QuikTrip Hiring Age: How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at QuikTrip
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QuikTrip Hiring Age: How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at QuikTrip

Looking at getting your first job at QuikTrip, but is there a hiring age?

Turning 16 is an exciting milestone. You finally get your driver’s license and start considering your first job. 

Earning an income gives you new independence and responsibility. But which jobs hire 16-year-olds? One great option for teens seeking their first job is QuikTrip. 

With over 800 convenience store and gas station locations across multiple states, QuikTrip actively recruits young talent to join their team.

But before you apply, you probably want to know – what is the minimum age requirement to work at QuikTrip? Can you land a job there at just 16 years old?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the QuikTrip hiring age requirements, including:

  • QuikTrip’s minimum age-to-work policy
  • Available jobs for different age groups
  • Tips for landing a job at QT as a teen
  • QuikTrip’s approach to young workers
  • Steps to get hired at QuikTrip

QuikTrip Minimum Hiring Age 

QuikTrip hires workers under 18, making it a great first job option for teens. However, there are some limitations on what positions they can hold:

  • Age 16+ – You can work as a PT Clerk or Store Clerk at QT. This involves running the cash register, stocking shelves, cleaning, and customer service.
  • Age 18+ – Once you turn 18, you become eligible for additional roles like Retail Supervisor, Food Service Supervisor, and Warehouse Clerk. These involve more oversight of store operations, inventory, and staff.

So the QuikTrip minimum hiring age to work is 16 years old. But the available jobs and extent of responsibilities expand once you turn 18.

The minimum age applies across all of QuikTrip’s 800+ convenience store and gas station locations across the United States. It’s part of their company-wide policy.

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Best Entry-Level Jobs for Teens at QT

Given the 16 years old minimum age policy, the most accessible jobs for teens at QuikTrip are PT Clerk and Store Clerk.

As a Store Clerk, your responsibilities may include:

  • Operating the cash register and processing customer purchases
  • Stocking shelves with merchandise and organizing the sales floor
  • Cleaning the store floors, bathrooms, windows, and equipment
  • Preparing and serving fresh food like QT’s pizza, sandwiches, and snacks
  • Checking ID for age-restricted items like tobacco and alcohol
  • Providing excellent customer service and addressing complaints

It’s a great introductory role that teaches a strong work ethic, customer service skills, and responsibility. And the starting pay is decent for a first job, often above minimum wage.

The job does involve being on your feet for long periods, lifting/carrying up to 25 pounds, and managing high-volume customer traffic. But QuikTrip provides training to help you handle all aspects of the role.

Some perks you can also enjoy as a Store Clerk are flexible scheduling, paid vacation time, discounts on QT food/drinks, and career advancement opportunities.

Overall, it’s a solid teen-friendly job option with a good workplace culture at QuikTrip.

Tips for Teens Applying to QuikTrip

If you meet the minimum hiring age of 16 years requirement, here are some tips to help secure a PT Clerk or Store Clerk job at QuikTrip:

  • Highlight previous work or volunteer experience – Even informal babysitting, lawn mowing gigs, or volunteering shows your responsibility and dedication. Include this on your QT application.
  • Apply to new QT locations – New store openings often need to hire and train multiple new clerks quickly, increasing your chances.
  • Work on your availability – Open availability makes you a more attractive hire as it meets staffing needs. Make sure to communicate any schedule limitations, though.
  • Dress appropriately for your interview – Show you’re taking it seriously by dressing neatly and avoiding overly casual clothes.
  • Research the company – Learn about QT’s history, values, and store offerings so you can ask informed questions and demonstrate interest.
  • Practice good interview skills – Make eye contact, respond thoughtfully, and project confidence. Interviews are key for QT hiring decisions.
  • Follow up after applying – Reaching out shows initiative. You can call or visit the store to politely check on your application status.

With preparation and persistence, you can get on the radar of QT’s hiring team as an eager teen applicant.

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QuikTrip’s Approach to Hiring Young Workers

QuikTrip actively seeks to hire teens, allowing them to gain real workforce experience starting at 16. Here are some key ways QuikTrip supports young workers:

  • Hands-on training – QT provides paid orientation, on-the-job training, and ongoing coaching to help clerks excel.
  • Flexible scheduling – Balancing school and work is easier with QT’s variable shifts and ability to request time off around exams or extracurriculars.
  • ** Career development** – Teens can grow into supervisory roles and even management through QT’s promote-from-within culture.
  • Culture of respect – QT values diversity and fosters an inclusive, supportive environment for workers of all backgrounds.
  • Safety focus – With safety training and security staff, QT aims to protect and empower young staff working evening shifts.
  • Competitive pay – QT offers wages above minimum wage plus benefits like vacation time, bonuses, discounts, and annual pay raises.

QuikTrip recognizes the value of hiring teens and their responsibility to set young hires up for success. 

The experience empowers teens to gain skills to help them throughout their careers.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Hired at QuikTrip

If you meet the minimum hiring age of 16 years old QuikTrip hiring age policy, here is a step-by-step guide to landing one of their coveted entry-level jobs:

1. Check QT’s Job Board

Start by browsing openings online at QuikTrip’s careers page or on major job sites. 

Look for PT Clerk or Store Clerk roles near you and check back frequently as new positions are posted regularly.

2. Submit an Online Application

When you find a relevant opening, submit your application through QT’s online portal. You’ll need to provide details, work history, and availability.

3. Complete an Online Assessment

After applying, you may be asked to complete online personality and critical thinking assessments. These help QT evaluate job fit.

4. Interview with Store Management

If your application is successful, you’ll be contacted to interview directly with the QuikTrip store manager. Use the teen interview tips above to make a great impression.

5. Pass the Background Check

Upon receiving a conditional job offer, consent to a criminal background check. This is a standard step in the QT hiring process across all locations.

6. Attend New Hire Orientation

Once fully hired, report for orientation, receive training on QT systems and policies, and perform job shadowing. Then you’re ready to start working.


QuikTrip offers an excellent opportunity for teens to gain meaningful work experience starting at just 16 years old. 

With their accessible PT Clerk and Store Clerk roles, you can learn customer service skills, responsibility, and what it takes to keep a business running smoothly.

QuikTrip’s hands-on training, promote-from-within culture, and competitive pay create a supportive environment where driven young workers can thrive. 

Following the tips and hiring process outlined above can help you land your first job there.

So don’t let age hold you back from applying to QuikTrip. With grit and preparation, you can launch your working life at 16 with QuikTrip and gain experience that will benefit you for years to come.