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TEBEBA School of Writing challenge 2.0 ( Total worth of N1,500,000 prizes to be won)

Call For Applications: TEBEBA School of Writing challenge 2.0 ( Total worth of N1,500,000 prizes to be won)


To get the best out of this challenge, ensure you read all the details carefully. Every detail you need to successfully go through this challenge is written here. Failure to meticulously go through all the details may get you disqualified.

TEBEBA (the official sponsor of this challenge) is a writing and publishing organization offering excellent writing and publishing solutions to leaders and individuals across Africa and the world at large.

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TEBEBA fulfils her writing and publishing dreams through exceptional ghostwriting, editing, publishing and printing services. Founded by Emmanuel Olatunji, TEBEBA is a Nigeria and United States of America registered company.

To help you achieve your writing and publishing dreams, TEBEBA offers:

TEBEBA is a result-oriented company and has:

  • Published well over 400 books
  • Gotten awards and recognitions
  • Worked with local and international clients
  • Launched a global bookstore for writers and authors called TEBEBA Books App etc.

Do you want to publish your book? Have you been seeking a trusted publisher to work with you? Do you need the service of an editor, ghostwriter or a printer to achieve your book goals? At TEBEBA, we take the stress off you and help you publish a world-class book and also help you go global.

You can contact us directly on WhatsApp here


In the quest to help birth more exceptional and successful writers, Emmanuel Olatunji launched the TEBEBA School of Writing. TEBEBA School of Writing is the organizer of this writing challenge, and the online academy aims to help refine and deploy exceptional and moneymaking writers globally.

TEBEBA School of Writing offers a wide range of profitable courses, such as:

  • Influential Writing Framework
  • Effective Writing
  • Grammar Mastery
  • Content Writing
  • Ghostwriting Mastery
  • Writing Monetisation Course
  • Crush Your Writing Block Course

In less than 2 years, the TEBEBA School of Writing has trained and certified close to 200 writers globally.

As a way of giving back to society, positively influencing more people, and helping people discover their inmate writing ability, TEBEBA School of Writing is organizing a 31-day writing challenge which will run from July 1st 2024 to July 31st 2024. This is the second edition.


Do you want to 10x your writing skills and results?

Do you have a flare for writing but you don’t know how to become an effective writer?

Do you want to boost your effectiveness in writing?

Are you a budding writer and would you love to improve and sharpen your writing prowess?

Are you a professional writer and would you like to explore and improve your creativity?

If your answer is YES, then this challenge is for you.

The TEBEBA School of Writing Challenge is an online writing challenge for everyone who:

  • Desires to challenge themselves
  • Wants to awaken the writing skill in them
  • Wishes to explore their writing strengths
  • Is interested in building their consistency
  • Is open to networking with other writers
  • Wants to gain online visibility as a writer

The writing challenge has been fashioned in a unique way that will help you become a better writer at the end of the writing challenge. Even if you are not a writer, participating in this writing challenge will bring out the writer in you.

Unlike other common writing challenges that are judged by the highest number of engagement, this writing challenge will test your writing capability by able writing judges, so rest assured that this is a skill test over an audience test.

The writing challenge will hold on participants’ Facebook timelines, and participants are allowed to submit a maximum of two entries daily. The 31 days writing challenge will hold every day (Monday – Sunday) of the week. A daily writing prompt will be given to all participants, which must be used for the first daily entry, while the second entry will be on the chosen niches of participants. All entries must exclude topics that have to do with:

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Profanity
  • Gender war
  • Promotion of personal brands or brands of friends and associates.
  • Advertisement of goods, services, and courses.


1. You must write consistently for 31 days non-stop.

2. You must tag Emmanuel Olatunji Ega on every post on Facebook. Follow him here

3. You must add the hashtags #tebebaschoolofwritingchallenge and #tebebapublisher to every post.

4. You must choose a niche to write on for the next 31 days.

5. You must write on the daily writing prompts.

6. Your writing-prompt article must be between 100 – 180 words. While your niche article must be 200 – 300 words.

7. Ensure you write to the best of your ability, as poorly-written articles will reduce your points.

8. Ensure your articles are written and edited by you; AI enhanced articles will not be tolerated.

9. Your articles must not have websites, phone numbers, or email addresses.

10. Every attached picture must be of good quality.

11. You must not publish AI-generated content.

12. Plagiarism is highly prohibited. All content must be originally written by you.

13. You must download the TEBEBA BOOKS APP on iOS or Android (Free ebooks will be given to all participants of the challenge and these books can only be accessed on the app).

14. Ensure you follow TEBEBA handle on Instagram @tebebapublisher here. All information about the challenge will be posted there.


1. Register for TEBEBA School of Writing, read details about the school here www.tebebaschoolofwriting.com. Aside from the comprehensive knowledge on writing you will gain which will help you greatly during the challenge, you will also be part of a community of exceptional writers like you.

2. There will be free weekly training every Saturday for all participants. Ensure you don’t miss this training. It will increase your chances of winning.

3. Your ability to influence people with your writing skill.

These three key factors will help you stand a chance of winning the overall challenge.


  • 250,000 Naira Cash Prize
  • 1,000,000 Naira worth of Book publishing deal
  • N5,000 worth of vouchers
  • Award of The Exceptional Writer of the Year.
  • Online TEBEBA interview with the CEO of TEBEBA.
  • Job opportunity in TEBEBA
  • Newspaper publication of the winner

The total worth of prizes to be won is: N1,500,000.

Participating in this writing challenge is FREE, but registration is compulsory.

Deadline: June 30 2024

Click HERE to Apply