How to find my old car without the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

How to find my old car without the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Do you have an old car you intend to see or use again? I bet you miss the memories the car brought you. You don’t have to worry so much as you can still find it even if you have forgotten the old Vehicle Identification Number of your car.

Before knowing how to find your old car let’s look into what the VIN is all about.

What is Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?

The VIN number is the number used to identify vehicles that are written on different areas of your car.

It is also registered in the police report and vehicle registration book. It’s usually a collection of digits and alphabets that has the combination of your car’s information, coded specifically for every vehicle.

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Run advertisement for your old Vehicle Identification Number

Advertising is another strategy in finding your old car. With the assistance of social media finding your old car can be easy. All you have to do is post a photo of the car if you have one and if you don’t then you have to describe how the car looks like.

For example the color, model, and any other description you can use. You can put a hotline for persons who may know the whereabouts of your car.

Online forums

You can also find your old car through online forums such as The Lost Car Registry, Audi World, Honda-Tech, and Bimmer Forums.

They help to bring together sellers and owners of nice cars. These sites might help you find your old car as people usually post old cars for sale on these sites.

Search through auctions without the Vehicle Identification Number

Finding your old car through auctions is also a way of uniting with your old car.

Most auctioneers usually put up old cars for sales through online sites for old cars. There are a number of them you could check on, some of them are The Market, Old Car Weekly, Catawiki, IAAI, and more.

Search with your driver’s license

Finding your old car using your driver’s license is one of the best ways to get your car back. Motor Vehicle office has the records of every vehicle registered with a driver’s license that contains the details of every car registered under your name.

In this case, your name can be checked in their record, and that way you can get your VIN to help you find your car.

Contact the insurance company of your vehicle without the Vehicle Identification Number

If you are wondering how you can find your old car without the VIN try contacting the insurance company of your car.

They assist you in getting your VIN for your car by asking you to confirm information about your car to be certain that you are the owner of the vehicle.

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Searching through old documents

Your car’s VIN could be found in some documents. Documents like loan documents, insurance cards, registration papers, and any other document. This is another way to find your old car without having a VPN.

Old licensed plate number

If you have an old licensed plate number you can use it to find your old car without Vehicle Identification Number.

You can use the old licensed plate number to get your VIN from the DMV of your state which would help you search through their database and provide you with the VIN.

Facebook groups

Private groups for you can find your old car without the VIN by joining Facebook groups that post cars of a particular manufacturer or model. You can browse through the groups as you may likely find your car there.

Bill of sale

This is another method of finding your car without VIN. It is important to know that VIN is on every bill of sale. You can use the VIN to locate where your car is.

Without the license plate number

In the case of not having your license plate number, there is still a possibility that you can find your car.

If you can still locate the person you sold your car to so you can be able to find your car and if they do not have it anymore you can try locating them also until you are successful.

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You can use the above-mentioned ways to search for your old car without having your Vehicle Identification Number.

If there are other ways to get your old car without Vehicle Identification Number do comment below so we could share your thoughts. Don’t forget to like and share this article with friends and family.