How To Transfer Amazon Gift Card To PayPal Balance
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How To Transfer Amazon Gift Card To PayPal Balance

Ever received an Amazon gift card and wondered if there’s a way to transfer the balance to cold hard cash or add it to your bank account? 

The good news, you can transfer that gift card balance directly to your PayPal account. 

It’s a straightforward process and only takes a few minutes. Before you start, ensure you have a PayPal account set up and ready to receive the funds. 

Why Transfer an Amazon Gift Card to PayPal?

Why go through the hassle of transferring your Amazon gift card balance to PayPal? There are a few good reasons:

1. More Buying Power

PayPal is accepted by the way more online retailers than Amazon, so moving your gift card funds to PayPal gives you many options for where you can spend it.

2. Use it Anywhere

PayPal isn’t just for online shopping. You can use your PayPal balance to pay for gas, meals, and entertainment in many stores or send money to friends and family.

3. Combine Balances

If you already have multiple gift cards or a PayPal balance, transferring an Amazon gift card to PayPal allows you to combine everything in one place to have it all in one easy-to-use wallet.

4. Avoid Expiration

Amazon gift card balances expire if not used, typically within 5 years. By transferring to PayPal, you can use your money whenever you want.

How to Transfer Amazon Gift  Card To Your PayPal Account

Funds added to your PayPal balance can then be used to shop at millions of stores that accept PayPal, send money to friends and family, or transfer to your linked bank account. 

Moving funds from your Amazon gift card to PayPal is quick and straightforward. Here is how to do it: 

Step 1: Set Up Two PayPal Accounts

You will need two PayPal accounts to convert Amazon gift cards into PayPal money. 

Your primary PayPal account should be connected to your local bank account using a credit or debit card. The second PayPal account will be linked to your Amazon gift card.

Once you have your two accounts, you can follow the steps below:

Step 2: Log in to Your Main PayPal Account

Access your main PayPal account by logging in with your credentials.

Step 3: Go to “Settings”

Click on the “Settings” option in your PayPal account.

Step 4: Navigate to “Seller Tools”

Look for the “Seller Tools” section within the settings menu and click on it.

Step 5: Request or Create an Invoice

Choose the option to request or create an invoice within the Seller Tools menu. This will allow you to generate an invoice for the amount of the Amazon gift card.

Step 6: Send the Invoice to Your Second PayPal Account

Use the provided tools to send the invoice to your second PayPal account linked to the Amazon gift card. Enter the amount of the gift card or specify the desired payment.

Once you’ve sent the invoice and received payment on the second PayPal account, the gift card will be successfully linked to that account.

Step 8: Withdraw the Money From Your Bank Account

After the funds have been received in your main PayPal account, proceed to withdraw the money to your linked bank account for easy access to your PayPal funds.


Can I Transfer my Amazon Gift Card Balance to My Bank Account

You cannot directly transfer your Amazon gift card balance to your bank account. 

But, there are alternative methods you can use to convert the balance into cash or use it for other purposes. 

Here are a few options:

1. Send it to PayPal

You can transfer your Gift card balance to your PayPal and use it to shop anywhere. 

2. Sell the Gift Card

There are online platforms where you can sell your Amazon gift card for cash. You can list your card for sale and receive payment in exchange for the gift card balance.

Several reputable platforms like Raise, CardCash, and Gift Card Granny specialize in buying and selling gift cards.

3. Buy Items for Resale

You can use the gift card balance to purchase items from Amazon and then resell them through other platforms to convert the value into cash.

4. Use Gift Card Balance for Amazon Purchases 

If you regularly shop on Amazon, you can use the gift card balance to purchase on the platform instead of using your bank account.

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How Can I Check Your Amazon Gift Card Balance

To view your Gift Card balance, you can follow these steps:

1. Log into your Amazon account.

2. Click “Your Account” at the top corner of the page.

3. Under the “Gift cards” section, select “View Gift Card Balance.”

4. You will see a list of your Gift Cards and their respective balances.

Can I Move My Amazon Balance to Another Amazon Account?

Yes, you can move your Amazon balance to another Amazon account by sending a gift card to the recipient’s email address. 

The recipient can then apply the gift card balance to their Amazon account.

Why Can’t I Add a Gift Card to Amazon Pay?

You may be unable to add a gift card to Amazon Pay due to the incorrect entry of the gift card code. 

Ensure you enter the correct code when adding the gift card. The gift card code consists of 14 alphanumeric characters, while the reference ID has 16 digits.

Can I Return Merchandise Purchased With an Amazon Gift Card?

Contact Amazon’s customer service if you wish to return an item purchased with an Amazon gift card. A representative will guide you through the return process.

Can I Use Amazon Gift Cards for Purchases Outside of Amazon?

You can use Amazon gift cards only for online purchases on Amazon. They cannot be used elsewhere, including for international Amazon purchases. 

If you want to purchase outside of Amazon, use other payment methods.

Can I Refund an Amazon Gift Card?

Unfortunately, gift cards are nonrefundable. Once you buy an Amazon gift card, it cannot be returned for a refund.


Now you have the funds from your Amazon gift card in your PayPal account and are ready to shop or send money to friends and family. 

Gift cards are great to receive but not always helpful if you can’t use them on your preferred sites. 

By linking your gift cards to PayPal, a service many merchants accept, you’ve unlocked the total value of your gift and gained flexibility in how you choose to spend it. 

Happy shopping and sending money – your gift card balance has a new lease on life!