Weekend Job suggestions to boost your Income
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Weekend Job suggestions to boost your Income

  There are some weekend job suggestions available to boost your income and also allows you to set your own schedule.  For others, there is a demand for available staff to work the weekend schedule.  The emergence of the “freelance” economy, telecommuting / home work options and on-demand jobs provide a wide range of opportunities to focus on volunteering weekend work.

  These opportunities are available in a variety of skills and education levels.  Other key areas of opportunity include industries such as hospitality, retail, travel and real estate, which see peak demand at the weekend.

  Are you looking for the best weekend job suggestions?  There are several positives to finding a weekend job.  Some people like that they only work on the weekends, but weekend jobs also allow you to make money in addition to your job from Monday through Friday.

Are weekend jobs worth it?

 Yes, weekend jobs are a flexible way to make money at your spare time, which is great for a lot of people.  For people who have 9 to 5 regular jobs, you are likely to be limited to the amount you can earn on your job, as if you are getting paid.

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  Weekend job allows you to make money at your spare time.  Or maybe you are in school or staying at home with your kids.  You need a job that matches your schedule.  Finding a good weekend job will work with the rest of your life so that you can earn money in your spare time.

  And there are a lot of reasons why you might want to make extra money.  You might try paying off your debts, saving for the big vacation, looking for more money to invest, planning for retirement, saving for a down payment on the home, and more.

  There are many types of flexible weekend job suggestions that will help you achieve your goals.  There are online jobs, one-off gigs, things that could grow into a bigger company, and more.

  Saturday and Sunday jobs?  What are the best weekend job suggestions?

  There are many different types of jobs available during the weekend.  You might be able to create your own flexible schedule, or you might start your own business over the weekend, or maybe you work with someone else on the weekend, or something else.  There are many different types of options out there.

  Some of the weekend jobs on this list pay better than others, so you’ll want to think about your goals to see which job is best for you.

1.    Rideshare driver

  Driving for a service like Uber or Lyft allows people to work whenever they want, including only on weekends.  Weekends are the time when potential customers want rides to places of entertainment and shopping such as restaurants, bars, theaters, and malls.  Many drivers work in multiple services to expand their earning opportunities.

  Rideshare drivers should be good drivers and they must own a vehicle in good working condition.  On The Street, rideshare drivers earn between $ 8.55 and $ 11.77 an hour

2.    Retail sales agent

  Stores in many areas face peak volume of shoppers at the weekend when they allocate more employees.  Retail sales clerks (and other employees who store and organize merchandise) need strong customer service skills and attention to detail to accurately process transactions.  Retail jobs require employees to spend many hours on their feet.

  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), retail sales workers earned an average wage of $ 11.63 an hour in May 2018, when the Office of Retail Sales estimated there were 4,768,900 retail sales jobs.

3.    Bookkeeping

  Equally important, you’ll be able to retain customers because businesses never stop needing proper accounting and tax preparation services.

  Bookkeeping is a one-on-one online business opportunity that has a high profit ceiling.  Beginners-level beginners without certification will earn between $ 10 and $ 20 an hour, but with a little experience and specialization, that number can run to $ 60 an hour.

4.    Data entry

  Data entry is one of the most requested remote part-time jobs, and you can always complete the work on your own schedule.  And since there is such great demand, this is a side mission where you can actually start making money from home today.

  The most popular site to start out as a data entry clerk is Clickworker.  But check out our in-depth post on the best transcription job sites for beginners to see if there is a better fit for your skill set and experience.

5.    Weekend receptionist

  Many doctors, dentists, and other service providers offer limited opening hours on weekends and need to hire staff to manage the front desk, welcome clients and make phone calls on Saturday and Sunday.  You will not have the same amount of flexibility in a position like this, but you will have more stability, as employers usually look for someone who can work on weekends on a consistent and long-term basis.

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  Most importantly, this type of job can be a great opportunity to build professional skills and serve as a stepping stone in a full-time career.  Even if you do not plan to stay in a specific field, the organizational, interpersonal, and customer service skills you gain will be highly transferable and valuable as you climb the ladder to higher positions.

6.    Babysitting or nanny.

  Parents are always looking for good babysitters, and they are willing to pay you well for a night out.  If you are thinking about when the parents are going out, it is often the weekends.  Websites like Care.com and SitterCity.com allow you to advertise your services while letting you know if anyone in your area needs your services.  This means you might be able to find a one-time job or even a permanent babysitting service just by searching online.

  If you have any special skills or offer extra work, such as cleaning around the house, teaching a child how to speak another language, private lessons, fetching the child from activities, etc., you will likely be able to make more than $ 10 an hour.


7.    Freelance tutor

  Teaching is truly a noble profession.  Recently, the need for tutors has risen online.  People search for tutors online as they can be reached easily from anywhere.  This is especially true for language teachers.  If you are fluent in any popular language like English, French, Chinese, etc., you can use it to make money online.  Video calling apps like Skype, WhatsApp, etc. have made it easy to call people all over the world.

  This has helped teachers and students immensely.  There are many educational platforms that allow you to register as a professional tutor, such as Club Z Tutoring, Chegg, and VIPKid.  You can earn up to $ 20 an hour with this weekend job, which adds to your extra income.