Top 12 Preschool Teacher Interview Questions and Answers
Interview Questions and Answer

Top 12 Preschool Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

Preschool teachers are early childhood educators who tutor children between the ages of 2 to 5. These children have a short attention span and their worries are relatively simple. When employing a preschool teacher, employers always look for a person with a passion for educating young children.

Preschool Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

Apart from that, what aspect should you focus on when preparing for your preschool teacher interview? Here are our top 12 preschool teacher interview questions and sample answers.

Tell Me About Yourself

The interviewer wants you to summarize your abilities, education qualifications, and experience.
Tip #1: Outline your education qualifications, abilities, and experience that relates to the job
Tip #2: Demonstrate how you’re the best candidate for this job

Sample Answer

I have a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, and I have worked as a preschool teacher for 4 years. I possess the passion, communication abilities, motivational techniques, and patience needed to successfully perform the responsibilities associated with this job effectively to help kids learn, develop, and thrive in the early and vital years of their lives.

Why are You Interested in this Role?

The interview manager wants to evaluate what inspired you to pursue this role.
Tip #1: Talk about why you’re interested in the role
Tip #2: Describe how you’re not in the profession by accident

Sample Answer

I am very interested in this role because I have what it takes to execute it efficiently and effectively. I have spent time and effort to obtain the required qualifications and experience. Most of all, I want this role because it would enable me to make a great difference in children. I anticipate the application of my supportive and unique style in teaching to overcome the issues associated with this role.

What are the Roles of a Preschool Teacher?

This question is targeted at assessing your understanding of the roles of a preschool teacher.

Tip #1: List the roles carried out by a preschool teacher
Tip #2: Describe how you are familiar with the roles

Sample Answer

A preschool teacher is solely responsible for early childhood education. This role involves producing and delivering interactive learning programs, developing and enforcing laws of good behavior for kids in classrooms, and showing activities to kids.

Briefly Describe Your Preschool Teaching Experience?

The interviewer wants to evaluate if or not you have the experience required for this job.
Tip #1: Outline your experience as a preschool teacher
Tip #2: Demonstrate that your experience matches what the employer is searching for

Sample Answer

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in early childhood education five years ago. Immediately after graduating, I joined a missionary school as a preschool teacher.

I performed my duties efficiently and effectively to the satisfaction of learners, my employer, and my parents. In the 3rd year of my preschool teaching career, I landed a job in a state school where I have been working till date. Over these years, I have acquired significant experience in preschool teaching.

I understand the inner workings of this job. Therefore, I possess the experience needed to perform this role efficiently and effectively.

Why is it Important to You to Work as a Preschool Teacher?

Here, the interviewer is seeking to understand why you considered it vital to work as an early childhood teacher.

Tip #1: Mention why your career is paramount to you.
Tip #2: Be as honest and explicit as you can with your answer

Sample Answer

A few years back when I was considering the career I wanted to pursue, I discovered that I enjoy staying around kids. Besides, I am an ambitious person who has a knack for ensuring the cognitive, social, and personal development of young children. The aforementioned are the main forces behind my interest in working as an early childhood teacher.

Isn’t Teaching Young Children Very Challenging?

The interviewer just wants to know if or not you are ready to handle the challenges associated with this role.

Tip #1: Demonstrate that you are adequately prepared to tackle this job
Tip #2: Be straightforward and give relevant answers

Sample Answer

True, teaching kids is very challenging. This is because youngsters can be hard to control and they take time to understand new things. Besides, they sometimes easily forget what they have learned or been directed to do. But since I’m passionate about it, I am prepared for the job.

What Skills Make You a Great Preschool Teacher?

The interviewer just wants to know if you have the necessary skills for this role.

Tip #1: Name those skills that make you a great preschool teacher
Tip #2: Demonstrate how you have relevant skills needed to effectively perform this role

Sample Answer

I am adaptable and patient. These two skills are among the key abilities that a preschool teacher requires to be successful in this job. Also, because I’m a trained teacher, I am proficient in developing and using age-appropriate teaching materials, assessing learners’ performance, and offering a safe learning environment.

What Approach Do You Use to Manage Learners When They Become Distractive?

The interviewer wants to evaluate how you handle challenging and stressful situations.

Tip #1: Explain how you handle kids when they become distractive
Tip #2: Describe your ability to handle stressful and challenging situations

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Sample Answer

When youngsters become distractive, I handle the situation by offering routine, structure, and support to them. I ensure they have consistent rules and consequences. Through this medium, I set up boundaries, and learners respond well to them.

What Qualities Should a Preschool Teacher Possess to be Effective?

This interview question is asked to check if you know the qualities that could make you effective in this role.

Tip #1: Name multiple qualities that are crucial in this role
Tip #2: Show that you know what can make you effective 

Sample Answer

Significant qualities that make a preschool teacher effective are being patient, energetic, flexible, a good communicator and listener, passionate about teaching children, and having a great and engaging personality. Other qualities include being compassionate, confident, organized, innovative, and using an energetic and innovative teaching style.

What Major Challenge Did You Face During Your Last Role? How Did You Handle It?

The interviewer wants to evaluate your problem-solving skills and if you can tackle challenging situations.

Tip #1: Name a major challenge you’ve faced
Tip #2: Explain how you effectively handled the situation

Sample Answer

During my last role, I had an in-class crisis. While teaching my pupils around noon, one child suddenly fell into an epileptic state. She was a just newly admitted. Luckily, I had read her file and knew the appropriate emergency course of action to undertake. I took the steps as instructed and the pupil gained consciousness after a few minutes. Most of the other learners was scared but I calmed them down and resumed teaching in the afternoon.

Describe Your Daily Routine as a Preschool teacher

The interviewer just wants to know how a normal day of a preschool teacher looks like.
Tip #1: State what preschool teachers do daily
Tip #2: Demonstrate that you know your daily routine

Sample Answer

The day-to-day routine of preschool teachers involves creating daily plans for activities, organizing snack and nap hours for children, supervising them to ensure that they are safe all the time, guiding young learners to develop practical and artistic abilities, and maintaining clean classrooms.

What is the Biggest Challenge that You Foresee in This Job?

The interviewer aims to evaluate your readiness for the challenges associated with this position.
Tip #1: Talk about a huge challenge that you anticipate in this job
Tip #2: Talk extensively on how you intend to solve it

Sample Answer

I anticipate children getting easily distracted. It becomes very challenging to teach and engage them when they’re not interested in a lesson. But I will infuse fun and interesting teaching methods to gain their attention and have them concentrate in class.


Getting ready for your next preschool teacher interview has just been made seamless with these above questions and answers. All you now need to do is to study and practice them to get adequately ready for the interview. Our sample answers are to be used as a template to create a more personalized answer to suit your qualification, experience, and skills.