments you’ve received over the past few days.  For me, I go back and read emails from colleagues and friends who wanted to let me know I did a good job.  For you, this might mean taking notes about certain conversations you had in passing.  Whatever you decide suits you best, make it a regular event to remind yourself that everyone around you think you are amazing.

2.    Everyone makes mistakes

  Well here’s the thing: Even those people you’ve never seen messing with anything have made their fair share of mistakes.  In fact, the odds are that they became just as sharp as they were willing to face these mistakes head-on and learn a thing or two from those experiences.

3.    You wouldn’t have been hired if you were really stupid

  I know how difficult it can be to get rid of a severe case of imposter syndrome.  You look around at the people you’re working with and think, “How did you get here?”  But although hard to believe, you haven’t been creepy.  You have proven that you are smart and will be a huge asset of the company, so much so that you will obviously be an amazing employee.

  However, knowing this on a rational level is not always sufficient.  So, if it’s really upsetting, talk to your boss about the skills he thinks you can improve.  And if the answer is, “Nothing, we’re so happy that you chose to come to work for us,” then go ahead and ask, “What skills will I need to get to the next level?”  Then, do what you need to do to reach this level.


4.    There is room for improvement

  When you feel less accomplished or valuable than your coworkers, you can always be prepared to improve yourself.  Stop thinking about your failures and get rid of negative self-talk.  Be proactive, instead!

  Take charge of this learning process by writing down a list of things that need to be shaped and actionable ways to do so.  It may be communication skills, teamwork, or problem-solving skills.  If you don’t know which areas need improvement, talk to your manager or colleagues to get some ideas!

5.    Comparing yourself to others does not help you

  If there is one message taught from this article, it is to stop comparing yourself to others.  You might be envious of your coworker’s confidence or a certain skill set, but in the end, it’s not you.

  You have remarkable qualities and abilities that are unique to you, and there are others who do not succeed as well in certain aspects.  Know that your contribution as an employee is one of a kind and stop comparing yourself to others – it damages your self-esteem, productivity and work environment.


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