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10 Best LinkedIn Connect Page Message Samples to get your request Accepted fast.

LinkedIn Connect Page Message – One thing is common among recruiters, entrepreneurs, and marketers.  They all receive hundreds of emails and messages on LinkedIn every week.  Your message will also be in this heap.  It is important to get the reader’s attention so that he chooses your letter to read it.  Also, you don’t want to leave your message pending without a response.  So you need to make sure your message is attractive enough for the recipient to make an effort to respond.

  The most important part of LinkedIn messaging is how the part is.  This is the part with the most room for improvement and most people feel overwhelmed. 

  Whether you are a new user to LinkedIn or a seasoned user, networking with new people can be a challenge, especially when you are not sure what to write in your LinkedIn invitation.  You might be tempted to use the generic “I’d like to add you to my LinkedIn network” form, but beware!  By not personalizing your message, you may miss a valuable opportunity to communicate.

  What should I write in a LinkedIn Connect Page Message?

  While it is very easy (and tempting) to submit a contact request without customizing it, adding a note will greatly increase the likelihood that your request will be accepted.  Personalization can help you start meaningful conversations and create unforgettable first impressions.

  When you decide to send the connection request without a note, the recipient sees something along the lines of “I want to join your network”.  This does not provide any context as to who you are or why you want to communicate and it may negatively affect the number of connections you can make.

  Personalization can help you start meaningful conversations and create unforgettable first impressions.  Notes added to contact requests have a limit of 300 characters, so keep your message brief and direct.  Get creative and choose carefully what you have to say.  Give them a reason to contact you.

  You should take into account the fact that the chances of your invitation letter being accepted are actually slim from the start.  If you don’t believe us, take a look at the stats.

  Once you acknowledge that sending a global all-purpose request letter does not have a bright future in a climate where the acceptance rate is below 30%, the obvious solution is to base your contact request letter on a template that includes these criteria:

  • Personalization – specific and personalized information
  • Convenience – different invitation letter for different profiles
  • Applicability – a model that’s still generic enough to be used multiple times.

  How to write the best LinkedIn Connect Page Message

·         Have a clear topic

  You wouldn’t believe the number of messages sent with the subject “Welcome” as a request to connect to their professional network.  People are used to receiving this kind of message and are programmed to ignore it on autopilot.

  It is important to keep the topic short.  But most importantly, is to clarify what the recipient expects from the message.  If your topic isn’t engaging enough, the recipient won’t read your letter that you spent so much writing.

  The best practice is to ask yourself the question, “Why are you sending this message?”  And explain the answer in one sentence.  You can write “follow” or something like “here ___ on demand from ___”.  The first does not explain who is following what and also there is no personal contact.  The second one tells the reader exactly what to expect from the letter.  Since they saw that they asked for something, they would likely open the message.

·         Introduce yourself

  Popular LinkedIn users go through a lot of conversations every day.  It can be difficult to remember every person based on their name, especially if you have a name commonly used in your country (like Tobias in Germany).

  Most people receive more messages from chatbots than they do from mother and father combined.  It is important to submit a personal connection request on LinkedIn, so that the recipient does not feel that they are talking to a botnet.

  A good way to customize the introduction is by mentioning your recent campaigns that would work best for your “potential” customer.  It is also important to explain the context in which you are sending the message.  If you add context, the reader can better pair your message and they will be more likely to read and respond to the message.

·         Explain why you are writing to them

  It might surprise you, but a lot of the messages don’t contain a clear explanation of the purpose of the message.  You have to use the pull and pay approach to communicate with the target customer.  Here’s an example of the attraction approach

·         Keep it short, but not too short

  Nobody is interested in reading long articles to get small points.  Often times, if you send a message that is too long, the reader will have the option to skip reading.  While it is important to keep your communication requests short and sweet, they should be long enough to cover the main purpose of the letter.


LinkedIn connect message to a recruiter sample

  “Hi __________,

  I noticed that you are a recruiter in the _______ (city name) district.  Wanted to reach out to discuss the possibility of working together.  I am ________________________ (Share your experience) and I’m currently looking for new opportunities.  I would like to know if I am a good fit for any of the current job opportunities.

  Hope chatting soon, _________ ”

  “Hi _________,

  I see that you work for __________ (name of employment agency).  I wanted to network because I am currently exploring new opportunities.  I’ve worked professionally in (industry name) for (number of years), and I’m very ready for the next big challenge!  If you have the time I would like to talk about whether my background would make me a good fit for any job opportunities you have.  Thanks!

  Chat soon,


  LinkedIn invitation message sample for someone you would like to work with

  “Hi ___________,

  I noticed you are here on LinkedIn, and I really like your work!  I want to know if we can work together (give context to the project or position), will you be open to discussion over a quick phone call or have a coffee?

  I look forward to working with you!  “

  “Hi ____________,

  I’ve seen the work you did for ___________, and was so moved!  My company is looking for help at ____________, and your skills may be very appropriate.  Please let me know if you are interested in working together, I can be reached here or at (email address).

  Chat soon, keep up the good work!  “


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