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Perfect Reasons to leave work early

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You need perfect reasons to leave work early because whether you work a full-time schedule or shorter shifts, you may encounter occasions that require another commitment to leave work early.

So, in this article we will be showing you some Perfectly Acceptable Excuses to Get Out of Work early without loosing your job.

Knowing the correct reasons and best practices for asking your supervisor to leave before the end of your shift can help ensure that your request is met.  This article will review the most effective excuses for leaving work early and provide some tips and example answers to help you place a professional and respectful application.

  There can be varied situations where you are not at your professional best for a few weeks, you may be overburdened with additional work duties, there may be conflicts going on on the home front, or there may be a day before the weekend, you just don’t feel like working or  You are simply tired of a lot, and need to get some rest and relax.  This is when we start thinking of a way out and making excuses to skip work early.

Why ask to leave work early?

  Major life events often happen during working hours, and most employers understand that you will need to leave work to take care of problems from time to time.  If there is an urgent event or issue that needs to be answered, a polite and helpful request can increase the chances that your employer will allow you to leave early.

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  You don’t want to have any trouble with your boss, and that might mean knowing a good excuse to make.  Being selective in your phrasing and knowing what to say beforehand can be very helpful.  If your boss understands, you can take time off work without worrying about your excuse.

  However, even the most understandable of managers deserves an explanation for your absence.  It is important to give them a valid excuse to leave the job early to maintain a good relationship with the employer.  Need some ideas on how to manage your absence?  Here are my best excuses to leave work early without a problem.

Reasons to leave work early

1.    Personal illness

  Leaving work early because you are sick is not just about your comfort;  It is also about the well-being of co-workers and clients.  Making a good effort when you have a cold or flu is a challenge.  Sometimes, symptoms develop in the middle of the workday.  Instead of struggling with a fruitless afternoon or the end of your shift, leave early.  The people you work with also appreciate it when you are left with your germs and disease.  Offices are confined spaces and the viruses that spread them remain.  It is better if the company misses you for a few hours rather than losing several workers for days.

2.    Important appointments

  A common challenge for people who work traditional 9 to 5 jobs is that many public and government offices are only open during those hours.  Full-time employees struggle to schedule routine doctor visits, go to the auto department or meet with a mortgage lender.  While scheduling personal appointments regularly during the workday is a taboo habit, leaving a little early to work on important personal appointments may help you keep your life in balance.  Some business environments, such as sales, are often flexible as you can invest some time in personal business and make up for it later.

3.    Family events and crises

  Balancing work and family obligations is difficult for parents.  As more families lived on two incomes, cultural and organizational values ​​have shifted to accept parents’ efforts to maintain balance.  It’s generally okay to leave two days early a year for a kid’s school party, Spelling Bee, or band festival.  The key is working for a company that understands the value of empowering senior employees to fulfill family responsibilities.  Freelancing gives you this flexibility, too.  Family crises are another reason to leave early.  If the school calls and your child has a major fall, for example, leave early and take him to the doctor or go to the hospital.

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4.    Feeling exhausted

  Only in cases where you have had a very long, clear day and a streak of high performance, can you absolutely tell your manager that you want to go home because you are feeling tired and need to rest the next day.  Make sure to only do this after a successful performance.  Because it might sound bad if you mention it without being right.

5.    Need to prepare for the next day

  If you have a lot of meetings the next day or there is some kind of event planned on behalf of the company, it’s okay to leave early in the day before saying, “I’m going home today because tomorrow’s going to be long.”

6.    Need to change my clothes

  Accidents happen.  Whether it’s women-related (like when you visit Aunt Flow for revenge), or you drop a caramel latte under your shirt and now it’s a sticky mess, sometimes a paper towel and clean-up water won’t.  A word of caution – this often works best in environments where you can continue working from home; otherwise, you may be required to change and return to work.


7.    Religious or community commitment

  Religious celebrations are also good reasons to leave work early.  If your religious establishment has a service or early event, inform the employer that your attendance is critical to your religious practice.  This can include holidays or less formal occasions such as social events of worshipers.

  Community participation can also be a way to lift your spirits and help with work-life balance.  If you are part of a nonprofit, for example, your employer may allow you to leave early to participate in a food drive.  It may be helpful in these cases to tell the business owner that your presence is good for your company because you will be doing charitable work as a representative for the company, even if it is not official.

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