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What Does an Associate Vice President Do? (Salary, Job Description and More)

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A professional who supports the success of operations in a company or organization is an associate vice president.

The assistant vice president, who frequently possesses financial skills, leads financial planning and assists in deciding how to allocate resources within the organization.

Additionally, they back the vice president. The associate VP may act as a supervisor for their organization.

This means that they are in charge of managing lower-level employees and judging their productivity to help the organization reach its goals.

This article will explain an associate vice president’s duties, responsibilities, and salary.

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What Does an Associate Vice President Do?

Middle management in many major corporations is made up of associate vice presidents.

They frequently control a particular area of accountability, like marketing or human resources.

Associate vice presidents may also be in charge of managing senior managers and other vice presidents.

Also, associate vice presidents frequently have some direct reports which directly answer them. These people could be directors, vice presidents, or assistant vice presidents.

Associate Vice President Job Duties

A typical associate vice president’s duties might range widely. Associate Vice President’s Job Duties include the following:

  • Collaborating with other departments to make sure everything runs smoothly
  • Examining applications and comparing potential hires to the required hiring criteria
  • Keeping an eye on employee performance to make sure they’re doing their best work and upholding company standards
  • Examining financial records and budgets to track spending trends and spot possibilities for development
  • Creating plans for enticing new people to join the group or boosting member loyalty
  • Collaborating with other departments to develop a strategic plan for the future expansion of the company
  • The organization’s objectives and priorities are discussed during a meeting with the board of directors.
  • Creating budgets, keeping track of expenses, and creating financial reports to manage the organization’s financial resources
  • Coordinating with human resources to support continuous training programs and new employee orientation

Associate Vice President Salary

Associate vice presidents often get a salary, which varies based on the size and type of the company, the years of experience and education they have, and how much responsibility they have.

  • Median Annual Salary: $125,000 ($60.1/hour)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $275,000 ($132.21/hour)

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Associate Vice President Job Requirements

The following qualifications could be necessary for an associate VP:


Most businesses demand a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline, like business, finance, or accounting, from an associate vice president.

Training & Experience

They may take up jobs as budget analysts, financial analysts, accountants, or in other positions that would train them for promotions to the associate vice president level.

Certifications & Licenses

Even though associate vice presidents don’t usually get certified, they might if they want to show how good they are at their jobs and learn more about specific fields.

Associate Vice President Work Environment

An associate VP works primarily in an office setting, though they could also be asked to travel for conferences or business meetings.

Although some may require some flexibility in hours to meet the organization’s needs, the position is typically full-time.

Because the assiosiate VP is in charge of a big part of the business and has to make decisions that affect the whole company, the job is often stressful.

How to Become an Associate Vice President

Mid-level managers, or associate vice presidents (AVPs), often have several years of experience in their respective fields.

AVPs are in charge of leading and managing teams and initiatives, and projects.

Additionally, they must be well-versed in the organization’s mission, vision, core values, and goals.

You must have a track record of accomplishment in your field to become an AVP.

Additionally, you must show strong leadership qualities and a clear vision for getting things done. Also, it’s essential to grasp the organization’s business model and strategy well.

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The Associate Vice President is responsible for creating and executing plans to raise awareness of the business, its goods, and services.

Additionally, the Associate Vice President tries to establish connections with essential parties, such as clients, partners, and investors.

Lastly, the Associate Vice President must be great at working with people and talking to them to do well in this job.

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