Young Global Changemakers Award 2021/22 for Young Individuals

Young Global Changemakers Award 2021/22 for Young Individuals

Young Global Changemakers is currently inviting Young Individuals for the ongoing Young Global Changemakers Award 2021

About Young Global Changemakers Award

The award serves to inspire young people to act as positive change agents or catalysts in their local community to empower youths both locally and globally. The award which serves to reward impact in development fields is presented by the Youth Empowerment Facilitation.

Details about Young Global Changemakers Award

The award serves to recognize and inspire youths in development fields such as skills training, arts, and culture, environment protection, education, health and well-being, human rights, technology, sport, science and many more areas. It serves to applaud younsters who deserve to be commended for their contributions towards making the world a better place.

Awardees will receive an electronic copy of the award certification, receive mentoring, coaching and access to YEF Global’s diverse set of skills and resources. Awardees will also have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded youth and from a community of support at the YEF Global.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Young Global Changemakers Award, applicants are to meet the following criteria:

  • Must have strong commitment to engage in voluntary social and development activities for next 3 years at least.
  • Be between the age limit of 18 to 26 years of age as of first August of the application year.
  • Must be either a University student or a Graduate or a student of equivalent studies.
  • Young change makers from around the world
  • Demonstrate exceptionally recognizable social work or initiatives in the development fields to bring some positive change in local community over the last one year.

How to Apply for this Award

Interested applicants for the Young Global Changemakers Award must have the following information ready before starting their online application:

  • Description of your social initiative/ development activities (maximum 500 words).
  • Number of people impacted by your work/ project/ initiative.
  • SDGs that are connected to your works.
  • Why you think you are entitled to this award? (maximum 250 words).
  • What is your future plan about continuing your social work and bringing changes, energy in society to motivate the young generation?
  • Your Linkedin ID
  • Other information if you get shortlisted for the award.

Application Deadline:

August 31, 2021