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Best Volunteering Opportunities In Columbia Today

Volunteer Opportunities in Colombia: Volunteering in Colombia opens you to a memorable and meaningful travel experience. In addition to its exquisite cultural heritage and colonial architecture, Columbia as a place offers everything people expect from a fascinating South American nation. Its landscape offers the seductive trifecta of Caribbean beaches, Andean mountains, and the Amazonian rainforest.

The nation is still trying to recover from its tempestuous past and needs the help of volunteers to provide education to some of the most pregnable communities. Travelers willing to volunteer for projects abroad in Columbia can also work in animal rescue centers and programs that focus on environmental issues.

How to find volunteer opportunities in Colombia

Before the advent of the global pandemic, we’d thousands of tourists traveling to Columbia every month and leave with happy holiday memories. Volunteering work in Columbia often brings people close to the traditional communities and remote villages.

The journey to these remote villages often takes travelers through the picturesque countryside. By participating in volunteer programs and activities, visitors also get to interact with the locals and have the opportunity to savour rare dishes such as Bandeja Paisa. Among the many volunteer jobs and opportunities available in Columbia, empowering vulnerable communities and teaching impoverished children are the most common.

Best time to volunteer in Colombia

Being near the equatorial line, Columbia never experiences harsh temperature changes. The country, however, does have two dry seasons and two rainy seasons.

The two dry seasons are December to March and July to August. December to February is regarded to be the peak tourist season. This is when the accommodation prices are high and the tourist spots are generally crowded. Places near the Amazon experience sporadic rain all year round. However, rainfalls are usually too short to prevent traveling.

Essential information about Colombia

In order for volunteers to work for nonprofit organizations in Columbia, travelers are required to apply for a Special Temporary Visa. This visa requires a valid passport, two recent passport-type photographs, a letter from the nonprofit detailing the volunteering activity as well as its registration documents. It’s important to note that Spanish is the most widely spoken language in Columbia. This is why i advice volunteers to take a beginner’s Spanish-speaking course before beginning their Columbia journey. English is also generally spoken and understood in tourist centres. Columbia is a pretty affordable destination. A meal at an average-sized restaurant in the city costs about $4.78.


5 nonprofit you could volunteer at in Columbia

Fundación Talento Colectivo

Fairtrade organization based on LA Guajira in Colombia. They specialize in Education, women’s Empowerment, and cultural/responsible tourism for the development

Fundación Rosa Agustina Medina Perez (FRAMPEZ)

Frampez is a widely known non-profit organization that works for the improvement of the quality of life of children and adolescents through the formation of arts and cultural traditions and traditions.

Mi casa en Ipauratu

Mi Casa en Ipauratu is a small-sized foundation with the goal of improving the lives of the people in the rural area where we are situated.

Minga House

Minga House Foundation is a non-profit Colombian foundation dedicated to the service-learning engagement between foreign volunteers and our local communities by collectively meeting real-life service needs.

Tinguacó Foundation

At Tinguacó Foundation, they’re focused on community building by the means of educational workshops and projects, with the goal of improving everyday life, promoting sustainable initiatives and strengthening the social fabric across a number of rural communities. 

Enciende El Fuego

This organization depends on the generosity of donors and volunteers to achieve it’s goals. They’re a Christian ministry looking for missions/ministry-minded people to come to support them in Santa Marta. The volunteer must have at least an intermediate level of conversational and written Spanish in order to be able to teach and communicate here. They’re specifically looking for sports teachers, music teachers, and a photographer with a call from God to serve with them. They’re not interested in having someone come in simply cause they’re looking for a new experience, but rather feels a call from God to be there for at least three months.

Centro Mundial de la Felicidad

This is a foundation that seeks to preserve ancestral cultures through educational projects


You do not need previous experience to take part in this project. Volunteers are welcome. This project is perfect for anyone who is outgoing and has a passion for the Wild Nature. You will get hands-on, practical experience and learn about the natives way of life and their balance with the environment.
This organization is majorly about reforestation and environmental protection.