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What Does a Quality Supervisor Do? (Salary, Job Description and More)

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A quality supervisor is a specialist who oversees and implements a company’s quality assurance and control procedures to guarantee the accurate execution of products and customer satisfaction.

A group of quality control analysts is supervised by quality supervisors who also educate them on the most recent product standards.

Also, they must ensure customers are happy with the result by talking to them and setting reasonable goals.

This article will explain quality supervisors’ duties, responsibilities, and salaries.

Let’s dive right in.

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What Does a Quality Supervisor Do?

The task of monitoring product or service quality falls to quality supervisors.

The manufacturing sector is where they most frequently work, but they can also be found in other sectors like healthcare or retail.

Engineering or industrial management backgrounds are famous for quality supervisors.

Additionally, they use this information to ensure that their business provides customers with high-quality goods and services.

Quality Supervisor Job Duties

A quality supervisor’s duties can range widely and include the following:

  • Ensure deadlines are met and quality standards are kept
  • Educating new hires on corporate policies and practices, including safety precautions and ethical guidelines
  • Regular checks of manufacturing lines or departments for adherence to business standards
  • Keeping track of staff attendance and applying appropriate sanctions as necessary
  • Managing projects where a group of workers perform particular responsibilities.
  • Reviewing employee performance to see if they are meeting requirements or need to make any improvements
  • Ensuring that members of their work teams have the necessary assistance and direction to complete their tasks successfully
  • Assessing potential risks at work and making recommendations to address dangerous conditions
  • Tracking and reporting employee productivity.

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Quality Supervisor Salary

The pay for quality supervisors varies according to their level of education, years of experience, firm size, and industry.

Bonuses are another possible kind of compensation for them.

  • Median Annual Salary: $62,500 ($30.05/hour)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $122,000 ($58.65/hour)

Quality Supervisor Job Requirements

The following credentials are generally required for a quality supervisor:


A bachelor’s degree is typically needed to become a competent supervisor.

Training & Experience

Quality supervisors often undergo on-the-job training during their first few months of employment.

Through this training, the quality supervisor learns about how the company does things and its standards.

Certifications & Licenses

Employers frequently look for certification to show a fundamental level of proficiency and commitment.

Quality Supervisor Work Environment

Typically, quality supervisors are employed in production or manufacturing settings.

They may work in offices but also watch workers and evaluate items on the production floor.

Additionally, quality supervisors often work full-time and sometimes extra hours to meet production deadlines.

How to Become a Quality Supervisor

The rewards of working as a quality supervisor are numerous.

It allows you to collaborate with various individuals and goods and develop fresh suggestions for enhancing existing procedures while witnessing the fruits of your labor in the form of excellent goods that meet client expectations.

To become a quality supervisor, you must have a thorough knowledge of quality principles and methods and prior experience working in a manufacturing environment.

Also, you should be able to talk clearly with technical and non-technical staff members.

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A quality manager is in charge of making sure that goods and services meet both client and corporate requirements.

Also, they might look into customer complaints, manage quality control inspectors’ work, and develop quality control rules.

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