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7 Top Reasons Why Honorary Degrees are a Joke (See Benefits)

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Individuals get an honorary doctorate if they have shown excellence in their field of study. A person can be granted this award as an academic degree. But there are 7 top reasons why these honorary degrees are a joke.

However, getting an honorary degree can be hard for people who don’t meet the requirements.

A university, college, or other educational institution can give an honorary degree. It is also a letter of honor or a certificate of honor.

Usually, the award carries the term “hon. causa,” “hdc,” or “honoris causa”

This article gives seven top 7 reasons why honorary degrees are a joke, their benefits, et cetera. 

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7 Top Reasons Why Honorary Degrees are a Joke

The following are reasons why people think honorary degrees are a joke:

1. Honorary Degrees are a disrespect to those who earn them

Getting a Ph.D. is not easy, and most people who enroll in these programs fail to finish it.

The individuals who succeed in this process put in the necessary hours to get it done. In certain curricula, there is the condition of getting near-perfect grades.

A university then issues an honorary degree to a student who has not visited the campus.

The qualifications of these individuals are usually a mystery since they did not meet the academic standards established for them.

Even though these individuals have achieved a lot, they may not understand what it’s like to see their peers leave their studies. 

2. It Belittles the Hard Work of Deserving Students

One of the main reasons why honorary degrees are a joke is that universities give them to people for their popularity.

This usually includes celebrities who have not completed the required courses or individuals who have not worked hard enough to get their degrees.

3. Individuals who are rich get this degree  

A strong argument in favor of honorary degrees being a joke is that it is often awarded to individuals who are rich. This means the person bought the honorary degree and did not earn it. It is laughable, really.

4. It Misleads the Public

It’s also very offensive that people with no previous academic experience get an honorary degree without putting in the required work required to finish their studies.

This is especially galling since the recipients are often celebrities or wealthy individuals who have given a lot of money to a university.

People who receive honorary degrees often insist on using the title “doctor” to carry on with their lives or work while deceiving the public about their academic credentials.

This type of misleading behavior can make members of the public believe that the recipient has a higher level of expertise because of their title.

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5. It has little to no value 

Honorary degrees are not as respected as degrees that people earn through hard work and brilliance.

It goes without saying that honorary degrees are mostly bought and, as such, do not hold real value in academic circles.

6. It has become common

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry has an honorary degree these days, making it look like a joke.

Most honorary degrees are politically given to individuals who make huge contributions to the universities.

When these awards become available to the highest bidder, it becomes too common.

7. Honorary degrees are a Joke Because people don’t earn it

Since individuals don’t go through a rigorous process of evaluation to earn this degree. Most people consider it a joke.

Benefits of Honorary Degrees

An honorary degree is a great way for a university to gain exposure and affiliation.

It can also help boost the number of students who enroll in the institution by giving the university free advertising.

Universities in other countries take gifts very seriously since they receive significant funding.

They also encourage contributors by giving prominent individuals honorary degrees.

Despite the practice’s criticism, many universities continue to do it. This is because it benefits institutions and famous individuals.

An honorary degree can also be used for self-recognition and self-gratification. This type of award is for upgrading one’s career.

People who receive honorary degrees often insist on using the title “doctor” to carry on with their lives or work while deceiving the public about their academic credentials. This can give the impression that the recipient has higher expertise.

One of the advantages of having an honorary degree is that it can help you land a job in academia or research.

It can also help you distinguish yourself from the other applicants who do not have the same level of education.

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Honorary degrees are quite common these days, and people raise their noses at it. In fact, they mostly see it as a joke given to the rich and famous.

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