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Top Marketing Jobs To Unleash Your Creative Sides

There are certain kind of marketing jobs that unleash the creative sides within you. In this article, we shall list some of these marketing jobs and give insight on how they help to showcase how creative and smart you are as a person.

How can marketing jobs unleash your creative sides?

These marketing jobs we shall be sharing are the kinds that helps you think outside the box most of the time. Here are ways that these jobs help you think outside the box:

  • Tasks in these jobs helps you think critical
  • The settings of job roles encourages creativity
  • The jobs are usually flexible and hence fosters creative ideas in employees
  • These jobs encourages teamwork
  • These jobs don’t fade in value with respect to time

Top marketing jobs that unleashes your creative sides

Here are jobs that help bring out the creative sides you possess as an employee or a freelancer

  • Advertising manager
  • Copywriter
  • Illustrator
  • Tattoo artist
  • Interior designer
  • Marketing manager
  • Makeup artist
  • Industrial designer
  • Web developer
  • Journalist

Advertising manager

An advertising manager is vested with the responsibility of managing advert campaigns for different companies and individual businesses that are on their client base.


The copywriting marketing job involves creating great contents that promotes businesses just the way they want it.


The illustrator is one that is good with artworks for the sake of illustration and addition of more content to books and magazines for different establishments.

Tattoo artist

Tattoo artist is one that is skilled in drawing all manner of writings of different fonts and images of all kind on the human body.

Interior designer

An interior designer is skilled in making any closet, room or an entire house look fantastic and colourful.

Marketing manager

The marketing manager is an outside the box thinker who makes sure that all manner of strategies are usually applied to hit business marketing targets within period of time.

Makeup artist

A makeup artist is one that is skilled in making people look beautiful to their best of desires for different occasions. A makeup artist masters the use of makeup tools to make people look good.

Industrial designer

An industrious designer is one who can come up with products like cars, furniture, electronics etc.

Web developer

A web developer is one that can design web applications and sites that can serve different purposes. A web developer is usually skilled in coding in different languages.


A journalist is a creative news reporter who can also write contents within that niche. A journalist can choose to be an investigative type that digs deeper into certain topics and then come up with well crafted contents.