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How to reschedule an interview and not screw up

  If you are not sure you can get to the interview for some reasons, it is best to try reschedule an interview in advance rather than calling from the road when you slipped into a hole during a snowstorm or on your way to the hospital while you were sick.  There are convenient ways to reschedule a job interview to preserve the hiring opportunity, although you cannot do the scheduled interview.

  Appearing on time and preparing for your job interview is key to letting a potential employer know that you are reliable, timely and on top of the game.  But sometimes life happens, and in the worst case scenario, you may need to reschedule an interview for an unexpected reason.  Of course, there are certain circumstances that give you legitimate reasons for rain to check this apart, and there are other times when you really should have a plan in place to make sure you get to that interview.

 What are the conditions necessary to reschedule an interview?

·         You’re under the weather

  This is perhaps the most common reason for rescheduling.  You know you won’t do your best when you are sick, and there is also the possibility that you are contagious.  So the hiring manager will be aware of your consideration for not wanting to spread your illness.

·         You have a family emergency

  The family emergency is another global experience, and the hiring manager should empathize with your situation.  Examples of family emergencies include caring for a sick or injured relative, mourning the death of a loved one or attending a funeral, or needing to care for your children if your childcare arrangements fail.

·         The employer changed your schedule

  If your company is underemployed, you may suddenly be asked to work on the day of the interview.  Re-booking an interview for this reason can actually show your respect for the current employer, so the hiring manager might be influenced by your work ethic.

·         Your car broke down

  Another thing out of your control is having problems with the car.  There are usually other ways to get to an interview, especially if you have plenty of time in advance.  So you may simply need to tell the interviewer that you are late, rather than rearranging the interview for another day altogether.

What is the best time to reschedule an interview

  The best time to reschedule the interview is once you know that you will not be able to determine the original date and time.  If possible, avoid canceling at a short time, such as the day before or the day before your scheduled time.  Both options send a negative message.  To have the best chance of promoting yourself in the interview, contacting the hiring person as soon as possible is in your best interest.

  Hiring and scheduling professionals will likely sort through multiple resumes and select and schedule suitable candidates for the interview.  This means that their calendar will likely include many candidate interviews.  To improve your chances of rescheduling, contact the employer as soon as possible.


  How to reschedule an interview

·         Inform in time

  One of the key aspects when rescheduling a job interview is informing the reader of the timing.  It takes a lot of time and effort to schedule an interview and set aside time for the person involved.  It is essential for both recruiter and candidates.  Therefore, it is always advisable to respect their appointments and inform as soon as you plan to reschedule your interview.  Your advance notice will give them the flexibility to prepare for the next appropriate date and time.

·         Tell the reason

Just as there are certain things you should never say in a job interview, there are some reasons why you should never reschedule an interview. You need to give the hiring manager a good reason to reschedule the interview.  This should not be too long and elongated, it should be as brief as possible.  You also want to be honest with your conclusion to reschedule;  If you have a reason that is more comfortable, you may want to reconsider whether it is worth the potential impact of the interview transfer.

  However, employers are aware that situations arise and that interviews may need to be rescheduled.  As long as you have a legitimate reason, in most cases the interviewer will be adaptive.

·         Make an apology

  While you are only one person, a hiring manager usually has to manage several candidates throughout the application process.  This means that they take the time and thought to make their own calendars, so having to reschedule is an inconvenience on some level.  This is why it is polite to apologize for having to move the interview.  Even in situations beyond your control, this still shows the interviewer that you also take care of their time.

·         Suggest an alternate date

  Along with other relevant details, this is an essential part of your email.  Ask politely and offer two or more options for when you can schedule an interview.  If applicable, ask about availability before contacting your availability.  Try to be as flexible as possible and adjust to your schedule without being too demanding.  Be professional while calling as it will not close the door to any future communication.

·         Say thank you

  When the hiring manager is nice enough to reschedule your interview, you want to make sure he is thanked.  Expressing gratitude is always a positive, and you can also use this as a time to show your enthusiasm for the position.

  A sample template of how to reschedule an interview

  Dear [Hiring Manager Name],

  Thanks for letting me meet you and learn more about becoming a [position] at [company].  But due to [reason for rescheduling], I will no longer be able to come to the interview we set on [date and time].

  Will it be possible to reschedule our meeting?  I am available [new date].  I am also happy to talk about other dates that may be more suitable for you.  I would like to reiterate my sincere interest in this position, and I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.




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