Full List of Trucking Companies That Hire Sex Offenders
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Full List of Trucking Companies That Hire Sex Offenders

A trucking firm might be as small as one truck with one owner or as large as thousands of trucks owned by one corporation but driven by various drivers. So, which are the trucking companies that hire sex offenders?

According to the United States Labor Department, a truck transports over 70% of everything you wear, consume, use, or enjoy around your house, school, or work.

It’s also usually a vehicle that transports the bits or raw materials used to build those items from suppliers to a manufacturer and then to a store where you can purchase them.

So you can see from this simple statement that running a trucking company smoothly is quite a problem.

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Why Do Trucking Companies Hire Sex Offenders

After finishing their term, sex offenders may find it difficult to find work. Many businesses are unwilling to risk their clients by hiring sex offenders.

However, because trucking occupations do not require much interaction with people, sex offenders are far more likely than others to get employed by trucking companies.

Even if a trucking firm is ready to give sex offenders a second opportunity, this does not guarantee that you will be hired. Aside from your conviction, there are many other considerations to consider.

First and foremost, you must persuade the trucking company’s H.R department that you have been rehabilitated and are ready to join their team as a productive member.

Your interview skills will be crucial, so make sure you practice them before applying.

Certain factors, such as a clear criminal record, may work in your favor. This will show the court that you have been rehabilitated. They wouldn’t clear your conviction if they didn’t.

You should also be honest about your offenses and provide a detailed account. Felonies that have been expunged or cleared should also be included.

Falsifying or incompletely revealing material will very certainly be considered a federal violation.

You will be able to avoid legal action and gain from the advantages of clearing convictions or anything by giving complete data.

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Trucking Companies That Hire Sex Offenders 

Below is a list of trucking companies that hire sex offenders:

1. A.D. Transport

2. A & R Logistics

3. Averitt Express

4. Barr-Nunn Transportation

5. Felonies must be seven years old or more.

6. Bennett Motor Express

7. Boyd Bros. Transportation, Inc.

8. C.T. Transportation, LLC

9. CTL Transportation, LLC

10. Covenant Transport

11. C.R. England

12. Dart Transit Company

13. Dick Lavy Trucking

14. Don Hummer Trucking

15. E.L. Hollingsworth

16. Eagle Express Lines

17. Estenson Logistics

18. G & P Trucking Company

19. Groendyke Transport

20. HVH Transportation

21. Hornady Transportation

22. Hunt Transportation

23. Knight Transportation

24. Koch Trucking.

25. Lone Star Transportation

26. Maverick Transportation

27. May Trucking Company

28. Melton Truck Lines

29. Mercer Transportation

30. Midwest Motor Express

31. Millis Transfer

32. Navajo Express, Inc.

33. New England Motor Freight

34. Ozark Motor Lines, Inc.

35. P & S Transportation

36. PAM Transport

37. Premier Transportation

38. Prime, Inc.

39. Roehl Transport

40. Salmon Companies

41. Schneider

42. Southern Refrigerated Transport

43. Star Fleet Trucking

44. Stevens Transport

45. Swift Transportation

46. Tennant Truck Lines

47. TMC Transportation

48. Tutle & Tutle Trucking

49. Trimac Transportation

50. U.S. Xpress

51. USA Truck

52. Venture Logistics

53. Waggoners Trucking Company

54. Watkins Shepard

55. WEL Companies

56. Werner

57. XPO Logistics

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Trucking needs a high level of competence, innovation, enthusiasm, and knowledge of national and state norms and regulations.

Before beginning a trucking firm, it’s crucial to understand the rules governing sex offenders.

In some states, in addition to licenses, particular permits are necessary. If you don’t have the right information, you could pay a lot of money.

And dealing with these problems takes time away from making money on the road.

It should also be highlighted that sex offender are more likely than other felons to be hired by trucking companies.

Overall, the more separated you are from others while working, the more likely you will be hired.

Certain charges that are directly related to transportation obligations, on the other hand, will almost certainly disqualify you from the selection.

Theft, driving under the influence, traffic violations, drug or alcohol-related offenses, and so forth are among them.

These are typically more difficult to get recruited by a trucking firm. Yet, it will depend on the company and other variables, such as the length of your sentence or your prior experience.

Just be prepared to show that you have been rehabilitated and to supply your possible employees with all of your criminal records. You will be more likely to be hired if you display honesty.