What Kind of Background Checks Does UPS Do? (ups background checks)
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What Kind of Background Checks Does UPS Do? (ups background checks)

The United Parcel Service (UPS) is a global shipping company that recruits employees worldwide. UPS checks criminal records and carries out several drug screening of each applicant, and also checks the driving history of applicants who will be operating company vehicles.

Such background checks are aimed at ensuring the company recruits the highest quality employees possible, and so checks have a notable impact on the UPS hiring process.

What types of test do they conducts

There are three types of background tests carried out by the United States Postal service, they’re:

  • Driving history checks
  • Criminal background checks
  • Drug usage checks

Driving History

The United Parcel Service carries out extensive driving history background checks for every employee who wishes to handle vehicles owned by the company. UPS checks both personal and work-related driving records for everyone who holds a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). All parking or speeding tickets are usually included in the background checks, also every record of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and finally any driving connected convictions like the applicant may have.

Criminal Background Checks

UPS is responsible for the safe transportation of thousands of packages globally daily, and for this reason, the company must make sure every prospective applicant is able to pass all criminal background checks. All applications are investigated via an electronic database that searches for criminal convictions on both state and federal levels. The background checks include all criminal convictions for crimes such as theft, drug trafficking, and crimes of violence, and it is carried out to eliminate candidates who may be at risk for theft or violence in the workplace. While criminal background checks play a large role in the hiring process, minor convictions, misdemeanors, and charges like unpaid parking tickets are most times excluded from consideration.

Drug Usage

All prospective employees must undergo pre-employment drug testing. Every applicant is required to pass the drug testing before being offered employment. These drug tests search for the presence of drugs like THC (marijuana), opiates such as heroin, stimulants such as cocaine and the presence of amphetamines such as crystal methamphetamine. Testing is always done at an accredited health care facility and results are then forwarded to the human resources division of UPS before an offer for employment is created. Drug testing is regarded as a compulsory step in the background check investigation.

Does the Post Office Do a Background Check After the Driving Test?

The United States Postal Service needs prospective employees to pass through two criminal conviction record screenings. If they will drive at work, employees ought to also have a safe driving record. A minimum of one conviction check will accompany the driving record assessment.

Criminal Background Checks

To work for the Postal Service, a potential employee must pass through two criminal background checks. The first is solely local in scope and happens during the suitability checking process before an offer of employment. The second is more expansive, and happens after an offer of employment has been made.

Safe Driving Record

Some potential postal employees are those who would need to drive on the job, such as mail carriers, so they must undergo an evaluation of their driving record to make sure that they are safe drivers. This evaluation occurs during the suitability screening process, prior to an offer of employment being made.


The safe driving record screenings happen prior to a job offer being made. The other, expansive criminal conviction check follows after an offer of employment is made. So, the Postal Service will evaluate a potential employee’s criminal background after the driving record assessment.