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What to wear to an interview in the summer

Looking for what to wear to an interview in the summer? Well, depending on the type of job and the work environment, the outfit you choose can make or end the interview.  But when the summer and the weather are hot, it can be difficult to maintain a professional look while remaining calm and comfortable.

  Likewise, individuals who live in warmer clients may encounter this problem regardless of the season.  If you find yourself in this situation, there are many ways to coordinate your wardrobe so you can maintain your confidence, comfort, and polished look for a job interview.

  Depending on the company, hiring manager, or recruiter, you might get suggestions on how to dress for a specific interview or even what to wear to an interview in the summer.  If you have no idea what is appropriate to wear, it is important to do some research first.  You can find very formal and traditional companies or companies that are more relaxed and casual in their work environment.

  If your interview expectations do not include interview attire guidelines, there are still a few things to pay attention to when choosing your outfit for a job interview?

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How to decide what to wear to an interview in the summer

  • Dress code and work environment.  This is the most important information you can get to help choose clothes.  Office dress code can vary widely and depend on the type of job and the industry you are applying for.  Take a look at the company website for any employee photos, travel to the office site and look at people entering and exiting the building, or simply ask the hiring clerk or hiring manager if you are not sure.
  • The length of the interview.  The length of your interview is important because you want to make sure that you are wearing comfortable and appropriate clothes for whatever you may do during your time with the interviewer.  This could be sitting at a desk, going out for a meal, or taking a walk.  You’ll want to understand this ahead of time, to make sure you’re wearing the occasion.
  • Your means of getting to the interview venue.  This may sound like an unnecessary step, but it is important to think about it when dealing with heat.  If you are going to meet you, heat can be a big concern about your appearance.  You’ll want to prepare yourself for the renewal when you reach your destination.  If you can drive on your own or have someone drive you, you can be sure to maintain your polished look without touching before entering the building.
  • Current business apparel trends.  It is important to be mindful of current business attire trends.  Check trendy magazines or websites to find out what people wear as business casual clothes, especially in the summer months.  Not only will this help you look stylish, but it can also help inspire you if you still struggle with what you are wearing.

What to wear to an interview in the summer

  The day has come.  You finally get an interview for your dream job, but to get to the office of a potential employer, you have to live in the summer weather.  After the humid heat of the subway pavement or the blazing sun on the sidewalk, you’re sweaty and disheveled.

  Dressing the right clothes for a formal interview during the summer months can be a real challenge, but fear not.  You can still dress professionally without risking dehydration or appearing to your interview as beach-ready.  Here are some tips on what to wear for your summer interview.

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How should women dress for an interview in hot weather?

Stick to something simple and classic.  Wear a lightweight jacket with a tight skirt or pants.  When pairing the jacket and bottom pants, make sure they are either identical or two distinctly different combinations.  With skirts, aim for a professional-fit length – no shorter than above your knee.

  • A suit.  Make sure it features a modern cut, tailored and a simple, neutral color.  Avoid bold patterns or loud colors in your first interview, like “Hillary Clinton Reed.”  All-white is a suitable choice for a summer suit.  While white or cream suits may be too casual for men in an interview, for women, the color will appear sharp and perfect for staying cool.
  • Top or blouse.  When choosing a blouse, make sure that the material is not too claustrophobic for the summer heat but also not transparent.  It is also important that the neckline is not too low.  A simple round collar or button-up shirt can work with an elegant yet professional look.
  • Bag.  Regarding what to carry, bring only one bag for the interview – best if it is something streamlined and professional, such as a briefcase or a functional handbag.  Keep your other accessories simple and professional – nothing catches an eye.  Even if you use your phone to check the time, the watch makes it a very smart and always classic accessory.
  • Shoes.  Avoid casual shoes like sneakers and stick to professional shoes like flat shoes or wedges.  You have some freedom to wear open-toed shoes, like a sensual mule, but sandals or canvas shoes will be very casual for the occasion.  Shoes with heels, like pumps, are a good choice as long as the heels are not too long and easy to walk around.


How should men dress for an interview in hot weather?

Even though it’s overheating, you’ll want to wear a shirt and jacket for a formal interview.  This doesn’t mean wearing the black suit you wear to weddings or the three-piece wool number on the back of your closet.  Aim for jackets and blazers made especially for the summer months, generally with two buttons in a modern cut.  These materials come in materials such as linen, “dry” synthetic fabrics, and cotton.  Look for unlined jackets that are made with a small liner and have a natural shoulder.  Light colors are suitable, such as light gray or muted blue.  Marine is an excellent year-round color, and it is probably the darkest color you would like to wear on a hot and sunny day.

If you find a suit that’s lightweight in seersucker, avoid classic colors like blue or red stripes.  Seersucker suits can conjure up images of the Kentucky Derby or the “Great Gatsby” if you’re not careful.

  • Suits and jackets. The cut matters more.  The contemporary suit jacket matches your body and does not extend past your ass.  Your broken pants should be right at your ankles, so that they don’t touch your shoes when you stand up.
  • Shirt.  Wear a lightweight linen or oxford cotton shirt that isn’t too heavy.  If you don’t know what color to wear, stick to something classic like light blue or white.  Necktie is a very smart choice, but depending on the work environment, a suit and tie may work.  With your tie, make sure its width matches the lapel of your suit.
  • Shoes.  Wear formal shoes with straps in a color that matches the rest of your look.  White derbies were a traditional choice for a summer suit on the days when suits were worn regularly, but they may not be the most suitable option for you to meet.  The shoes you can wear, like high-heeled shoes, are not technically formal.  In some parts of the world, like the UK, even brown shoes can be considered too casual for an interview – it is best to go along with traditional black.  Ideally, you’ll want to wear something like black oxford, or a five-hole wing tip.